The Wuhan Coronavirus - stats, links.

  • January 16, 2021 – Casualties of the Chinese Communist Party (93,819,952 Total Cases) – (2,008,273 Admitted Deaths) –
  • 23,523,723 Cases In U.S.A and 391,955 U.S. deaths – Click this link for real-time updates – CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: U.S. Cases At a Glance (Stats and info per state)  CLICK HERE
  • 23,517 total deaths by ONLY Coronavirus in the U.S. – Only 6% of deaths are by people who have no other factors, like gunshot wounds, motorcycle accidents, heart or lung conditions. Fact checks lying about what this means. Seems simple – 94% of deaths ALL have other issues plus Coronavirus. That’s why if you are under 70 and get it, you have a 99% chance of survival. Let’s be real. Here are some supposed ‘fact checks’ that dance around this fact 1. Reuters  2. Telegram 

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The Fate Of America Now Completely In Trump's Hands

The Fate of America: If the Supreme Court fails this nation thanks to corrupt justices like Roberts who pretends to be Conservative… 

The question we might face is – Does President Trump have the strength to fight for freedom by declaring martial law and invoking the insurrection act? President Trump Fight Now Or Be A Slave

If Trump does not, assuming the Deep State has the Supreme Court not hear the evidence that we all know – I mean seriously A Dominion study proving voter fraud was just done and a corrupt judge, according to Dobbs, just decided that the public has no right to know it (See:  Say What? Report on Dominion machines due today and Leftist Judge forbids results to be public. They want all evidence of voter fraud hidden!)

What this means is the coup will succeed, Trump will end up in prison, and it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for the two Republicans to win in January thanks to voter fraud now cemented into Georgia’s electoral system, as nothing changed and the corrupt Governor seems paid off – daring to not want what the people want – a Special Session that can enable Georgia to stop the fraud before the run-off election! Fraud we can see a mile away with fake mail in ballots, drop boxes and fake votes that Republicans again (illegally) will not even be able to poll watch – a crime in itself. In essence this means a 50-50 ties in the Senate with the future China-backed dictator Kamala Harris as the deciding vote breaking the tie in the Senate.

Dictatorships is then here my friends.  The weasels of the Left have used the law to hide the truth, have used media to hide the truth, and now will have Trump in prison, his family ruined and our nation descend into totalitarian darkness backed by Red China.

If and only if the Supreme Court commits suicide thanks to corruption… Will they stand for freedom and stop the road from being taken?

If they do not stand for freedom and the Constitution, will Trump take command, have the balls to do it and save America and truly become the Greatest President In all History?  As he alone has the power to stop a real revolution.  Trump alone can save freedom if the Supreme Court fails.


Gun control, packing the court, Chinese global domination, gulags for you and me,  – I prefer to fight first Mr. President – so do your duty and save this nation if the corruption of the Deep State wins even in the Supreme Court…. The last resort!  FIGHT, as our lives, and your own freedom and life depend on it. You know it to be true. You are doomed and America falls if you do not step up.

Lets pray none of this is needed and the Supreme Court moves to save itself from the inevitable packing under Marxist control... that is all but promised by even Biden.  Let us pray that all of this is some damned nightmare that the media concocted with the rest of the Left and Deep State.  Let us pray for Trump, the Greatest President of American history, or Federal inmate number 8395029847  sometime in 2021 along with his sons and daughter for Trumped up tax charges and other fake crimes the Left is all ready to launch.  We all see it, this truly is America’s darkest time as the Media just hides all facts from the public.

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