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Project Veritas Is Now Bankrupt And Dead; Cause Of Death: Pushing Out James O’Keefe – Conservative Firing Line

Poland Dumps Ukraine – Citizen Watch Report

They (Deep State and Democrats) are desperate for war with Russia. War may be the only thing that saves them from the vast majority of Americans either voting them out or seeing massive voter fraud next year prompting real revolution in which they will not like the results of…

Las Vegas Officials Release Identities Of Teens Who Murdered Elderly Cyclist In Cold Blood – Trending Politics

NEW: Third IRS Agent Comes Forward, Corroborates Whistleblowers and Reveals More Possible DOJ Corruption – Red State

How many red flags do you see in this video? – Fast clip – These people are so far gone thanks to Marxist propaganda, it is so sad – Whatfinger News 🙄

We cannot continue business as usual in Washington, D.C. by passing another continuing resolution. – Matt Gaetz – with Tim Pool  🛑

Skeleton Crawls From Fauci’s Closet, Shows Him Saying Benefits of Gain-of-Function Research Outweighed Pandemic Risk – Slay News 🤔

Almost Half Of All Young Adults In The United States Are Living With Their Parents- Economic Collapse

Ed Dowd Makes Chilling Prediction on How the COVID Conspirators Will Cover Up Their Crimes – Vigilant News 🤔

Senator Rand Paul calls it…

The Biggest Car Market Collapse Of Our Lifetime Has Begun – Whatfinger News 😒

Americans can die! Room must be made for Biden’s illegal migrants that are bankrupting America.

We’ve never seen so much evidence implicating a President of the United States, but…’ (Ultra MAGA Party Clip) 🛑

‘A Horrible Situation’: Kevin O’Leary Predicts Commercial Real Estate Crisis – Daily Caller 

The Hidden Data in Biden’s Job Report. What the talking heads won’t tell you. – Liberty Nation

Taxpayers Will Fund a Child Rapist’s Gender Care – Independent Sentinel

All a set up…. Fedsurrection… to hurt Trump and grab power like the animals that they are….

REPORT: Biden DHS Is Providing Photo ID Cards To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Before Releasing Them Into The U.S. – Trending Politics

Biden repeats same story word-for-word just minutes apart, raising fresh concerns about age, fitness for office – New York Post

Anyone sick of these lying pieces of low life slugs? Each person coming over, now hitting 15-20K PER DAY – costs us $2200 more per month in direct payments, plus free cell phones, free health care, crime costs, free education.  They are purposely bankrupting the nation. YOU and I are paying for this. They are robbing us daily more and more….  Sgt A

British Government Told to Pound Sand after Demanding Rumble Shut Down Russell Brand – Slay News

BREAKING: Project Veritas Had Information In 2021 Big Pharma Was Lying On Covid Vaccine Safety Data, O’Keefe Told Board Member, Never Published – Connecticut Centinal

Rep. Jim Jordan previews first impeachment hearing on Joe Biden next week… 🤔

REPORT: Biden Laying Sneaky ‘Booby Trap’ For Future GOP Presidents – Trending Politics

NO THANK YOU! No more Ukraine… – Mark Dice Vid

Democrats and Deep State have made America into the joke of the world. Everyone laughs at us

Biden DHS Has Approved Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants for Secretive Foreign Flights – War Room Clip  (So – these HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS are pouring in and NOT even counted and each at $2200 per month)

More War Room clips 9/21

I’m starting to think that the colored hair is what is making these people so damned stupid…. what do you think? Toxic chemicals….lol Sgt Pat

WATCH: KJP Freaks Out On Peter Doocy, Refuses To Answer His Question – Trending Politics

Gov. Abbott Declares ‘Invasion’ at Border, Says ‘We Are Building a Border Wall’ – Epoch Times

Kari Lake Trial LIVE (12 noon it starts ET) – Denied Public Records Request – 9/21/2023 👍

CA Gov Newsom Tries to Top NM Gov Grisham in Nixing 2A Democrat governors try shifty tactics to grab guns. – Liberty Nation

“Come In Heavy”: Conservative Actor James Woods Fires Back After Bank CEO Argues For Seizure Of Private Property – American Tribune

Merrick Garland Fails to Defend DOJ Against GOP Jabs. The AG did himself no favors during a combative hearing. – Liberty Nation

Soviet America: Media Outlets EDITS Zelensky’s United Nations Speech To Give The Appearance That He Had A Much Larger Audience So Much So That The Impossible Happened At The 00:14 Mark – USA Supreme 🤔

Leaked images show Biden admin’s planned ICE ID card for illegal immigrants – Fox News

‘Go to Hell’: MEP Christine Anderson Delivers Damning Message to the Global Tyrants – Clip – Whatfinger

Trump Warns House Republicans of ‘Last Chance to Defund’ Cases Against Him – Epoch Times

CORRUPTION OF THE LEFT: Ray Epps Pleads Guilty to Single Petty Misdemeanor Count – Epoch Times 🛑

Alex Berenson & Joe Rogan Discuss the Long-Term Safety of mRNA Vaccines – NEVER USE THEM! – Super-Thread on Covid – info you need! – Choice

How, why, the Deep State vs. America- Paxton lets loose…. with Tucker right now LIVE – Whatfinger  – it was Biden’s DOJ folks…. listen to this. Biden DOJ lawyers were sent to destroy Paxton…  🙂   Listen the to utter BS they put him through, the Marxist Dems with RINOS…. WOW – – I’m still watching and can’t believe it all.. Listen to how they are going to steal Texas folks – Paxton is not allowed to investigate voter fraud…. and Dems have millions of fake ballots for 2024 ready to steal… WOW ….This can be real bad if they get away with it, like America ending bad – real revolution coming.. .  Sgt Pat 🔥

Love for a POTUS that you will NEVER see for Biden – EVER!

No More Jabs. Study Shows Fully Boosted Men Lose 24 Years of Life Expectancy. Trust your instincts and the data. Say no, to any additional shots – CFP

‘ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE’: Video Montage Compares Media Lies On Trump-Russia Hoax With Current Defenses Of Biden Family – Trending Politics 👍  (We have down the page as well – Ultra MAGA Party vid)

Victor Davis Hanson Outlines Trump’s Choices – Independent Sentinel

See the full interview of Tucker with Ken Paxton as this is happening now – they intend on stealing again in 2024 so we might very well have a real revolution, not looking good – tell all – See: Tucker’s Interview (linked above as well) 

A father describes why he participated in the 1 Million March 4 Children in Toronto – fast clip – CFP

[WATCH] These Individuals Should Have Known Running From The Law Was Not A Good Idea – Wayne Dupree

Rupert Murdoch Steps Down as Chair of Fox & News Corp – Slay News

Kari Lake: JUST IN: Popular Trump Ally To Launch Senate Run In October – Trending Politics 👍

And remember – EVERY migrant coming in is $2200 per month direct from your taxes, plus education, plus healthcare, plus crime costs – which means 100% financial ruin for the U.S. just with what is already here from Obama-Biden in the last 2 years. 6 million people means 6,000,000 x 2200 per month is 13.2 BILLION dollars per month – – – – – – SERIOUSLY – and it is getting worse…. this evil has 2 more years at least – and then even after Trump gets in we will then have the Deep State panned riots – as ALL of these people can be organized in minutes thanks to free cell phones YOU paid for.  They are planning and doing it – destroying our nation right before our eyes.  Stolen elections have consequences and Marxists have NEVER given up without bloodshed.  So now they move to create their Green Militia – OBAMA-Biden just signed the executive order to create this group….   here we go…  Sgt Pat 

WATCH: Massie Decries DOJ “Mafia Tactics” – American Tribune

Elon Musk: ‘WOW’ – thousands of parents and kids are protesting explicit sexual content in schools and radical gender ideology – Fast clips – Choice 👍

ICYMI: In case you missed it…

How, why, the Deep State vs. America- Paxton lets loose…. with Tucker right now LIVE – Whatfinger  – it was Biden’s DOJ folks…. listen to this. Biden DOJ lawyers were sent to destroy Paxton…  🙂   Listen the to utter BS they put him through, the Marxist Dems with RINOS…. WOW – – I’m still watching and can’t believe it all.. Listen to how they are going to steal Texas folks – Paxton is not allowed to investigate voter fraud…. and Dems have millions of fake ballots for 2024 ready to steal… WOW ….This can be real bad if they get away with it, like America ending bad – real revolution coming.. .  Sgt Pat 🔥

Elon Musk Warns America about Biden’s Open Border: ‘2 Million People from Every Country on Earth Are Entering’ – Slay News

Parental Advisory: The EXPLICIT Plot to Control Your Kids – Glenn Beck Vid

Republicans push ahead with effort to impeach governor over Albuquerque gun ban – Santa Fee New Mexican

DEEP STATE UK MOVES AGAINST RUSSEL BRAND – Say What? With the below letter to TikTok from the UK Parliament, they sent a similar letter to Rumble, demanding that Rumble deplatform and demonitize Russell Brand – Reader APP

One Thousand Years of Jihad on the Oldest Christian Nation – PJ Media

Social media skewers AG Garland after he says DOJ applies ‘same laws to everyone’: ‘Straight up liar’ – Fox News

Crazy Clips: Incredible clouds, How beds are made, OMG – wedding interrupted, tackle, knockout lol – Lots of smiles in this grouping, a few nut cases – Sgt A

Chris Farrell’s On Watch: Alan Dershowitz on “Get Trump” – Judicial Watch Clip

DEFAULTED: Evening Nets Ignore National Debt Topping $33 Trillion for Two Days – Newsbusters

“Never in my life would I have thought I would see our great DOJ turn into a politicized weapon to be wielded by an investigation to attack political rivals…. Fast clip – Whatfinger 🤔

The Pedo Deep State Is After Him: Tim Ballard releases new video slamming ‘false allegations’ against him – Fast 4 min clip – Choice

Cancers Appearing in Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch – Epoch Times

Trump Enjoys Massive Surge in Minority Support No Republican Has Seen in 50 Years – Daily Fetched 👍

Musk: why isn’t the MSM covering the border crisis? – Hot Air

Rep. Rosendale: U.S. On Track To Spend 50% Of Budget JUST On Debt Service, Must Be Addressed TODAY- War Room

More War Room clips 9/20

More and more are coming thanks to Democrats and their evil intent on America. Remember, each person you see gets more than most Social Security retirees.  They get $2200 a month, plus free education and housing and more. Costing us billions more EVERY MONTH until the stink is so high that the dollar collapses, and the Democrats think they can then try out their Marxist world-reset. 

Sleepless Pill Popping TDS Liberal Pretends to Not HATE Trump – Dummie Funnies Vid

WATCH: Dave Portnoy Manhandles WaPo Hit Piece Journalist, Catches Her Red-Handed – Trending Politics

Google Is Accused of Burying Rumble’s Republican Debate Stream Exclusive in Search – Reclaim The Net

Every single American citizen needs to watch this interaction between Rep. Victoria Spartz and AG Merrick Garland. – Fast clip – Choice     see above – but use this clip to share it.   BRAVO!  People who come from dictatorships understand what the Democrats-Marxists are doing to America and our freedom 🛑

BREAKING: Former Trump Lawyer Turns Witness For Fani Willis – Trending Politics

Biden UN Speech Embarrassing. The president delivers high-sounding generalities, ludicrous assertions, and wishful thinking. – Dave Patterson – Liberty Nation

Rupert Murdoch Trashed Trump, New Book Claims: ‘As*hole,’ ‘Plainly Nuts,’ ‘Idiot,’ ‘Fool’ – Slay News

Anyone else find this funny? The government has ONE witness to that F35 crash.  This is a bit odd no? …  lol 

What is known about the Marine Corps F-35 crash in South Carolina? – Military View

Trump Delivers Remarks at Team Trump Iowa Commit to Caucus Event –  (UPDATED – not Epoch – they have a glitch) – you can now watch no issues 🔥🔥

Wokeism is perversion, it is sick and it’s wrong. Our Government is in the hands of parties addicted to money and psychiatric drugs. – Col. Macgregor (fast clip)

Trump Releases an Ad Supporting the United Auto Workers – Independent Sentinel

Share the above video – use this link – Enemy of the people – Ultra Maga Party

Biden Signs Executive Order to Establish ‘American Climate Corps’ to Fight ‘Global Warming’ – Slay News 🤔

Matt Gaetz: AG GARLAND REFUSES TO ANSWER! – 5 minute clip from today’s lie-fest – Choice 🔥

Our lying AG Garland is playing the background card to hide the FBI’s corruption and attack on Catholics…. 

NEW: Fox Announces Huge Shakeup Involving Longtime Host Mark Levin – Trending Politics

FLASHBACK OF THE WEEK: Robert F. Kennedy Jr Demonstrates Why the COVID Jab Is the Most Deadly Vaccine in History – Vigilant Fox

“Gender Games” School Has More Genders Than Kids Can Count. Stop paying for this insanity. Pull your child out of the school and do whatever is necessary to get their educational experience back on track – CFP

Pennsylvania’s Governor Just Trashed The Constitution – Illegals One Step Away From Voting – And Magazine

WATCH: AOC Brutally Fact-Checked By Witness During Hearing On Climate – Trending Politics

See the FULL lie fest still live – AG Garland testifies before CONgress 🙄

Myopericarditis and mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines – FDA and CDC administrators lied, and people (particularly children) died. – Dr. Robert Malone

The Receipts: How the WHO, Gates and Blackrock Want to Take Over the World – Gateway Pundit

LIVE: Far Left AG Merrick Garland Testifies Before US Oversight Committee – Choice  – So much BS coming out of Nadler who sounds like a Soviet, it is insane…. Sgt A

Federal Judge Blocks Newsom Policy Barring Parental Notification for ‘Trans Kids’ – Breitbart

WATCH: Trump Releases New Ad In Support Of America’s Auto Workers – Trending Politics

Another reason the Deep State is after Russel Brand…. Bill Gates of course… see why – fast clip –

2024 Election Landscape: Trump Surges Ahead, Marking a Striking Shift from 2020 – Citizen Watch Report

Joe Biden’s Body Double can walk in real life… They use him often… notice lack of SS (Secret Service) protection… 

ICYMI: In case you missed it…

Former Student Sues Yale for $110 Million – Citizen Watch Report

The Kids are fighting for reality….  BRAVO! SPread this everywhere. Fight The Democrat Marxists that are infesting our schools all across America.

Gavin Newsom is asked on CNN if he thinks Kamala Harris is the best choice to be Joe Biden’s… – Seriously….lol – Fast clip

About that freak Ukrainian – but actually American Trans Spokesperson…. What a joke – Plus some AI humor on this person with Biden

‘Creating A Digital Prison’: WHO Rushes Ahead On Global Digital Health Certificates – CD Media

JUST IN: Gaetz Drafts Subpoena For Hunter Biden, Calls Out McCarthy: ‘Americans Are Wondering If You’re Serious’ – Trending Politics

‘Bidenomics’: Poverty Rate Increases for First Time in 13 Years – Slay News

Steve Bannon: “We’re Close To The Point Of No Return”- War Room clip

More War Room clips 9/19

Lara Logan | The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson | Lara Logan Details Her New J6 Documentary Series 👍

15 Big Restaurant Chains That Are In Deep, Deep Trouble – Epic Economist  🤔

American Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec Put on Enemies of Ukrainian List (To be killed) – Breitbart

Ben Carson EXPOSES ‘Communist Goals For America’ in Brilliant Speech – Choice 🤔

WHY are we giving Ukraine a DIME if journalist ‘KILL LIST’ and trans spokesperson are REAL? Glenn Beck Vid 🛑

Democrat Scum are trying to get Boebert arrested, but here’s another view of the matter… from Matt Wallace

Sound Of Freedom Star Gets Russell Brand Treatment On The SAME Weekend! Nothing Suspicious About it. Sure….we believe the Deep State. – The Quartering 🙄

Dr. McCullough: DO NOT FALL FOR ANY COVID LIES from here on…. The facts…. ‘ The vaccines are causing this enormous wave of illness’ – Choice 🛑

New York City’s mayor believes that 110,000 illegal aliens in his city is a crisis. Texas gets that every 12 days – Ted Cruz, clips – Choice

The J6 Committee should be brought up on charges – Fast clip – Man Of Memes

LIVE NOW: House Administration Committee’s Hearing on ‘Assessing Security Failures on January 6, 2021’ – Epoch Times


Repost: Humor-Satire: TRILOGY – New Intellectual Froglegs – the last one…. so many missed it – Choice 🤣

Gov. Michelle ‘Grab Your Guns’ Grisham Just Became the Best Gun “Salesman” in Albuquerque – Granite Grok

Video: Biden’s Brain Freeze Isn’t New, but Watch the U.S. Delegation’s Reaction at the United Nations During His Speech – Right Journalism

Breaking: Ray Epps has been charged. This lame single charge tells us everything we need to know – how ridiculous is the Deep State, right in our faces! – Sgt A – Mal Antoni – News Variable – Choice 🔥

Crazy Clips: Laugh, cry, horror – Abort mission. violated by a horse, cat walk, that had to hurt, busted cheating – Many clips – Choice

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick SNAPS on Biden’s wide-open border – Fast clip – Fox – Whatfinger 🔥

Russell Brand BANNED By Youtube! Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh & Tim Pool Sound The Alarm! – The Quartering Vid

VIDEO LEAK: Arrested child trafficker admits to boarding school used as front for organ harvesting network in Ukraine – Human Events 🛑

Biden’s Choice After GOP Impeachment/ Hunter Indictment is Elementary: “Pardon Me!” – CFP 🤔

OK, she screwed up and trusted a Democrat…. she’s at fault… let’s give her a break. 

The Fed’s Next Challenge: $100 Oil – Not looking good for the US economy folks – Wall Street Journal 🤔

CHINA COLLAPSING: Chinese Developer Sunac Seeks Chapter 15 Protection in New York Court – Reuters – US News

WAR: Azerbaijan attacks Armenian controlled Nagorno-Karabakh in ‘anti-terror’ operation – BBC News Vid – Whatfinger World

Judge Blocks Blue State School Policy To Hide Kids’ Pronouns From Parents – American Tribune

Apple Will Curb Your Internet Freedom Until Congress Crushes Its Monopoly – Federalist

ALERT: If you took the vaccine, be aware – embalmers, clinicians are finding long rubbery blood clots in dead and live patients….  Clip – Wide Awake Media – Epoch Times 🛑

House Schedules First Biden Impeachment Hearing – Daily Caller

BREAKING: Wayne County, MI Was Never Lawfully Certified for 2020 Election – WLT Report

The only thing wrong with this clip below is the number of illegals are now over 6 million illegals have crossed since Biden took over….   other than that, look at this cackling soon-to-be – President…

Elon Musk says users will soon have to pay for X in effort to stop bots – New York Post

TOO MANY! CBP temporarily suspends port of entry operations as migrants flood southern border – Fox News

Mr. Zelensky Comes to Washington. Americans brace for a wallet-busting visit. – Liberty Nation

What? Teacher Offers Big Fat Student Some Food To Stop Her From Beating Another – Fast clip – Vidmax

ICYMI: In case you missed it

WATCH: Greg Kelly Brings The Receipts On Biden Crime Family – Dan Bongino Clip 🛑

RED ALERT: US national debt hits $33T for first time in history – Fox News

Trump reposted it…. so we are…. Damn catchy song I know you all heard….  Shout it loud….  

When People Can’t Take Care Of Themselves They Start To Go Nuts – Economic Collapse Blog

Donald Trump Makes a Decision About the Second GOP Debate – Independent Sentinel

20 common functions of American life the government wants to regulate, restrict or outright ban – Leo Hohmann

Jesse Watters is going to be fired soon, no? Either that or the Deep State will have 4 women claim he raped them soon….  I bet. Take a look at how daring he is getting…  – Sgt A

To share this Jesse Watters vid above – use this link: Now the Bidens have launched a war on IRS whistleblowers. One of those whistleblowers, Joseph Ziegler, speaks out on Primetime. 👍

Trump and Others React to Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Acquittal – Epoch Times 🤔

Lawfare, Coercion, and Intimidation at the U.S Department of Injustice – Politicrossing 👍

Kash Patel Sues FBI Director, Former DOJ Officials for ‘Targeting’ Personal Records- Daily Fetched

BREAKING: Lost F-35 Fighter Jet Found Crashed in South Carolina – Trending Politics

Interview with the CEO of Our Country Our Choice (OCOC) Mr. Douglas Macgregor – Jason Robertson of American Tribune (Excellent interview for patriots – Sgt A) 👍

Los Angeles Is Back Up To $7.39 Per Gallon & The Media Is Saying We Could See $10 Per Gallon Nationwide – Fast clip – Language Warning – Choice 🙄

Do you realize how INSANE this is? How damned dumb is Biden. Obama and their crew running the show? And it is 16 billion by the way, not 6 billion. DAMNED UNREAL enemies of our nation in charge. How much did the Big Guy Get? Hmmm  – see this clip with Sen. Cruz – click here

Trump slams Biden’s Iran prisoner swap, warns ‘MANY MORE HOSTAGES WILL BE TAKEN’ – Just The News

Gavin Newsom: He will never recover from this. – Liberal Hivemind, much more below on this clown 🛑

BREAKING: Two Elderly Women Convicted In DC For Pro-Life Protest, Face Decade In Prison – Trending Politics

New Mexico Gun Ban IMPLODES! – Dr. Turley Vid, more below the vid – Whatfinger

BREAKING: Matt Gaetz ‘Widely Expected’ To Run For Governor – Trending Politics

US border crossings over the weekend – Fast clip (and the numbers are MUCH higher) – do you remember when it was a big deal when the Marxist Democrats arranged for a caravan of 1,700 to make its way to our border, and how Trump stopped it… well…  this is daily now multiplied by 3-5 or more with the gottaways. – Sgt A) 🙄

When they are ready, if that day ever does come…. China has THOUSANDS of loyal troops stationed all over America, near our bases and will slap the hell out of our woke military in the first days of any conflict.  You think Sept. 11 or Pearl Harbor was bad? They will look like picnics if war comes with China. Biden and the Democrats are allowing and helping this. MILLIONS in bribe money to the Biden’s has paid off in China being well prepared to take us on if needed. Remember who the enemy truly is. The Democrat Party and their ‘secure border’ scam…. 

“It’s All Performative:” Steve Bannon Shuts Up McCarthy “Bold-Faced Lie” About Government Shut Downs

More War Room clips 9/18

Russell Brand BLASTED By OBVIOUSLY Fake MeToo By Media & Exes Like Katy Perry Pile On – Quartering Vid (More below)

McCarthy Says to Hold Off Biden Family Subpoenas Until Impeachment Investigators Get Key Records – Epoch Times

Woke Military Loses Our Most Advanced Fighter As Gen. Milley Plays Dumb – Choice

James Woods Responds to Shocking Border Video: ‘Both Biden and Harris Need Be Impeached for This’ – Slay News

Chinese Communist Party Controlled TikTok is pure Deep State racist for the Democrats….  Reverse races and try this…. and you are a racist. Which means these folks and Tik Tok are racist.  In fact! Tired of their BS – Sgt A 

BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy puts Biden Crime Family ON NOTICE after moving…  Fast clip – Whatfinger

Fast 1 min clip: Trump finally reveals why Democrats are REALLY persecuting him – Benny Johnson clip

Hit Job: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

JUST IN: NFL Team’s Owner Is Quietly Asking GOP Megadonors To Back Trump – Trending Politics

Have you seen this fighter jet?  If so please call our Woke Leftist military at 843-963-3600

Boldly Into the Chaos – Jim Kunstler’s latest piece – Burning Platform

Migrants on Lampedusa have decided to break out of the temporary asylum center and are now building road blocks – Much more – many clips on the situation – breaking – Choice

Lee Zeldin Destroys Dangerous Virtue Signaling Leftists Who Call Us Racists – Independent Sentinel

Even Byron Donalds is now lying for the Deep State – Republicans and Democrats are actively working to bankrupt the US…

You’ll Never Believe What They’re Doing Now! Mark Dice Vid

You’re Not Supporting Ukraine Enough Until The Nuclear Blast Hits Your Face  – CD Media

Jim Jordan Strikes Back At FBI With Subpoena Of Agent Behind Hunter Biden Story Suppression – American Tribune

Yes – this is acceptable in ALL Blue cities and Dallas has long been infested by Democrat control, they are destroying the city in every way…  (Not for children)

ICYMI: In case you missed it…

Robert KennedyJr talks to Russell Brand about how the NSA was in charge of Operation Warp Speed (You can see why the Deep State wants both of these men gone, huh! Damn good info – Sgt A) – Choice

‘BUCKLE UP’: Ken Paxton Sends Scathing Letter To Biden Administration After Impeachment Acquittal – Trending Politics 👍

The Russell Brand situation just got crazy. Fake Accusations Exposed – Liberal Hivemind, Matt Wallace, the clips… proof – Choice 🤔

Authorities searching for missing F-35 plane after Marine pilot ejected during flight over Charleston – Daily Mail

This has to be a joke.  Liberal Hivemind Vid – 8 mins

The Credit Crisis Will Wipe Out Millions Of Americans This Winter – Whatfinger News 🛑

America – Do You Really Think Biden’s War Is Not Coming Here? – Armed Forces Press

Biden and the Democrats have them now coming in by the MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS – perhaps well over 500K per month now….  one of many trains on the way to the Souther ‘secure’ border. Keep in mind the Marxists are paying each of these illegals $2200 per month, free health care, free schooling, all to bankrupt you and America.  Your taxes will be going up and up and our debt is to the moon…. All part of the Marxist plan to bankrupt the US.  It is working as RINO scum like McCarthy are going along with it. A Republican Congress in name only.

This Extremely Important Indicator Is Absolutely Screaming That A Recession Is Coming – Economic Collapse Blog 🤔

SHOCKINGLY DANGEROUS: CDC Director recommending a COVID mRNA booster for everyone 6 months and older – WHAT? – Choice

COUNTDOWN TO DAY ONE: Whatfinger’s 7

California Has a New Plan to Rob Hard-Working Residents Blind – Independent Sentinel

FULL Trump Interview – Meet The Press. Trump pulls no punches and slaps down Welker – and on enemy media – propaganda central! Not a bad job kicking rear…. He has no fear, but listen to them after the interview. Such little weasel Marxists.  Listen to Kristen lie too…  What BS.   🔥

Trump Voices Support for Government Shutdown If Conservatives Get Bad Deal – Epoch Times

‘Building Blocks for a Police State’: Conservatives Raise the Alarm About Washington State’s ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Effort – Daily Signal

Iowa Officer Dies While Executing Warrant Arrest, Town Creates Tear-Jerking Memorial – American Tribune

How the FBI Violated the Privacy Act to Undermine Trump’s ‘Presidential Appointments’: Watchdog Report – Epoch Times

GET OUT OF CALI NOW – Democrat Marxists intend on destroying your children and jailing you if you protest…. GET OUT NOW

Tucker’s Interview with Javier Milel Has Over 382M Views – Independent Sentinel

They’ve GIVEN UP!! It’s OVER. – Liberal Hivemind Vid

There’s A DARKER SIDE To The Brand And Boebert ‘Bombshells’ – We Are Change

Boebert on OAN on getting kicked out of Beetlejuice: “I was a little too eccentric … I’m on the edge of a lot of things.” – Fast clip – One America

Never forget that THIS is why the Deep State Scum are now going after Russel Brand – Russell Brand dropped some facts on Bill Maher’s show about big pharma – Fast clip – Whatfinger 🔥

“I’m Built Differently”; Trump Shuts Down NBC Host Who Suggested He’s “Afraid” To Go To Jail – Trending Politics

You can tell how the Deep State works…. the man dared to think, to fight them, this is a warning to Joe Rogan and all who would dare oppose Marxism, the Deep State. Submit or they attack – well – ATTACK THEM by spreading the truth – say the truth at every step.  If everyone stands up for freedom, we bury the cockroaches and get Trump elected. To hell with all of them. We see through them. Spread the world.  Clips are down the page as to why the Deep State scum coordinated this attack against Russel Brand.  MASS RESIST their BS now in all ways. – Sgt A

‘Abject Lie From A Sad and Pathetic Man’ – Gaetz lets loose on Deep State McCarthy – Fast clips – Choice

Bill Gates Covid Profiteering Exposed: ‘Global Terrorist’ – Slay News

Maher crosses picket line, says ‘Time to bring people back to work’ – Just The News

Elon Musk: ‘…where is the media outrage? Now you begin to understand the lie.’ – Choice

Here’s The Climate Dissent You’re Not Hearing About Because It’s Muffled By Society’s Top Institutions – CD Media

Share this fast Trump clip above – see: Donald Trump on Nancy Pelosi’s failures on J6: ‘She’s responsible for January 6th’

Do you feel manipulated? – Dr. Robert Malone – Burning Platform

Lauren Boebert’s Mystery Date Revealed as DEMOCRAT Bar Owner – Gateway Pundit

The Democrat Deep State does not want anyone to see how cars were melted…. how trees were spared, yet houses destroyed….  All for a smart Marxist city to be built backed by the WEF criminals

GOP Neocon Senators Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham Send Letter to Joe Biden Begging for More US Missiles for Ukraine – Argue Sending Missiles Will Save Lives – Gateway Pundit

Paperwork “Blunder” Gives An Illegal Alien Chance To Murder Innocent American – Here Are The Details – Right Journalism

Hey Mike Pence, Why Don’t You Pick Up A Rifle And Go To Ukraine? Or Better Yet, Have Your Kids Volunteer – Armed Forces Press

Just What We Wanted To Hear:  Texas AG Ken Paxton warns Biden administration after defeating ‘sham impeachment’: ‘Buckle up’ – Fox News   9Time to indict all Biden officials, and Biden, just like they did Trump – BRAVO! KIck some rear Paxton, take no prisoners – Sgt A) 🛑

Alarming Airplane Incidents Cause Passenger AnxietyReady for takeoff? Not so fast. – Liberty Nation

ICYMI: In case you missed it…

Mark Levin: This is OUTRAGEOUS – Fox Vid at Choice

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick shreds the SHAM Impeachment attempt of Attorney… Whatfinger

Biden and his Marxists lied yet again. They are determined for Iran to have a nuke so they can take on Israel and create a massive war….   all the while stealing OUR money to do it all. Damned UNREAL how we have such scum running our nation. 

Due to record-high levels of debt accumulation across sectors, rising interest rates, and inflation, the current economic situation is under threat of becoming unsustainable. – Citizen Watch Report

Now That Paxton Is Still In Texas – Time To Kick Some Rear! Texas AG Ken Paxton acquitted on all impeachment charges – Post Millennial