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  • MESSIAH IN BOTH TESTAMENTS: by Fred John Meldau ABSOLUTE PROOF OF: The Fact of God, The Deity of Christ, The Truth of Christianity, The Inspiration of the Bible  CLICK HERE
  • Take the quiz to find out Bibleline Ministries – ‘Am I going to Heaven?’  CLICK HERE
  • Project Real News – Jam packed with culture and religion news  CLICK HERE


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  • Clip Of the day: runner up for 1/16: Kamala Harris laughs it up about impeachment before realizing she’s live on the air, then pretends it’s a very “solemn and serious moment” in history. (34 secs)   CLICK HERE
  • Clip of the day: 1/16 Nobody on Jeopardy even knew who Adam Schiff was! 😂 The Dem’s control over media is not working… (20 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • War Room: 1/16 WATCH: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Declares Parnas Not Trustworthy  CLICK HERE

Ben Shapiro: Impeachment Hits The Senate | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 933  CLICK HERE or below…

  • Missing Videos? CLICK HERE for Whatfinger Vids – just go down page… a virtual news junkie video heaven page. That’s if you are Conservative or Libertarian. If you’re a leftist it might look like hell and cause you to lose your little mind and scream at the sky like one of those nut-case snowflakes we see more and more.  (TDS) … lol…Sgt Pat)

News – All Sources – All Topics

  • Washington Sentinel: by Warner Todd Huston  Arrest Warrant Issued for Odell Beckham After He Spanked Cop During LSU Locker Room Celebration  CLICK HERE
  • ABC News: Actors die in fall during rehearsal for Mexican TV show  CLICK HERE
  • Independent Sentinel: by M. Dowling – Dem board members refuse to stand for the flag in NC  CLICK HERE

  • BBC World: by Staff Writer – Chinese birth rate falls to lowest in seven decades  CLICK HERE
  • ZeroHedge:by Tyler Durden – The US Space Force Just Swore In Its First “Chief Of Space Operations”  CLICK HERE
  • Patriot Post: by Michael Swartz  – Yes, Virginia, There Are Second Amendment Defenders  CLICK HERE

Fast Clip: North Carolina Sheriff: I will not enforce an unconstitutional law (1:46)  CLICK HERE or below…

  • The Hill:  by Bill Kristol on McSally calling CNN reporter a liberal hack: ‘I guess I’m liberal’  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: TRUMP’s LEGAL EAGLES – by Adam Shaw, John Roberts – Courtroom legends Dershowitz, Starr join president’s impeachment team as Senate trial looms  CLICK HERE
  • American Military News:  by Ryan Morgan Iran to sue Trump, US military for ‘war crimes’ of killing Soleimani at Hague International Criminal Court  CLICK HERE

No Bullsh*t: Joker’s Oscar Nominations Trigger SJWs  CLICK HERE or below…

  • Independent Sentinel: by M. Dowling – Sheriff won’t enforce unconstitutional gun laws & crowd goes wild  (video)  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: by Caitlin Yilek – Iran supreme leader: Trump is a ‘clown’ who will betray Iranians  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: More than 8 in 10 black Americans describe Trump as racist: poll CLICK HERE (Fake News Alert) – Source is a FAKE NEWS POLL – and is not logical. Trump has hit over 30% approval among African Americans – how the hell then would 80% call him racist? Scam poll – fake news obviously….. my opinion… Sgt Pat

ZeroHedge: The Virginia Gun Rights Conflict: Best And Worst Case Scenarios CLICK HERE

  • Gateway Pundit: “I Never Spoke with This Individual – And Frankly I Don’t Trust Any Word He’s Now Saying” – HUGE! – Ukrainian FM Prystaiko Responds to Democrats’ Lev Parnas Stunt (VIDEO)  CLICK HERE
  • ABC News (Left Wing No Politics): by Kelly McCarthy – Meet Hulk, the puppy who was born bright green  CLICK HERE
  • MSN – Los Angels Times (Left Wing): by Sarah D. Wire and Jennifer Haberkorn –  New evidence against Trump is likely to emerge during Senate impeachment trial, Schiff says  CLICK HERE  (Of course, this lying con artist (confirmed too) can fake a million fake witnesses. All liars and we will see through them all. What these morons on the left and in media do not understand is that this daily BS is immunizing even Democrats from their nonsense. They are losing African Americans left and right and now – well see what Dan just said itn today’s show – understand how good this can be in November)…  fast clip CLICK HERE)

  • Washington Examiner: by Tim Pearce – Pentagon reveals 11 US troops were wounded in Iranian ballistic missile attack on Iraq bases  CLICK HERE
  • Summit News: by Paul Joseph Watson – Goldman Sachs Clients 87 Per Cent Sure Trump Will be Re-Elected  CLICK HERE
  • Information Liberation: by Chris Menahan DC Media Covers Epidemic Of ‘Mob Attacks,’ Says Figuring Out Cause ‘Is Complicated’  CLICK HERE

Bongino: If Trump defies history, & gets anywhere close to 20, 25 or even 30% of the black vote… *see below  (Fast clip 1:59  show linked too) CLICK HERE or below…

  • The Hill: (Liberal CNN Hack) Wolf Blitzer: GOP senator should apologize for calling CNN reporter ‘liberal hack’  CLICK HERE
  • News Target: by Lance D Johnson – 7-year-old children left psychologically terrorized after hearing Greta Thunberg speech… “I don’t want to die!”  CLICK HERE
  • AP News (Left Wing): by Reporters getting 1st taste of impeachment restrictions  CLICK HERE
  • WorldNet Daily: University sued for censoring conservative students  CLICK HERE

Breitbart: Political Theater Watch: Kamala Harris Grins Before Calling Impeachment ‘Solemn, Serious Moment’  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: by Daniel Chaitin& Jerry Dunleavy – DOJ investigating leaks on Russian document that influenced how Comey handled Clinton emails  CLICK HERE
  • Red State: Oops: According to The Heartland Institute, The Planet Might Not Be Warming Like NOAA Says.  CLICK HERE   >>>>  DUH – Climate Change scam is EASY to see – we have a video near bottom of this section that shows you 100% how the fake scientists scam data and ALL Climate change stories. See it and never fall for them ever again) 
  • Fox News: Watch: Chief Justice John Roberts sworn in to preside over impeachment trial 2:12 Fast Historic Clip  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: by Zachary Halaschak – Martha McSally fundraises off of viral ‘liberal hack’ remark to CNN reporter  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News:by Gregg Re – House Republicans demand FISA court explain Carter Page surveillance, other missteps  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill (Left Wing): by GAO finds Trump administration broke law by withholding Ukraine aid  CLICK HERE

War Room: All you need to know on today’s GAO Media Scam against Trump: Trump ‘Broke’ Impoundment Law Opposed by Jefferson, Lincoln, JFK, Clinton, and Obama – by Raheem Kassam – War room CLICK HERE

  • Reuters News: by Staff Writer – U.N. says around 350,0000 people have fled Syria’s Idlib since Dec. 1  CLICK HERE
  • CNET: by Amanda Kooser – NASA Curiosity rover takes closer look at ‘strange trough’ on Mars  CLICK HERE
  • US News & W. Report: by Daniel Ramos Bolivia Exiled Ex-President Morales Retracts Call for ‘Armed Militias’  CLICK HERE

Top Polls & Odds..

  • Rasmussen: President Trump Approval: 49%  CLICK HERE
  • Real Clear Politics: President Trump Approval Averaged from Mostly Anti-Trump, Biased Polls: 44.5%  CLICK HERE

  • Real Clear Politics: 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (Biden leads by 8 pts)   CLICK HERE
  • Election Betting Odds: by John Stossel & Maxim Lott – Why This Beats Polls  CLICK HERE
  • FiveThirtyEight: Who’s ahead in the national polls? Updating average for each Democratic candidate in 2020 primary polls, accounting for each poll’s quality, sample size and recency  CLICK HERE

Top Election 2020…

  • The Hill: – Pompeo says he ‘never heard’ about any efforts to surveil Yovanovitch  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: by Graham J Noble – Lev Parnas – Breaking Down the Problems With His Story  CLICK HERE
  • Townhall: by Scott Ruesterholz – Trump’s China Deal Phase One Is a Home Run  CLICK HERE

Top News At Aggregate ‘–?’…

  • Drudge Report: (The Hill) Trump trial poses toughest test yet for Roberts  CLICK HERE
  • Free Republic: (IWB)  Nancy, You Haven’t Devalued Trump. You’ve Devalued Impeachment.  CLICK HERE
  • Bongino Report (Townhall): Critics Blast Politico For Changing Its Headline About USMCA’s Senate Passage  CLICK HERE
  • Many picks from all of the aggregates are straight down in this column (scroll down)

Community Discussions/ Threads Today…

  • Free Republic: (NBC News) Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution. Can they be stopped?  CLICK HERE
  • Cons. Treehouse (Last Refuge): January 17– 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1093  CLICK HERE
  • Motus AD: The Dems Move the Cantina into the Senate  CLICK HERE

Top News: Culture, or the lack of…

  • Federalist: by Melissa Langsam Braunstein – National Review Shouldn’t Join The Left In Blaming Jews For Antisemitism  CLICK HERE
  • News with Views: by NWV StaffOver 90% of Illegal Aliens Nabbed Had Criminal Convictions or Pending Charges  CLICK HERE
  • Fellowship Of The Minds: by DCG – Protesters Don’t Understand Gun Control at March For Our Lives  CLICK HERE

Say What? Strange or Just Insane News.

  • UPI Newswire: by Daniel Uria – Stanford researchers’ PigeonBot provides insight into mechanics of bird wings  CLICK HERE
  • UPI News: 1/16 by Daniel Uria – Stanford researchers’ PigeonBot provides insight into mechanics of bird wings  CLICK HERE
  • TMZ: 1/16 Pornhub Sued by Deaf Man Over Lack of Closed Captioning in Videos CLICK HERE

Feel Good News – Vids…

  • UPI News: by Ben Hooper – Bakers create world’s longest cake in India  CLICK HERE
  • Love Feel Good stories? We have a section with a lot of these vids – i you need to warm your heart and are in the mood – CLICK HERE

Community Humor Mega-Posts

  • The following are posted weekly – so not posted today –  (usually Fri, Sat and Sundays – so these can be days old until Fri, Sat and Sundays)
  • Locomotive : Days That End in ‘Y’ – editorial ‘toons & memes  CLICK HERE  Last Week’s post –   CLICK HERE
  • Burning Platform: Friday Fail  – – HUGE post we link to weekly –  CLICK HERE  Last Week’s post >>>>>  CLICK HERE
  • Powerline Blog: The Week in Pictures: Smiting Our Enemies Edition  CLICK HERE    >>>  Last week’s post  –  CLICK HERE  
  • Burning Platform: Sunday Funnies: HUGE page –  CLICK HERE    >>> Last week’s post – CLICK HERE

Quick Smile, Laugh Or Interesting

  • Interesting: 28 sec clip of the port of Amsterdam had me staring at the boats in fast motion.  CLICK HERE
  • Dummie Funnies: Hilarious TDS Meltdown at Coffee Shop  CLICK HERE
  • DUDE – Perfect example of how showing off can get you killed… OUCH, and the girl watches 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Edited – A communist when you want some of their stuff (Sanders with Trump – humor) Fast 7 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: What? lol – Is he trying to burn the house down, kill himself? Make a fool…? lol Fast 33 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: I could watch this all day – The ridiculous CONgress impeaching Trump, set to Benny Hill… lol 35 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Lots of Humor Clips CLICK HERE >>> >>>>>You might want to check this daily – we put many here that we don’t post in this section. So much to laugh at….
  • Missing any gifs or clips from this section? We rotate out – look way below on left, we keep them there for many days or even weeks to amuse ourselves. So many there you will laugh your rear off trying to make it to the bottom of the page.

Keeping This Here – A Must See to defeat lunacy… CLIMATE CHANGE – The SCAM of all scams.

  • How DARE WE… destroy the left completely on Climate Change or Global Warming –   My Gift To Climate Alarmists (Climate  Alarmists Debunked – guaranteed – exactly how they scam EVERY study with stats) Keep this link – destroys the left on the whole issue of Climate Change  CLICK HERE

If you read ANY article on Climate Change or Global warming, we can easily show you how they are scamming the data, doesn’t matter – watch this and you see through the left’s scam 100%. ANYONE you show this to, even leftists with their heads up their as*es due to propaganda and leftist education understand they’ve been scammed if they see this AWESOME video. President Trump should tout it so we can destroy the left completely before election 2020.  We’ll leave this here for a little bit again…

Listen: All of the following in this section you can listen to while surfing other links.

  • Bill O’Reilly: The O’Reilly Update  CLICK HERE
  • War Room: Ep 118: Ukraine Official Bludgeons Lev Parnas and We Explain the Law Trump ‘Broke’  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: Liberty Nation On The Go: Listen to Today’s Top News 01.17.20 Conservative News – Hot Off The Press – Audio Playlist – AD FREE  CLICK HERE


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  • Interesting: Damn, I learned something.  This cave in Romania isolated from the world for over 5 million years… has its own atmosphere, 33 species that only exist in that cave,  more…  CLICK HERE    for backup reference since that it a screenshot  – BBC article   CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: I could never do this.  Mountainclimber on Ice, hooks in just in time, almost killed. Like a Holy Crap Moment on video close up too   CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Unwrapping a new beanbag (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: Hold my beer while I ride this shark. (I laughed hard, but I had a couple… still … 5 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Reporter taken out by Stop sign… (fast 6 secs) Yeah I know she got hurt…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh: By the end, chances are you’ll be laughing. Prank taped… Like those Russian thingees.  (29 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: He last did the move 100 pounds ago, but now, his math is way off (in front of thousands too, sad but funny) 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Don’t blink, stare in the middle – listen to him, this works – bugged me out… (lasted 10 secs with me)  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting – and it seems to be seriously fun, I never saw people going into water like this…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:  AND Cute Overload Guaranteed if you love dogs – full page of fast gifs – some AWESOME   IMGUR –  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hey, get back to work  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: The way this guy is fishing (gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile or Laugh: Made me laugh, love this kid…  Trolling dad 🤣 🤣 🤣 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: You ever see kangaroos fight like this? Almost looked like a movie murder at one point.  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see someone flying their parrot like walking their dog… Had no idea… 5 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Great Photo: Glowing Eyes of an alligator at dusk.  CLICK HERE
  • Lt. Dan’s Got Legs. Not actually LT Dan, but the tech seems very cool. New Bionic Legs. Sweet.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Tom pulls an Alien with his bird. lol  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: By Drone, This is the Putangirua Pinnacles, New Zealand, and it is other world like, right? WOW. God’s beautiful Earth.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This is like a super jump for such a little dog. (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: In front of thousands… ‘I am master of the martial arts, I can do wondrous feats’ … (lol … 7 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Quick smile or laugh (I laughed after second time)  as dance music is put to the moves of this little red critter… not bad… lol  CLICK HERE

  • Maybe, maybe …. Dolphins – this one is very clever (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: This is full throttle reversing a Smart car – (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Screenshot – Bet you did not know this  lol (screenshot on bats) – a benefit of having video set up, we’re finding out…   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You’re it my doggie… Surprise  (3 sec clip)  CLICK  HERE
  • Quick Smile:  Sneak level 101 🐶 😂 (25 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: (Captioned Photo) – are we being farmed?   lol  CLICK HERE

  • Humor – On Stage – hopping around in front of thousands until… (Accidents happen) lol 20 secs  hope all is well but looks painful.  CLICK HERE
  • I like this too – New Tech: You don’t need an adjustable mattress to stop someone from snoring. 34 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: I’d buy one – Intruders invading you home? Then launch this drone to find out if they truly are breaking in. (50 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This good dog doesn’t need anyone to play catch. Awesome idea for any dog owner with a yard.  32 secs –   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Some people’s screams are just funny, especially when they cause a situation… you can guess… 14 secs lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Yeah she is screaming, but when a dummy brings it on themselves, they kin of deserve it, so that makes this girl’s pain funny.   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Finally finding someone that understands you Fast clip at Reddit – CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Outsmarted by a pigeon…   lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You peck the trunk again and I strangle your skinny neck  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: You ever see horizontal lightning? My first…. 37 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Too rich for waiting to throw out garbage, wait for it…. lol 10 secs…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Bet you never saw a cat slap a seal, who then plays dead and rolls over… 5 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Vidmax: What the hell is wrong with these people/ Women With Young Children Beat The Snot Out Of Each Other Over The Last Chicken Sandwich At Popeye’s  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: How many would like this? Even just for the novelty of it. I give you, garbage that takes itself out.  lol  Love it. (1:03 clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Cat salivates for dinner as innocent bird wants to play peekaboo. lol 22 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dummy Of The Day: Watch his dive – had to hurt huh – lol 22 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Always the joker, that wasn’t the plan Frank… What the hell… (look at his face … lol)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Cats favorite nap location turned on for first time in 5 years, cat doesn’t get it…  lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You ever see someone kicks so hard-and high her shoe and foot get stuck in a low ceiling… lol 20 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Babylon Bee Satire: Democrats Call For Flags To Be Flown At Half-Mast To Grieve Death Of Soleimani  CLICK HERE
  • Humor but Ouch: He was stabbed where? Ouch … Bet he never thought it could happen… You can see it actually pushing him back in the air too  OUCH.   7 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile or Laugh. I laughed – Funniest cat-shadow boxing in front of mirror you might ever see… 25 secs – she has moves… lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: That went well… sort of . Lol, Someone needs a new bin.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This had to take a long time to accomplish… 42 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Check this out – Hyper realistic drawing of gold star – you can watch the guy draw it, yet how? Amazing work. On fast speed but you can stop anytime. Fast 4 mins though…  CLICK HERE

  • Mini AOC’s latest – Humor: Mini AOC: Happy New Year! Looking forward to more laughs in 2020. Here are some of the best ones from 2019. Hope it doesn’t get shadowbanned (fast 2:20 clip of clips)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: Nailed It Compilation (Many clips – …bad luck huh lol) 1:07  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: But a whole lot of pain in different clips… one you feel sorry for her… 1:12 clip  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Quick Smile: I thought it was too – We need to get our minds out of the gutter lol 6 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • LOL – When this guy with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) went to steal a Trump-Pence campaign sign there was one problem, it was electrified….  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Waking up to breakfast. Look at his face … lol 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: You keep rolling, I need to look beautiful in this corner…  38 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Another dope that can fly off the mountain with a slight accident… yeah it looks cool.  But looks too flimsy for me in such a dangerous position 27 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Trying to look sexy, didn’t work out as she leans against a door… 20 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Best of 2019: Funniest reaction by a kid whose food is taken…  Pretty vicious – CLICK HERE
  • Best of 2019: Funniest Guy Being Robbed EVER – Bravest? Insane – he just doesn’t  care, will not even give his cell phone to armed criminal… like what?  Bravo if not stupid, he is definitely not caring what happens at all…  There’s something to respect there. Crazy but…   CLICK HERE
  • Best of 2019: Funniest President Trump response to a politician of the year: Biden’s claim of not knowing about Ukraine… (media tried to stop it, Twitter banned the post so no one sees it – Daily Caller archived it –  here you go)  – other memes are after it on video  CLICK HERE
  • Best of 2019: Dumbest Criminal Of The Year – Criminal… goes to rob, caught on security cam, AND drops his gun… what a dope…(15 secs – 2 angles too)  CLICK HERE

  • Ouch: Funny unless it was you – Letting a Ram so close, even if a baby one, not smart. Guess what happens… Ouch 1:04 it repeats  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see the open book fountain in Budapest? Now you have – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Did you see that? What the… ‘  lol   CLICK HERE
  • I don’t believe this ‘physics fun’ example, do you?  (fast gif) CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Everyone’s in a rush. Chill people, or this happens… lol… (7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Dang – this much sugar as shown is changing my drinking habits.  (Fast gif.)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile: Yeah she’s crying, but why? The cat crapped all over her… 19 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Merry Christmas surprise from a baby.  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Santa, I told you I wanted a Barbie doll, now you have to be punished, I got clothes… what? 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Who wakes me from my new banana bed?’ Fast gif  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Like father, like son  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Keep going human, this is puuurrrrfect. Chubby Wubby loves the belly rubs  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Just another dummy trying to do a stunt, no brains, almost dies… (4 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • High Heel Leather boots and ice DO NOT mix… 56 secs of falling  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: Almost a perfect jump, except he gets caught on shorts lol 6 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Ouch -Ice Ice Baby – This elf is about as much help as a fire extinguisher in a flood. 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Drugs are bad… Wonder what she took… 39 secs  CLICK HERE
  • God’s Beautiful Earth: On my bucket list – Aurora Borealis. One of those most magical things to see on Earth. 1 min clip  CLICK HERE
  • Fun physics tricks you can do at home. Kids love these… (fast 1:42)  CLICK HERE
  • Funny for SNL – a former comedy show – becoming funny again. At least this one time anyway.  (Posted on top)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Look in background lol – Fool dances or whatever, off stage. (5 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Instant Karma – I know he got hurt – but when idiots act up I enjoy the instant Karma (7 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Sunday Funnies Cat proofing your Christmas Tree (pics) lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dog has his own way to lay down. Cute.. Multiple times CLICK HERE
  • Hero: Criminals try armed robbery, armed citizen next to gunman shoots criminal in head 3 times on vid (EXTREME VIOLENCE WARNING) – WOW 28 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: “I’m going get this bird, seconds more, almost ….  damn.’  Sleep time…. CLICK HERE
  • Craziest cat you ever saw? Possibly…  (fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Hexstat probability demonstration – CLICK HERE
  • Deliveryman goes out of his way big time… very cool  (fast gif 10 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Tesla makes a self driving car ….  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Dog Teased, Revenge from above… (funny but we know dog didn’t do it)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Too cold for us, we’re go back in… (17 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Ninja Wanna-be fail: ends up trashing himself – literally lol 14 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile: He Shoots, he scores… 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cute- Overload: The caring dog or what? CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Watching Dumb People… 12 secs  – CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Dog thinks it’s human… funny walk 23 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile Dog is just adorable. Sneak attack –  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Dog ‘ Gotcha’ (fast gif) – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Baby seeing clearly for the first time  CLICK HERE
  • Photo – You ever see a screw so large? ‘We got these giant screws in at work today for mounting solar panels.’  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Ice skating – almost – you can see a big danger in trying to stay up… 9 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Sup’ (15 sec clip)   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Samurai of the future – now – sword fight in the air… 45 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Every man that sees this fast 5 sec clip winces…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Stranded for litter… lol How to handle someone who just doesn’t care… (28 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – or serious laugh: Gay guy goes fishing and then… (lol) It gets funnier each second… sorry but – lol – 35 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: “OHHH, AND THEY GOT THE CAPRI SUN?!” Amazon driver in Tennessee discovers a family left snacks out for delivery drivers  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: What people (a Hong Kong Cop) do when they think no one is watching… illll serious digging … lol 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – or laugh: Made me laugh -Every good boy should be this happy (collection of fast funny clips 2:10)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Brain over brawn (15 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: My son did this to me so made me laugh even more… (13 secs) CLICK HERE
  • Just Beautiful: Peyto lake, Canada Gif  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: All time fav for camo by a butterfly. (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Happy Dogs ‘ join in’ lol  (Fast gif)  CLIP HERE

  • Ever see a fox go fishing? Very cool looking plan of attack… 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • He Shoots, he scores…  (12 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • You know you’re lifting too much weight when this happens (never saw it before)  CLICK HERE
  • Santa Claus Fight Club (put to Christmas music) – Not for kids – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Behold – the ULTIMATE Jenga move (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Do you know why it gets quiet when it snows? (screenshot – just info)  CLICK HERE
  • Bet you never saw half of a car (BMW) like this (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Girl in VR – Boyfriend Jealous of the Virtual reality character – takes it to punch him… what the?  CLICK HERE
  • Comic Terrence Williams posted this meme – fast – Adam Schiff is throwing a Hissy Fit (Silly but funny if in the mood – or on meds  lol)  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Still our all time favorite of a dude trying to NOT get wet… 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Wince- PAIN – you know how heavy these things are, well….  OUCH  CLICK HERE
  • Winner: Humor: Winner of worst dive into a kid pool ever. (3 sec gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting Photo: Smoked cauliflower looks like an explosion. CLICK HERE

  • Cool Party Trick.  All it takes is an operation on your brain.  Freaky…  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Dog gets real mad. Human, you need to stop teasing me, it hurts my feelings… (This gets abusive with Mother taping, no?) (59 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Violent though on an idiot: Don’t mess with horses. lol – classic, you had to see by now… if not 🙂 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • This Tattoo…. What? … WOW… I’d never do it, but this is insane. (fast clip 14 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘My cushions, my rug,woof’  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Does this fool know I have claws?’ (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Reminds me of Stripes scene (below): Watch this guy teach English (end move made me laugh) 21 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Trying to look cool or sexy gets thousands more dopes hurt or killed every year… (4 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Ever see a runaway Segway beat the hell out of someone? Now you have (10 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: It’s a children’s slide you dummy. You almost deserved that. Almost…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Sound effects added. Makes it funny but people got hurt. Such is life. People fall off a bus like a wave. Poor nations have interesting commutes… 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Sitting down on national TV with tight pants, ends in pain (all men wince – or men in Europe since real American men do not sit like women and this would never happen in this way, crossing a leg over the other.  6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile (I laughed): Hold my beer while I straighten this toilet. (guy falls out lol ) 6 secs.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: At drive through but too far to get his food so… he falls out and car keeps going… (17 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – seems unhurt lol – Wake up fast with this – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: ‘Hold my beer’ 6 secs that did not work the way she wanted…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – maybe : Humor: Swap… like a fly… by a tree. (fast 8 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: And this my friends is why they’re called slippers… not with ice 6 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Little punk caught on camera trying to steal a cell phone  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – ‘Nailed it’  but….  lol Those balls are heavy…  (Fast 10 sec gif)  CLICK HERE
  • ‘I’m not drunk, you’re drunk’  (plop – a bad fall too face first) fast gif CLICK HERE

  • OK, yeah this is AWESOME – but I’m strange and wonder how many times he fell (hundreds? ) before he did this as well as he did. (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • These critters – There can be only one winner…. cute diversion for 39 secs  Found myself staring, wondering which one would win. CLICK HERE
  • Say What? Is her tongue a mutation? Who started breeding humans with xenomorphs for real? 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: I would have gotten off in 2 secs – she stayed on until… (45 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Caller Meme: Did y’all see that jobs report today? (39 secs) (silly but funny)  CLICK HERE
  • Awesome Drone – tech getting so sweet (58 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Volcanic Eruption from space – 8 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Cute Overload – OMG – Is this one of the cutest little dogs you ever saw?… (fast clip 11 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • OUCH Supreme – you know where he was stabbed – painful -Never expected that – never going to do this on any chair… OUCH…. This hurts to watch 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • WOW – VICIOUS – Older man yelled at by motor cycle guy and the man had enough of the loudmouth… shock move for sure (fast 37 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh: Passing through, this is how I roll, or crawl. (Made me laugh look at his face.  ) 2nd time. 13 secs  CLICK HERE   (Thanks to reader Donna S)

  • Nice Photo – Just a baby leopard with Mom (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: One of the most dangerous spiders in the world vs lunch: ‘Ill – I hate worms… sick… let me out of here’ – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Yeah, I’m eating your neighbor’s bales. nothing to see here, please don’t shoot me… (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Babylon Bee Satire: House Hears Testimony From Renowned, Unbiased Legal Scholar Hillga Clintonheimer  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: New form of contraception emerges (yeah, foot gear) Photo – CLICK HERE
  • Just cool – 360 degree photo printed on a sphere. (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile in 7 sec clip. So excited the ears go up lol. So cute.  CLICK HERE
  • Dog, I told you NEVER fart around me. Take that!  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: INSTANT KARMA – no? Creep craps in public and then ….lol  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Quick smile – Dog’s favorite position to get nails worked on… CLICK HERE
  • Humor Photo of the day. Look close  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Joe Biden’s Latest Commercial (Humor) – Seems almost real  lol 59 secs – – CLICK HERE
  • Poor doggie wanted the statue to play... Human, Throw it, I’ll fetch… Hello… You seem a bit still, are you going to throw this? (20 secs), Hello…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: ‘Not letting go, nope, I want a treat  lol  9 sec clip –  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Sure, he failed, but so cool at failing worthy of seeing this 6 sec clip – CLICK HERE

  • Humor: One word for you people: AMAZON – or ONLINE. How pathetic… In humor because this is just retarded. (20 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Surprise Classic: Guess what the man is… Fast clip 1:55  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Tires that never go flat – on all cars soon.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – This is how I Piss, you got a problem with that? Let’s go chase some cats.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘You are now blessed’ lol Religions can be strange. (I admit this made me laugh – I’ll say it- its a kooky religion. Don’t care how many people are in it.) 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Such a rude subway train door to wake him up. lol 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ever see a plane crash into a helicopter? Not good… (10 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • “He’s probably out cheating.” Me and the boys…   Clip 56 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:  At first you think just a girl and her dog. Then, it gets professional, no?  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: She’s a good shot. Imagine her younger?  CLICK HERE
  • Funny – until you realize it is video game effects put to a real scene where there was real violence  CLICK HERE
  • Skill? What kind of wizardry is this? I can’t do one without juggling. 45 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Give me a beach ball and open space and I don’t need anyone… ball is life… 14 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile at the skill Know when to stop… Amazing work until…  (21 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Painful Humor: Humor -but OUCH: Experimenting did not give the desired results. 7 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Weather lady meets snow… 12 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cat could go pro.  Such reflexes (fast 8 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: By the second ‘I didn’t say stop’ motion you’ll probably laugh. Made me laugh… (clip 58 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick shock: You might not want to see this. A schoolboy died under the wheels of a truck (Warning – Graphic) and sad to see such a senseless death (30 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: It was a great idea he thought… lol (16 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Only because these and others who do this are idiots – Before this even starts you know disaster is coming. Idiots never learn… (5 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hero Dog – Dog saves a buddy who could have been crushed. Shows intelligence, no? 10 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile I laughed. Each time too (9 times) , hard to not laugh.  CLICK HERE

  • Cute-Overload: 10 second clip. Just adorable  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: ” Greek Newscaster attacked by Hog on camera. lol (59 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: It’s just watching me  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile ‘I LOVE THE SNOW’  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Feel Good clip – We all need some help sometimes – This is a Ducking Hero – (38 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Just relax man, chill….   lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • HUMOR CLIP – Political – of the day (I bet of the week) – Black Patriot: Leftist throws something at him…”You do that again and I’m gonna kick your ass in front of your girl friend” BRAVO! LANGUAGE WARNING – he says more… by the very end lol (clip 15 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Dog Clip Of The Week That Perished: Quick Smile: This dog loves to swim in place. He really loves it… 40 sec clip  CLICK HERE 
  • Quick smile: You can tell what sport he likes to play. Has some skills.  Achievement Unlocked… Fast 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick pain: Might be funny to some. Mechanical Bull was not having this lady riding the wrong way… wait for it… CLICK HERE

  • Say What? Fast vid NY Post – I have 20 toes and 12 fingers (40 sec vid)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This is real, real nuts. lol They go out of their way to do this. Way too much time on their  hands. So it’s funny.  CLICK HERE
  • Ever have a dog that yanks you? lol  CLICK HERE
  • Every time I see someone practicing martial arts with weapons, I wonder how often they hurt themselves. Here’s one attractive lady in bikini ‘my skills are unparalleled’  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Bird cult begins again…(Reddit vid)   CLICK HERE
  • Sit back and Glory In God’s creation – how small are we? And more importantly, how INCREDIBLE is this universe? CLICK HERE
  • Now this is a pot hole. Sad to see someone go in though  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:”....Jeez, Carl!  How deep did you dig?!” (the reactions made me almost laugh., it’s that extreme head turn… )  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Let the pro handle  CLICK HERE
  • Dog can too.  CLICK HERE

  • Maybe …lol  Well, who would be dumb enough to do this in real life, can’t blame them for a fake selfie I guess  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: They tell them to NOT panic and freeze, must be heard though facing off against hundreds of pounds of muscle that can crush you in seconds…   (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile ‘Honesty’  (photo) lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: He isn’t a doctor but makes random people ‘cough’ lol 4 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: I feel like there is some sort of untoad story behind this (Photo) Untoad is correct…. lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Surrender my dog, or I will continue the assault’  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Spanish live broadcast- Spanish live newscast interrupted by Dogs… who don’t care… (Fast clip)   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Torture for a cat – (Fast clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: All you need from a video right here – Dog performs while baby plays in background… (Clip 58 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Teamwork Class Cheating in the smart phone age…  (clip 14 secs)  when there’s a will, there’s a way.   CLICK HERE
  • Comic Terrence Williams: I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS! Stinky Democrat Eric Swalwell farted on National TV while talking crap about President Trump (clip 1:12)  CLICK HERE
  • Is this not the cutest work-out partner ever? CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Video at IMGUR – Speedy One Handed Drumming  CLICK HERE
  • Satellite closeup. Bentley used NASA technology to take a 53 billion pixel photo of one of their cars on the Golden Gate Bridge  CLICK HERE
  • I’ve seen this very look in a few cats. (Photo-captioned)  CLICK HERE
  • People have so much time on their hands … lol  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting photo: Female Basketball players and their cheerleaders  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: The ringleader leads them out, then goes back for slow dogs… cute  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile – You never saw a dog do this… Woman claps and dog enjoys and goes with it… (50 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: She wanted a workout video, and look what she got instead… lol  CLICK HERE

  • Scary Clip Of The Day: Inches From Death: Frightening (6 sec clip – be aware, anything can happen…)  CLICK HERE
  • Ever see an ice tsunami? Here you go  CLICK HERE
  • Humor- or just a good ending – Criminal running from cops meets Bruce Lee… (fast clip 20 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Cruel Joke, many laugh but would have freaked me out too – I’m afraid of heights, and this lady was freaked out over a fake-cracking floor that would scare anyone… 15 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • God’s beautiful Earth – The flashing of black and white these sandpipers display is caused by their black backs and white chests. Coupled with the color of the sky and it almost looks like they disappear for moments. CLICK HERE

  • WAY TOO CLOSE – many clips – shows you how fast life can come and go, these people lucked out  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Is that you, my human (look at his face)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh:  These people are out there. Please, how do you not laugh? It is difficult. Try…   CLICK HERE
  • FLASHBACK humor – Old real commercial – My mother had this  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: You hit my Mom again, I’ll wreck you… lol  CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile: Cat looks cute trying to get in… (fast clip 10 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Snow shoes for your car  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • The Bird Dentist – he did it too, be you never in your life saw a bird take a loose tooth out.    CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: This is how I roll, got a problem? Funniest cat with a ball you might ever see… (14 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Dog does the helicopter (sound effect added)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: His nose is designed for a 360 degree boop Cute 6 sec clip  (forgot to post this yesterday)  7 sec clip – CLICK HERE
  • Ben Shapiro: 11/14 The Schiff Hits The Fan  CLICK HERE
  • What The Hell Video Of The Day: Driver intentionally crashes into a father and 8-year-old son then slashes the man’s throat (WARNING – Violence) 56 secs  CLICK HERE

  • This made me laugh – Tell me this don’t look like a Muppet at first glance  lol  (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Now this is a modern artist we can get into  -Chocolate art  lol)  Made me hungry just watching.  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see a kitty sleep so cutely? (photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Otterly Cute (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: Pants were just a bit too tight for her to stay looking cool, with her moves… (Clip 11 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Cute: I know how to make my Horse feel good. Watch me… Woof… 15 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Now this is a Lego fan’s work: lol You ever see the like? (59 sec clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Best 18 secs of the hearing: 6 people having 4 conversations in 1 sentence: where the star witness got his ‘clear understanding’ lol (18 secs of PURE GOLD)  -are the Dems and media serious? lol  CLICK HERE
  • Excellent Clip from the fake impeachment today (1:39) : “This anonymous so-called whistle-blower with no firsthand knowledge, who’s biased against the president, who worked with Joe Biden, who is the reason we’re all sitting here today— we’ll never get a chance to question that individual.”  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: (fast gif) Ooops  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Is this the BEST skateboard trick you’ve ever seen? New concept (Fast gif)  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Holy Crap – this is a Komodo Dragon and eating a turtle.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Clyde, is that you? Who’s there?  Quick gif  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Cool: Protesters in Hong Kong take down a police drone with lasers. Love it… (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: not a laugh because you  can see the dummy got hurt. ‘Sure, I can ice skate with tennis shoes on… (5 sec gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: You ever see the Roll Clouds over Lake Michigan. it is semi-Common (fast gif)   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – sure this dummy thought he could do Superman like jump, but OUCH – hurts to watch if you’re a man –  CLICK HERE
  • How to save a life – now this was close (49 sec clip) – CLICK HERE

  • You’ll Clap or CheerBig Bad Democrat terrorist from Antifa kicks a Biker For Trump, guess what happens? lol (Love it) 29 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Cuteness Clip of the day: OMG this thing is just too adorable. I bet you agree.  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire:  WATCH: Alex Trebek Fights Back Tears After Jeopardy Contestant Gives Touching Answer To Host Amid Cancer Battle  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: They see me rollin’  cute  (7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: What’s this fool doing? Looks like a crap – Better look away, he looks nuts… (7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Hit so hard he created a dance move (fast clip 6 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: A man and a whale playing fetch (1:11 clip)   CLICK HERE

  • Quick Laugh: (A Guilty one I admit due to age of person, almost didn’t want to post) – At 75 years of age, this cyclist is an inspiration to us all. Age is just a number. (11 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Having Twins is truly a blessing (Clip on fast speed too – so much work 1 min clip) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: The ladies need to check out my Latin dancing (look in background …lol) 12 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: 2 clips on this page – 2nd one is classic fake news (that weather report they faked) CLICK HERE

  • UPSETTING video of the week: I would do evil on this person if I knew her:  Most Upsetting Vid You Will See today – This lady needs a nice cell – this is serious abuse caught on video… Not cool, sick… (22 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Happy little dog has some skills… (14 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cats playing repeat tag, I wonder how long they could do this… (28 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • The People’s Singer: The People Have Spoken… Women sings beautifully from her balcony – the people all over respond… 1 min clip (Beauty is everywhere – just listen or see)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh – Kid does the worm behind CNN’s Acosta at rally  lol  (10 sec clip) CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – Made me laugh quite a few times. Kid is vicious: You want my seeds, I’ll give you my seeds you little flying rat…’  CLICK HERE
  • Look at what the cat does  …Ouch (10 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Too drunk to even walk:  The video taker is crying from laughing so hard watching the guy and his attempt to walk.  23 secs –  CLICK HERE
  • Makes you stare:  these are real people practicing… huge spectacle  57 secs – CLICK HERE

  • Dude …. Life can just hit hard A tire takes someone out… BRUTAL.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: That moment you realize you’re work was for nothing… (26 secs) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Just get your butt in there, I don’t have all day… or patience  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Ever see a cat like a dolphin? Here you go (clip 15 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Airport Worker with too much time on his hands… (fast clip 9 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – or laugh – Fool criminal of the day… goes to rob, caught on security cam, AND drops his gun… what a dope…(15 secs – 2 angles too)  CLICK HERE

  • Cute Overload – Please hug me, had a bad day… (doggie)  (fast clip 35 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • How cool is this? This is one piece? WOW – (Fast gif) – CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: These critters really pack them in… (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: Cute too – Dog knows what he has to do to get in… lol 14 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Ever see someone mugged by a dog? lol  CLICK HERE
  • Ever see a dog chill like this watching a movie? Loves the music, seems to really be into it… 22 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch : Dummy Of The Day: Don’t tease anything that can throw you around like it does this dope… like a rag-doll too 25 secs (Violence warning)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh – Pissed off frog of the year. Look at his face, ‘I don’t want any damn bugs…’ Let me throw this crap… (10 secs)  CLICK HERE  > we had this last year on our old server, most haven’t seen it…  PJ Watson found it 🙂

  • Quick Smile: Funny commercial makes a point: Don’t judge too soon… wait (clip 19 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Ever watch animal videos and cheer for the underdog? (Lion surrounded by pack of Hyena in this case)?  CLICK HERE
  • Ever see a King Fu Goat?  lol (Fast 7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • How about did you ever see a dog actually plan and carry out a prank? This sure looks like it. (Are dogs getting smarter?)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I sleep when I want, never pass an opportunity… oohh nighty. 5 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Not funny – this hurts – Guy gets electrocuted from the cooler door. (quick gif)   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh – almost guaranteed – Animals doing what the humans do… funny clips in one 2:20 bigger clip. Cute and funny… (2:20 clip of other clips – real funny) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: My human, I can do it all… So I should sit, pose , paw over paw, I see… What’s next? lol  (26 sec clip) –  CLICK HERE
  • Political Twilight Zone Newscast – YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS – So…it’s not okay? Are we in the twilight zone? Change the color to black…. WHAT THE HELL? UNREAL…  CLICK HERE
  • Damn it moment: Your son said ‘Please tape this dive, you’ll love it. No problem… Except sometimes life just walks in front of you … or on you. lol (9 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Freakout Clip of the day – this is the man’s lip – holy cow, disgusting.. (1 min clip).  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: Hi-Rise Washing windows blows except when they have cats… 44 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Oh no, my human, you didn’t just poke my head. No one does that and gets away with it……   (look at cat’s face )  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Rudely woken up – Wonder what this dog was dreaming of? A cat snack perhaps? (Fast gif) lol  CLICK HERE

  • Fast Clip:Humor: As if he said “I’m staring right at you b—ch” put the money back” yet not a word came out… (look at face) as criminal attempts theft (oops)  CLICK HERE
  • Meow attack is like a cat knock out. Ding Ding  in this corner –  (lol)  CLICK HERE
  • This guy scams for candy on Halloween lol  fast gif – CLICK HERE

  • This is how it’s done…RETURN FIRE – We love when citizens fight back. Criminal jumps out of car with gun, his victim – ‘You die motherfuc**r’ – NICE – FIGHT, this is why we have the 2nd… 19 sec clip will make you cheer…  CLICK HERE

  • People have skill, and a lot of time on their hands…  case in point (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • One way to stop cops from doing their job.  DISGUSTING actually but funny too as the criminal craps… (4 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Ever see a garage door kidnap someone? lol  CLICK HERE

  • Smallest Helicopter on Earth:  (48 sec clip) I’m afraid of heights but this looks like fun… CLICK HERE – if you love gadgets and tech, see our Digital Trends category – so much tech in fast clips –   CLICK HERE
  • Humor- Silly, so if you are in a silly mood, this can force a laugh. it did me. Speaker Pelosi holds a special press conference. (Made me laugh – humor – in a silly mood, this will ignite it into a laugh) It looks like her! lol  CLICK HERE
  • Selfie Of The Week – Matt Gaetz – Try to top getting President Trump in a selfie, and Melania gets in too (I love her)  at the World Series (Photo)  CLICK HERE

  • You want to mug me, say hello to my little friend’ (VIOLENT – Sec Cam – people die – posted on left)  CLICK HERE
  • 25K Reward! Hit & Run – Help Catch A Criminal – Driver Sought After Mini Cooper Hits Bicyclist Head-On (41 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Water snakes can scare the hell out of you… look what this one did… (8 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: I take a pee here daily, I don’t see anyone sitting in my pee spot. (12 sec clip) CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile: Excuse me, but you’re not sticking me with that, right? lol (7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Voted Best tear Jerker Vid of a returning soldier. Got me all teary too.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Just at that moment, look at his face lol (5 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Voted Best Hugging Dog  CLICK HERE

  • HOLY COW – This WILL SHOCK you more than any robot- any AI vid you have ever seen. Now imagine an army – lethal, and deadly accurate unlike Stormtroopers from Star Wars or Cylons on BSG.  This is serious – and we are entering a brave new world. Stay armed by friends. Terminator possibilities are here (Note – even if this were CGI, which many have written us saying, how many years away before this would be real – like 1 o r 2? Think about it… ) –  CLICK HERE
  • Prepare to be shocked: My head shakes back and forth just thinking of the two commercials on this page. OMG – without nudity, without curses, yet these are NOT FOR CHILDREN. Just –  What the hell?  CLICK HERE
    >>> Note – The Dove commercial (vid clip 2 on page) was used for Mother’s Day and got Mark Dice banned on Facebook for merely saying it is unnatural…  You decide.   (48 people wrote us saying fix this damned ink… thank you all  🙂  Sgt K
  • Judicial Watch: Tom Fitton’s Weekly Update – BEST ONE EVER – He goes off on the Deep State, FBI, DOJ for CURRENT crimes against the Constitution that they are STILL doing even now… Protecting Hillary – yes, they are, protecting other Coup criminals like Comey and Brennan too. Very Revealing….   CLICK HERE

  • Killed by a go-cart. Imagine that possibility – That could have been this guy’s cause of death.  (5 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Impressive: See the world’s longest sand sculpture on Denmark’s west coast (Fast clip 20 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Chile right now (the country – holy cow) Photo –  CLICK HERE Want to know what’s up down there in South America?  –  Live Chile news –CLICK HERE
  • Check this mini cannon out – (Fast gif) CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile:  ‘I’m not fat, I’m fluffy…’ (When weight affects your life) (14 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: James Bond Cat: I have to make it past this alley, too many cats out to get me. I jump there, fly there, twist and I can do it…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Know any hunters who could honestly say that they killed a duck and the duck hit him in his nuts as its last act of defiance? (clip 10 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Dude has issues. When a moron wants to make a naked entrance, and… what the hell? – dope (24 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile Guaranteed – or a laugh – Happiest haircut you might ever see – infectious laugh. Try to not smile in the least. IMPOSSIBLE – CLICK HERE
  • Mini AOC hits the left again: Funny girl – Humor: Mini AOC: Check out my new video endorsing Bernie Sanders for President  (Posting in center as well) CLICK HERE
  • Cute overload: What a loving mother! This is just too cute….(fast clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Say What? What a perfect technique – unfortunately one person is playing soccer, the other Mortal Combat… (9 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Stop-Motion fight using laundry.  Some people have a lot of time on their hands, and we thank them for using it. Can you imagine how long this took to make?  lol (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Voted Bravest Patron of 2019 – NOW A CLASSIC – Dude! Bar patron shrugs off gunman, lights up cigarette during armed robbery in St. Louis (Holy Cow! -best reaction to a robbery, EVER)  CLICK HERE
  • Respect: Kid baits NBA – and then shows Free Hong Kong shirt – a no no in the now communist dominated NBA -(fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Horse can act: Dramatic horse charms the world with his acting talent – plays “dead” to avoid work (FAV at this site Animal Club)  CLICK HERE
  • Funniest Political 3 sec clip all year, maybe …. Brave man too  CLICK HERE
  • Catch Kitty – Not sure if this is a quick smile. Looks like cat said ouch – is it normal for a cat to just watch the ball until…  ?   Weird. (Reddit clip) – CLICK HERE

  • Feel Good Clip?: Mom with a child that has Cerebral Palsy helps him skatebioard for the first time.  The kid loved it 🙂  Nice to make a child happy…   (Fast clip 15 secs) CLICK HERE
  • Just Interesting – cool maybe – well trained.This man pretended to drown to see if his dog would save him – Dog is trained well… Fast 1 min clip – Although not sure this would help an adult, maybe a child…  CLICK HERE
  • Cute Overload- Look human, I found a good boy here… (cute fast 23 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile Might make you stare:  That’s mine, no… it’s mine, …no I insist. It’s mine. OK, you can have it. No… you have it…. lol (19 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile or laugh: Stupid is as stupid does (Vid with a few clips) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Zoomies done well by this dog (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Fast Clip: Dreamland – I’m afraid of heights but this looks incredible to do. (1 min clip) CLICK HERE

  • Best knock outs against Antifa, and by an old guy who can throw a punch. Made me cheer… posted in center as well  CLICK HERE
  • Feel Good Story: Feel Good Story: Dad proves he’d do anything for his daughter  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Cat vs dog on a car ride  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • So lucky to be alive. when a child and driver both in a hurry meet… (Graphic Warning) made me go ‘Oh God…’  This hurts to even watch. Kid getting up after…   CLICK HERE

  • Some people should not use a gun – ‘Idiots with guns’  had me laughing (fast 29 secs of many many clips) Hard to not laugh, if you use a weapon or ever used one. CLICK HERE
  • Bet you NEVER saw a cat slap itself  lol – sound effect added for effect –  (fast clip 27 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Good human, well trained, a little behind the ear…. ooh that’s it… keep going…  (31 sec clip – love the face)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile – I laughed. Car rides are my favorite (lol) Fast clip of the funniest way to ride… for a dog. (7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Playing with his favorite stuffy is always a fun event. ‘You are the one toy’… lol (Fast 10 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Feel Good Story: Cat comforts mourners at funerals  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I can’t believe you’ve done this to me, you said we’re going to the park… Now you watch my shame… Why?  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – made me laugh. Love the dog’s face “Human, where are you?”  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: So cute – Nothing can break her concentration when it comes to food (Fast clip 19 secs) Better at this than humans  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Like Father, Like Son  (fast 5 sec clip – cute gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Watch a bridge taken down (On fast – for a gif) – CLICK HERE
  • Cute overload – We all know someone who can sleep anywhere… well… (lol) (sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Adam Schiff reads nursery rhymes (Fast 26 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Get into farming, you can’t lose  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘Ok, my turn now! lol – Dogs can be jealous, big time  CLICK HERE
  • Funny to some, painful to watch for others – Who knew soccer or ‘football’ as they call it outside of the U.S. – could be so painful. (15 secs of clips of hurt)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh – It’s not a good idea to wear false eyelashes in a speedboat ride. Looks like they are ready to fly away…  (13 secs are the trying to fly away…lol)  CLICK HERE
  • Hope he enjoyed the wine…   lol  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • What sorcery is this ? No idea how he does it. (Fast gif)   CLICK HERE
  • You need to smile? This will work. Dog knows how to make babies laugh hysterically.  CLICK HERE
  • Feel Good Story – Will make you smile – Inseparable friendship of goose and man (Cool story –  Fast Video 2:34)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘I’m not looking, not hungry….   still not looking…  (Fast clip 33 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Guilty Look Of The Month:  You ever see such a guilty face on a dog?  CLICK HERE

  • Real Sounds of Guns (not really – humor actually – this boy went crazy with weapons rentals though… cost him a small fortune.)  Reddit video  CLICK HERE
  • Elon Musk & Tesla did it – Elon Musk and Tesla just released their fully autonomous driving feature! Holy Cow, we’re here… (clip 1:03)  CLICK HERE
  • Stubborn dogs, no? lol  – It’s mine. No, It’s mine. It’s in my mouth, chill… – Not letting go… lol (fast clip 18 secs) CLICK HERE
  • Cute overload – Yoga & stretching – evening routine for a better sleep for adorable doggie  (fast 1 min clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Really hard to not after seeing the Beware Of Dog sign (fast 7 second clip)  CLICK HERE

  • ‘Ouch’  – Poor girl has a bad morning.…  lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Hong Kong Protest Gear (Photo) CLICK HERE
  • If my dog did this for food, he’d be fat. I’d be feeding him often just to laugh… cute (fast clip 10 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Have kids or grand kids?BEWARE this is out there – driver will not be winning bus driver of the year. CLICK HERE
  • So human like…. that fist bump at the end makes you wonder for a few secs  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Voted cutest dance off – this puppy made me smile… so cute, hard to not smile at it… (10 sec clip)   CLICK HERE

  • Why does this remind me of my ex wife, late at night in bed, pissing me off while she sleeps and I’m uncomfortable. Cats – fast gif lol CLICK HERE)
  • Quick Smile: ‘Human, can we have them all, please….’ (Photo) look at his eyes.  CLICK HERE
  • Feel Good Vid – Dog without front legs gets a Lego wheelchair  CLICK HERE
  • Smart Cleaning – Magentic double sided, like this.  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Not sure if this was smart. Seems like a bad place for electricity?   (photo) lol  CLICK HERE

  • Halloween is coming – you ever see such such a cute pair of  dogs? Made me smile… love dogs   – (fast 31 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Sicko builds a cat torture box, not really but they don’t understand and their frustration is funny – CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Teach a cat to jump – cute trick to train it (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Tell me this little thing doesn’t force you to smile think ‘Cheese wrapper sound’ lol –  his face forces you to smile…   CLICK HERE
  • Voted cutest tug-of-war for doggies  (reader David S said call this Trump on left and Schiff on right – like that!)  – CLICK HERE
  • Dang, this man was born to surf.... you know when people are great at something… (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Can’t decide if I should laugh or been scared…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • You ever see rabbits in a slap fight? Watch these two go at it…  CLICK HERE
  • Damn funny – CLIP OF THE MONTH – Fast Humor Clip: I can’t even wash my dang jeep… lol (14 sec fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Funny Clip: When the wind ruins your pawfect hair… (fast 26 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • This dog might or will make you laugh  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • You NEVER saw a dog kick a cat before This looks like real martial arts – (Fast 12 sec clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Ever see a snail eat a cucumber? On fast – so you don’t fall asleep.  CLICK HERE
  • Freaky looking – Alien like – Horse hair worms leaving a host (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: These are always disasters waiting to happen, in some way. ‘You stand there while I kick over your head’  CLICK HERE

  • Is this not the best looking rain cloud you’ve seen?  (photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Saw this chicken trying to pluck an apple…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: the pupils..   cute  CLICK HERE
  • Surprise  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • The face of guilt …. ‘I wonder if this video camera is working? CLICK HERE
  • What? – Life – Anything can happen and at anytime, be aware…  CLICK HERE
  • This man deserves a raise for sure (Reddit vid)  CLICK HERE
  • Just interesting: Eskimo Fishing: Quick thinking – The one that almost got away  CLICK HERE

  • Baby Iguana with mom (photo)  Quite photogenic  CLICK HERE
  • Trash Panda Classic: We all know how smart these critters are. This one though needs to lose some weight.  He might be stuck in there without help.   CLICK HERE
  • Photo:  raghav04verma – Same car, same location, only difference is that the top picture is from Forza Horizon 4  CLICK HERE
  • Worst driver ever? or just some really bad luck… made me laugh.  CLICK HERE

  • Lucky woman with a baby in her arms. Damn close  CLICK HERE
  • Kind of funny – when cat reflexes meets frozen water  CLICK HERE
  • If you need a smile or laugh, this baby will do it for you  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Boys doing the robot dance, little kid  – lol  CLICK HERE
  • If you love Red Wine DO NOT WATCH this clip. It is a major murder scene for wine fans.  CLICK HERE
  • Dude… Sorry, I know she hurt herself, but come on… how many times? This had me laughing hard – especially the first one –  lol  CLICK HERE

President Trump: New Commercial just let out – 30 secs: I AM DRAINING THE SWAMP!

  • Quick smile ‘ Can I help you?’  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick cute break: Video – Pit bull looks super guilty after trashing kitchen  CLICK HERE
  • So cute, puppy printer seems to have run out of ink  (photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Now that’s one seriously large fireworks rocket blast CLICK HERE

  • You ever see a Quokka? How cute is this thing? Almost cartoon like quality.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This does look cool  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • People are really in their own worlds – (fast gif)  What – no idea…? CLICK HERE
  • You guys know that Manatees have to turn their whole bodies to see different angles. No head to turn, I never thought about that. (fast gif)   lol  CLICK HERE
  • They keep knocking but they can’t come in... Door is tougher than it looks…   (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Criminal turns his back on an old cowboy and then…  (fat gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Cat Kidnapping lol  CLICK HERE
  • Skateboarding Flip – science lends a hand –  (quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Whirlpool sucking down leaves makes me stare. Kind of cool.  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see a chandelier this long? (Photo)  CLICK HERE

  • Video of The Day: Fast Clip 9/23 – This is what happens when we let the left educate our children. SOS AMERICA – they teach the same in American schools and they’re scaring kids to death with fake science. We need a national addressing of the scam of Climate Change ASAP.  Watch this sad young lady, scared to death and she has no idea she fell for the greatest scam on humanity ever. (Fast clip 2:05)  CLICK HERE

  • Futile but – this praying mantis stands its ground  lol  (fast gif)   CLICK HERE
  • Coolest, smoothest catch ever? Man looks cool  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Prank with 2 pair of twins (Fast gif) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I Can pet kitty too (fast gif)   CLICK HERE
  • Ever See 3d Drawing Art? Pretty cool looking  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Monkey’s Mom was ready to pounce – ‘Don’t talk to strange humans!’ CLICK HERE
  • WOW – Fast gif – a serious loner’s paradise.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – maybe not. Kind of disgusting. This is what happens when you chase a skunk.  Yeah it’s bad for the bear…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Miracle on 24th Street – real version (Fast gif) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This bat can take photos.   (Screenshot)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: look at its paws (bottom)  lol  (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Therapy dog in training  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Good guys save a seal CLICK HERE

  • You ever see how they release snakes into the wild? (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • The Problems of Modern day society?  (Screenshot)  CLICK HERE
  • Bear Lesson #1: When confronted by older humans, freeze. They will not see you and leave you to do your business, as their vision is based on movement.  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Holy Crap – Buying drinks and then…  CLICK HERE
  • Trapdoor spider says No one is home, lol   CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile – A Pure Bliss vid – look at his face….  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh – I Admit – A Scream made me laugh – why? – Listen to what happens when this girl is called a Democrat  lol (Fast 16 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Dude! Bar patron shrugs off gunman, lights up cigarette during armed robbery in St. Louis (Holy Cow! -best reaction to a robbery, EVER)  CLICK HERE


Judicial Watch - Help Keep America Free

JUDICIAL WATCH – Please donate if you can to help keep this nation free. The left is not stopping in their crusade to destroy the Constitution. Judicial Watch mans the front line legally for the defenders of this nation. They are of course hated by Clinton, Comey, Brennan,  and the DOJ & FBI (the corrupt leadership we all hear about who thus far have not been jailed even now… maybe Barr will help?).  So in other words, give anything you can, they need all the help they can get! – – –  and don’t forget you’ve helped the U.S. as well as President Trump.  CLICK HERE FOR JUDICIAL WATCH

Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • SAY WHAT?… This next Fox video is going to upset you if you don’t know what took place… Obama stole  $$$ billions from taxpayers with a sneaky scheme that can and is now being used by communist and socialist groups all over the U.S. to destroy Trump….   CONFIRMED TOO…  They were doing it even after Trump was in the White House … Trump stopped it.  CLICK HERE or Below ….

  • My Gift To Climate Alarmists (Climate Alarmists Debunked) Keep this link – destroys the left on the whole issue of Climate Change  CLICK HERE

  • ABC 13: Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home  CLICK HERE
  • Our Two Faced con-artist Ex President caught on video: Barack Obama Claims Jobs Donald Trump’s Created! Share Obama’s ‘flip-flop’ with your friends!    CLICK HERE
  • At The Revolution, Allen West.  Inspiring from the start. I love this guy! A True patriot.  CLICK HERE

  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – many of the pigs with kneeling issues in the NFL are felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – maybe Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE

  • James Woods reposted this.  Quick 25 second video that just makes me smile.  An oldie but a goodie for sure.   CLICK HERE
  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

  • SHOCKING STUPIDITY: Dumb French family doesn’t get what a Safari Park is.   Video is fast – a few minutes and sets stage for their stupidity as Dutch guys laughed at first, then this gets very serious.   (Description corrected by reader Thomas Moore, we thought they were German. )CLICK HERE
  • This is a bug out! They just showed this on the Five on Fox as well.  America’s newest internet debate: Is it ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?  Listen to it (fast – seconds) and you decide.  People actually hear two different names depending on whether you are a high freq person or low.  AMAZING and shows you how possibly people you argue or debate with can actually not hear what you are saying.  Makes you seriously think after you fight and debate others.  CLICK HERE

  • It’s dinner time, damn it  (5 second clip) – made me laugh CLICK HERE     (Link fixed thanks to reader Gregg S on 12/30)
  • Obama,  among his many many crimes against America he ALSO robbed taxpayers by using the DOJ to sue companies all over the nation, then dropping lawsuits when they contributed to communist/progressive groups all over. This …providing them a war chest they now use against Trump. Insidious left – here’s a FLASHBACK Fox Video on it if you missed it CLICK HERE
  • Old Favorite: Liberals Taxing The Rich  CLICK HERE


Whatfinger Fake News Rules - Surfing and Announcements...

Whatfinger Rule On Fake News And Their Fake News Sources…

We used to joke about this, but as of 6/14-2019 , it is still 100% accurate.  WF Rule for distinguishing fake news easily when it a. Makes Trump look bad and/or b. attacks supporter of Trump
Rule: If a news article is citing an ‘anonymous’ source or ‘official’ who spoke in ‘confidence’ to  any media, even Fox – but more often, as President Trump has pointed out, the NY TIMES, WAPO, AXIOS, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN , and the article makes Trump look bad, the source is FAKE and the story made up only to hurt President Trump. It will be proven fake immediately or in time and you’ll notice though it is first repeated on every station and in every paper. The correction is hidden on page 38 in the corner where no one will ever see it.  THIS IS 100% ACCURATE … so far...   I’m sure an outlet will fake something just to stop this from being a rule, but it is akin to how it is ALWAYS conservatives who are mistakenly blocked, cancelled, and taken down on social media.  Sure, the fakers in media and in tech can say ‘It was the algo’  and another lie ‘we don’t discriminate’ – fake answers. Who wrote the program and how is the mistake always mistaking right wingers.  Hmmm. Scammers all. We are on to all of you.  Whatfinger News is shadow banned on most social media and can give details as to how these fake social media companies are scamming America as it all happened to us.  

We post links to news, commentary and humor. It’s what we like, mixed with a more complete covering of news than any other site.  But… people send us links that are at times, troubled. People play games and change what the link has, they throw extra ads, and generally upset readers at times.  Well, Whatfinger is here to make news reading and information gathering simple and as amazing as possible. To that end, we try to follow these points.   If we rejected your link or said in reply email to check bottom of site,  this is what we are doing and these guidelines are developing over time. 

  1.  Article must not be deceptive in title.  Title needs to match content. Seems basic, but you’d be surprised.
  2. Title and news must not be already all over Whatfinger.  Check center column and left side column (the larger headlines),  if you see the same news, please don’t send us the link to post.  At times we’ll post 2 of the same news from different angles but once we hit that readers get upset with any more.  This especially goes for shared content by many sites, such as Daily Caller News Foundation.  We’ll post ONE – but the exact article is on 200 sites and it is not happening. We obviously cannot and will not post the same article.
  3. If your page is ugly to the point of a visitor not liking to even wait for the page to load,  we don’t want to link.
  4. If you use curse words in title or all over article – we violate this rule at times but generally we don’t want to post.
  5. Anti-Trump articles – well you have 95% of the media already doing this,  we don’t want to.  We’ll point to the lunacy of other sites and show competing views unlike the left dominated sites.  But we are not going out of our way to join the left in their now constant attempt to lie about Trump and make things look as bad as possible in the U.S.
  6. Force Click Articles – more and more we are rejecting these – and what they are is simple: ANY site that you visit, if upon page loading it then forces you to click and join something, enter email to continue, etc,   we do not link.  Soon we will never link to sites that do this.  Trouble is even the largest do this little game to readers so we can’t blanket ban the act by them, from links we post.

The way we think is simple.  Is the article providing info that our readers don’t have? Will they enjoy it?   More to come…  (Reader L. Smith helped us with our horrible grammar  🙂  Thank you!) 

Sgt K,  SGt Pat, Mike

Shadow banning: 

Here is what you do.  if you have 5,000 friends or 500, doesn’t matter. This ALWAYS works as FB is the shadow-banning King of social media.

Basically, Facebook owns your profile. Really. They own your friends. They own you, and you can’t do a damn thing about it if you are on Facebook.

Now imagine if you will, you place a link that you want all of your friends to see.  So you post the following: Or any variation, you can say anything you want – as long as you have our url – Our website that can be clicked in your message in it, you will quickly understand what the left is doing. They will not allow others to see YOUR post even to YOUR friends.  Obviously, they are not YOUR friends. They are Facebook’s friends and you can’t do or say anything about it.  Except leave, or if Trump does what is needed, we all sue them to death for wasting our money on ads and banning us.  Time alone wasted on Facebook building a platform that can be just stolen, is priceless. Millions and millions of dollars are owed to conservatives and Libertarians all over for ads, for their work… and for their time put in building their businesses that they believed they were building on a neutral platform like ATT. They all know ATT or Verizon or TMobile, none are going to cancel your service if you say something they do not like in a conversation with someone they do not approve of for political reasons.  Here –  try this – – write the following or any variation and post it to YOUR friends. Don’t use the  exact wording.

OMG – Just saw the best news site I ever saw in my life. Never saw so much news and videos and links in my life.  You have to go to Whatfinger News. , here – – click this I bet you found your go-to news site from here on. 

Now if you posted such a message like the above that actually links to Whatfinger, if you have 5,000 friends guess how many will see your post that you want them to see?  5,  maybe if you are lucky.  Yeah – out of 5,000 of YOUR friends,  they have to go on your page to see this, and then they still might not.  We now get reports where people will not even see it on your own page.  Only you can. How’s that for a fake ‘platform’ that doesn’t want anyone to read Whatfinger News or the thousands and thousands of other sites? Evil is all I can call it. Theft as well.  Time for justice.

This is Shadow-banning.  You can still post your message or comment, but no one will  see it.  See – insidious and evil and obviously they are censoring.  You are banned, but they don’t want to just tell you because they are cowards (and make money by you being there)  and would need to ban 60 millions of us.  To just come out and say anyone who dares go against what they believe will be banned will destroy them pretty quickly.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re for freedom and capitalism. Facebook is not that. People were lied to.  We were told it was neutral, like the phone company, which gives them immunity from being sued. Even if you have a convo on Verizon lines that they don’t like it doesn’t matter as phone companies are real platforms.   But Facebook and other social media with the same legal protections for lawsuits are NOT neutral. After conservatives spent fortunes building their memberships and readers, Facebook thinks it can just rob them of it all.  The ONLY thing protecting these leftists and potential dictatorship enablers that they are, is no one can sue them due to the lie of them being a neutral platform. This must change for America to survive.  Now you understand… 


2019 - The Year That Perished - Here Are The Best Of 2019 or best of the decade articles as we all welcome in 2020...

Best Of 2019 in all things… The Year That Perished…

  • Newsbusters: WORST OF THE DECADE: Trump Derangement Syndrome  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: WATCH: Video Highlights MSNBC’s Worst Takes Of 2019  CLICK HERE

  • Forbes Mag: Top 20 Must-Reads of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • The Verge: by – The 10 best games for your new gaming PC  CLICK HERE
  • The Verge: by – The 11 best games to play on your new PlayStation 4  CLICK HERE

The Best Of The Internet (2019) Had me laughing or thinking hard, and so many clips… (Sgt Pat)  CLICK HERE or below…

  • Engadget: The best gadgets of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • Lifehacker: The Best Cocktail Hacks of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • Federalist: A Right, Proper, And Manly Guide To The Cocktails Of Christmas  CLICK HERE

  • Live Science: by Brandon Specktor The 9 Best Blobs of 2019 – All blobs are good — but some blobs are legendary.  CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters: 2019’s Wackiest Analysis From The View  CLICK HERE
  • Time Mag: Best Inventions 2019  CLICK HERE

Watch Mojo: Top 10 Best Movies of 2019  CLICK HERE or below…

  • DC Clothesline: The top 10 biggest bombshell climate TRUTH stories of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Top UFO stories of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • Los Angeles Times (Left Wing): Top business stories for 2019: Elon Musk, Disney+, trade wars, IPOs that weren’t, and privacy in peril  CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters: The Ten Worst Chris Matthews Moments from 2019 You Didn’t Ask for  CLICK HERE

  • Grabien: Montage: 12 Most Mortifying Media Moments of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • The Verge: The 10 best video games of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • Wired: The 5 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Shows of 2019  CLICK HERE

  • Fast Company: The 25 best new apps of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • PC World: The 10 best PC games of 2019  CLICK HERE
  • The Verge:  The 84 biggest flops, fails, and dead dreams of the decade in tech  CLICK HERE

  • Forbes Mag: The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars of 2019: The Kids Are Killing It  CLICK HERE
  • Collider: The Top 10 Netflix Movies of 2019, Ranked  CLICK HERE
  • LOfficialusa: The 21 Funniest Memes of 2019 (Cultural – not politics) – CLICK HERE

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