• Panic Porn on The Wuhan Coronavirus  – July 3 – (10,842,615 Total Cases) – (520,785 Admitted Deaths) – (2,739,230 Cases In U.S.A and 128,743 U.S. deaths) – Johns Hopkins  CLICK HERE 
  • Reuters: Tracking the novel coronavirus in the U.S.  CLICK HERE


On this day...


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Political Cartoons

Patriot Boards

  • OLD – – – r/The_Donald/  CLICK HERE  – Taken over by the left, moderators removed due to the left being scared of free thought. The left plays same game wherever they control the message, as they know the people detest them in reality so they must stop free speech. 
  • The Donald –  CLICK HERE – Where the people went after the left took over The Donald at Reddit
  • The Last Refuge   CLICK HERE
  • Rumor Mill   CLICK HERE
  • Free Republic   CLICK HERE
  • Cons. Forum   CLICK HERE
  • /pol/ – P.I.  CLICK HERE
  • Time Bomb 2000   CLICK HERE
  • Briefing Room   CLICK HERE
  • Cons. Political Forum  CLICK HERE
  • Rapture Forums  CLICK HERE

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  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
  • Stock Market Data – CNBC: CLICK HERE
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  • Dollar Collapse: Breaking News/Best Of The Web Business and finance links for today  CLICK HERE

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Religious & Cultural Links - We leave these here

  • Religious & Cultural Perm. Links
  • MESSIAH IN BOTH TESTAMENTS: by Fred John Meldau ABSOLUTE PROOF OF: The Fact of God, The Deity of Christ, The Truth of Christianity, The Inspiration of the Bible  CLICK HERE
  • Take the quiz to find out Bibleline Ministries – ‘Am I going to Heaven?’  CLICK HERE

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DF Videos: Media Hits Spectacular June Jobs Report With COVID Caveats  CLICK HERE

  • No BS: South Park CENSORED 5 Episodes Removed From HBO Max📺  CLICK HERE
  • History: July 2 – On this day back in 1964 Democrat President joins Republicans (and against more racist Democrats) to pass Civil Rights Act of 1964  CLICK HERE

  • VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Covid911 – INSURGENCY – The Deep State Moves On America. This will be deleted so watch soon.  CLICK HERE
  • BRAVO – Patriot fighting back, and against a bigger bully assaulting her. Best 13 sec clip all day – CLICK HERE

  • Missing Videos? CLICK HERE for Whatfinger Vids – just go down page… a virtual news junkie video heaven page. That’s if you are Conservative or Libertarian. If you’re a leftist it might look like hell and cause you to lose your little mind and scream at the sky like one of those nut-case snowflakes we see more and more with TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome … lol…Sgt Pat)

  • REMINDER: Senator Graham can subpoena all traitors of the coup plot (Comey, Brennan and the rest) and STILL HAS NOT DONE A DAMN THING…  What is he waiting for, the election so he can stall until Trump may be gone? Just Deep State corruption is all it seems to still be, as each day passes. Tick, Tock, Senator.  Next person that interviews him, PLEASE ASK HIM WHAT THE HELL? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? Are you all talk….still?   You know Maria Bartiromo will slap him around again… as she is tired of his BS, like us and most patriots. 

News – All Sources – All Topics

  • BBC World: by Staff Writer – Myanmar jade mine landslide kills 160  CLICK HERE
  • France 24 (French): by Staff Writer – US Congress unanimously votes for ‘Hong Kong Autonomy Act’ to sanction China-linked banks  CLICK HERE
  • Korea Times: by North Korean leader calls for maximum alert against virus, warns of ‘unimaginable’ crisis  CLICK HERE
  • BPR: by Vivek Saxena – Namaste no more: Yoga studio implodes in brutal, yet classic case of ‘progressives’ eating their own  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: by John Bowden – Secret Service members who helped organize Pence Arizona trip test positive for COVID-19: report  CLICK HERE

Conservative Review: Horowitz: Republicans won’t even fight for self-defense  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: Activists prepare to storm DC in Independence Day weekend protests  CLICK HERE
  • American Military News: These 10 new Virginia gun laws are now in effect this week  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: by MARTY JOHNSON – Texas governor issues mandatory face mask policy  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: by Joseph Simonson – Joe Biden campaign’s latest target: Mike Pence  CLICK HERE
  • The Street: by JOSEPH WOELFEL – Dow Rises on Strong Jobs Gains Amid Virus Worries  CLICK HERE

Ind. Sentinel: NFL will play Black national anthem before the national anthem during every game  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: by Jerry Dunleavy – Federal prosecutors ‘would welcome’ chat with Prince Andrew after Ghislaine Maxwell arrest  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: by ZACK BUDRYK – US seizes weaves believed to be made from hair of Chinese internment camp detainees  (China shaves prisoners and harvests their hair like we do sheep)  CLICK HERE
  • Independent Sentinel: Up to $5,000 fines for going out without a face mask in W. Hollywood  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Free Beacon: Clinton Paramour Arrested in FBI Sex Trafficking Probe  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: by Mike Brest – Tucker Carlson rebukes GOP senators for trying to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: by J. EDWARD MORENO – Stonewall Jackson statue removed in Richmond  CLICK HERE
  • Independent Sentinel: by M. Dowling – Hundreds of anonymous Bush staff join PAC to vote for Biden  CLICK HERE
  • BBC World News: Venezuela gold: UK High Court rules against Nicolás Maduro  CLICK HERE

  • Watch: Send this to ANYONE voting for the con artist and tool of the left Joe Biden. This is just too funny, and sad that media and Dems want this in the White House. Can media keep this all quiet and elect this man anyway? Dark times are ahead if they can. America is closer to dictatorship than we’ve been since World War I.  (Leaving this here for a bit. A must see for all voters)   CLICK HERE

Watch MAGA: TOP 10 MEMES Attack of the Clones  CLICK HERE

Fast Clip: THE ONLY clip you ever need to explain how Black Lives Matter is Marxist. Co-Founder admitting it proudly.  They want to destroy freedom and media and corporations are handing them the money to do it.  Leaving this here as ALL need to know what the left-Democrats and media are trying to pull. EVERY COMPANY that puts money into Black Lives Matter is contributing to America’s destruction, and the erasing of our history. Fight them in any way you can…  deny them your money as a minimum.  Every time you see a weak person, or a moron, or just a misguided tool of the left taking a knee, reject them, disown their organizations and don’t look back.  DO NOT contribute to our nation’s end with your own hard earned dollars.  CLICK HERE

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Top Polls - Top Community Threads - Top Election 2020 - Top Aggregate Picks - Top Culture - Top Strange - Odd - Top Feel Good

Top Polls & Odds..

  • Rasmussen: President Trump Approval: 44%  CLICK HERE
  • Real Clear Politics: President Trump Approval Averaged from Mostly Anti-Trump, Biased Polls: 41.5 CLICK HERE

  • Election Betting Odds: by John Stossel & Maxim Lott – Why This Beats Polls  CLICK HERE
  • FiveThirtyEight: Who’s ahead in the national polls? Updating average for each Democratic candidate in 2020 primary polls, accounting for each poll’s quality, sample size and recency  CLICK HERE

Top News At Aggregate ‘–?’….

Drudge Report 

  • Wall Street Journal: John Bolton Memoir Sells Over 780,000 Copies in First Week  CLICK HERE
  • AXIOS (Far Left): Trump vs. Biden: Senility becomes 2020 flashpoint  CLICK HERE

Free Republic:

  • YouTube: (linked at thread) How To Remove “COVID 19 Trace you app” From Cell Phones  CLICK HERE
  • Montana Daily Express: Protestor Topples 10 Commandments Monument, Drags it Down Street With Pickup  CLICK HERE

Community Discussions/ Threads Today…

  • Free Republic:  Bill Clinton had affair with Jeffrey Epstein ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell, according to new book  CLICK HERE
  • Conservative Treehouse (Last Refuge): July 3– 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1261 CLICK HERE 
  • Lucianne: (Washington Examiner) Are we being set up for another stunning Trump win?  CLICK HERE
  • Motus AD:  No Biggie, Just the Fate of the World  CLICK HERE

Top Culture, or the lack of… 

  • Patriot Post: Removing Rushmore  CLICK HERE
  • Fellowship Of the Minds: Watson apologizes for stealing his brother’s chewy  (How adorable is this?)  CLICK HERE
  • News With Views: by  Devvy KiddWill Pres. Trump Pardon Roger Stone Now?  CLICK HERE

Strange or Just Insane News & Clips… 

  • SF Gate: California sues Cisco for bias based on Indian caste system  CLICK HERE
  • Click Orlando: Ding dong: Nearly 9-foot alligator missing limbs found on Florida doorstep  CLICK HERE
  • Vidmax: Man Trying To Prevent Fight Gets Brutally Assaulted By Children, Robbed  CLICK HERE

Top Feel Good News

  • USA Today’s Military Kind Video Playlist – all of those soldiers coming home, surprising family that makes so many of us tear up. USA  Today’s playlist at YouTube is AWESOME – CLICK HERE
  • Love Feel Good stories? We have a section with a lot of these vids – If you need to warm your heart and are in the mood – CLICK HERE

Humor - Satire and Comedy & Just Interesting

Community Humor Mega-Post…

  • The following are posted weekly – so not posted today –  (usually Fri, Sat and Sundays – so these can be days old until Fri, Sat and Sundays)
  • Locomotive: Days That End in ‘Y’ – editorial ‘toons & memes  CLICK HERE
  • Burning Platform: Friday Fail:  HUGE post we link to weekly – CLICK HERE 
  • Burning Platform: Sunday Funnies: HUGE page >>>  CLICK HERE   Last Week’s – –   CLICK HERE   

Quick Smile, Laugh Or Interesting

  • Interesting Old Favorite: Old Fav – Nature’s Stand-Off: Soldiers on both sides stand guard of their citizens… Neither attacking, fearing war.  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Even though it hurt – Protesting maniac bothers a police horse, so the horse kicks her. NICE. Made me smile. Others laughed.  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Holy Cow – This woman gives birth in a parking lot standing, thanks to midwife there… WOW  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: This dog knows how to make an entrance as he hears the hose…  CLICK HERE

  • Nutty Scene from a TV show: Humor-Satire – is this not a nutty scene or what? Wasn’t supposed to be funny but…  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Inchworm vs a gap.  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Honest Marketing, I’d hire them!  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Proper use of a dog’s paw.  lol   (Fast gif) CLICK HERE

  • Lots of Humor Clips CLICK HERE >>> >>>>>You might want to check this daily – we put many here that we don’t post in this section. So much to laugh at….  Also our Super Links page for humor updated all day long by the sites  CLICK HERE
  • Missing any gifs or clips from this section? We rotate out – look way below on left, we keep them there for many days or even weeks to amuse ourselves. So many there you will laugh your rear off trying to make it to the bottom of the page.


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IMPORTANT: This section below is NOT TIMELY - Older material we add to daily and keep for a while - We dare you to try to make it to the bottom of this section without laughing hard. IMPOSSIBLE - so good we call it the Whatfinger Humor Challenge

  • Interesting: Hitting the Perfect Shot – look at ball.  Bet he will never do that again in his life  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Who’s on First – the modern version. Pretty funny. 41 secs. I’m sure the left will call it racist now  CLICK HERE
  • Instant Karma. Well deserved huh. Multiple fast clips 32 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Humor – You ever hear a Fox laugh? Now you have… how cool  CLICK HERE
  • Hitting the Motherload  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Ever see a bubble wrap painting? Injecting paint into the bubbles one a time to create art.  Fast gif  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Beluga Whale blowing bubbles.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: To click or not to click. That is the question (Screenshot)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile: sounds makes it funny but you have to be in a silly mood. CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Kid catches fish with toy fishing rod (gif) CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: A LLAMA makes an entrance  (gif)   CLICK HERE
  • Not funny – interesting but pure pain it looks like  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Babies showing the middle finger. Not sure why this is so funny. fast 17 secs clip of clips  CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile: Not exactly a Jedi Master huh. lol 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • So, that’s your problem huh  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Stingray for a pet? (fast gif) CLICK HERE
  • Duck man returns...  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: James Woods: Finally a news outlet found a way to show our police in a good light. I suppose even a blind squirrel can find an acorn from time to time.  CLICK HERE

  • Humor-Satire: Fake News Network Reacts to Pearl Harbor (1941, Colorized – lol )  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – OUCH: Some people are just, you know… fast clip  CLICK HERE
  • Cute: Cat waves like this as he goes to work each day… 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: This horse stops like he is a car or bike? Never saw this… fast clip 4 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Wait for it. Surprise. fast clip 57 secs  CLICK HERE
  • You NEVER saw a haircut like this…  CLICK HERE
  • Some funny political memes – clips for the day…  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Quick Smile: When a Chimp flies a drone better than you, you know you aren’t up on tech  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This man was sitting alone on a park bench – singing Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by himself. Until the end.  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: This baby is asleep but whenever his mom laughs, he recognizes her voice, imitates her and laughs as well. fast clip  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile –  bad luck for this guy – He had to go, and in a storm, so this happens. Dang… 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Ouch: He almost made it… almost funny except he got hurt. 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Fast clip: This cow is loving it… CLICK FOR MORE  
  • Cute huh – How cool is this? For dogs and cats, bet you agree. Fast clip 47 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hungry Hungry Hippos with your dog  gif  CLICK HERE
  • Is it just me? Juneteenth – never heard of it???  (Captioned photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Is it love? Interesting: The way the dog stares… love? 1 min clip  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Clip makes you want to get each item. Right?… lol clip 2:19  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Interesting: Nice use musically, of a long pipe. clip 1 min  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Bet this critter makes you smile nicely. Sure loves to jump fast clip 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Now this is a planter I need to get for someone… very cool clip 47 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Smile of the day: How can you not smile looking at this dog?  (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Favorite Animals loving water clips  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Most interesting cat stance to drink water 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Just interesting: Look at this squid. Seems to enjoy a little cuddling  CLICK HERE

Ouch – Men can feel the pain. The singing made it funny. Fast clip 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Sometimes just a little thinking goes a long way. 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cat hates her owner singing. Attacks over and over… But seriously, funny at first, but is the cat mental, or is the owner for doing it? 57 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Favorite on air come back on men vs women. 25 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Kids will be kids, the crowd encourages him. He scores. fast clip 32 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: Glitch in the matrix…  I bet he got slapped after this… lol   CLICK HERE
  • Quarantine Fun: Guy has a lot of time. Turned himself into an animated stencil  CLICK HERE

Humor: Still our all time favorite ‘I screwed up clip’ Just look at his face. Gets funnier the 2nd time you see.  CLICK HERE

  • Definitely not Bruce Lee. Fast 20 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Just interesting: Only in Florida. A man and his gator 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Fast gif – of the cutest puppy. Black head with White puppy. I never saw color like this on a dog.    CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Go ahead, block the cross walk.  People these days don’t give a damn.  Walkers too – Bravo actually. Maybe.   CLICK HERE
  • Funny: Interesting huge page of all things Cow.   No lie – Some really funny stuff too, others cute – at Reddit CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Reader’s Quarantine Hide and Seek.  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Just a photo of an Indian Flying Fox with pup.  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: Bike fails. First one hurts just watching… many clips  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Asian humor show – they can do more than we can… pretty vicious 10 secs multiple victims  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile: Bird ride… 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: Don’t drink and do cartwheels. Yeah, it didn’t end well 4 secs  CLICK HERE

Political Humor: Mini-AOC: Do you think Joe Biden looks in the mirror every morning and wonders whose hair is on his head? fast clip 2:19  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: There’s always one…. Fast clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You know that trick where you fake magic to soak your victim with a water bottle. Dad knows… 32 secs  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Waiter trick that always gets a laugh. Victim’s response is golden…  CLICK HERE

  • OUCH: Almost Funny – Until it hurt like that. Dumb move clip 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: She’s going to fall, evacuate, evacuate…. clip 3 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Condors visit – they want to eat the poodle  CLICK HERE

Humor: Favorite aborted jump. He never expected that. I would be laughing hard if i were there clip 8 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: I’m not looking clips. Animals have a way… fast clip of clips  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: dog is the peacemaker. fast clip 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: why we love dogs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Some in Quarantine create some wacky things. Here is one…  CLICK HERE
  • Bringing everyone to family dinner. Some not too happy.  gifCLICK HERE

Busted… I miss you, I miss you too. (Sure lol) Fast clip 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Quick Smile: This guy loves doing these 3D works on the ground  CLICK HERE
  • Cute – Humor: Animal actors – clip of many clips  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: The different types of people at the gym represented by dogs. So damn true 20 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Well, if they are going to riot, better like this, no? Sure the cop prefers it to a gun  CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a video – and there is only a link on any of the below clips, that means source removed it or account was cancelled.  Please email us at editor@whatfinger.com  and tell us the full title,  we’ll delete it.  Thank you  🙂

  • Quick Smile: This HUGE guy goes in the pool like a boss. Doesn’t care  CLICK HERE
  • Sports Fails: Multiple clips in this fast clip 48 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Still the funniest looking way an animal drinks water. It’s the leg…  just looks funny.  CLICK HERE

What the hell is this guy doing in public? Imagine being in the gym and seeing this. Makes me laugh  CLICK HERE

  • He cuts down a tree on vid, without figuring out where tree will go. House not doing well.  CLICK HERE
  • Not Funny – OUCH for sure. I feel sorry for this guy.  CLICK HERE
  • Funniest dismount of the week. Rear up, head…. well lol. Had to hurt fast clip 4 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting science experiments you can do at home CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: Another guy and failed dive on video  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Be Kind Always. You never know. I like this guy…  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Gym Fails. A few ouches  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dogs and stairs. Many clips… 1 min  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: She should learn how to use a machine before things like this happen fast gif  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This cats confusion is interesting to watch. Fast gif –  CLICK HERE
  • Wheelchair attachment I know a few people would love. Looks like fun huh …  fast gif  CLICK HERE

  • She is like a machine...  lol  Fast gif  CLICK HERE

Terrorists sure are stupid. Here are some almost killing one of their fellow Antifa goons.  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Rock Climbing Pong Game. Cool idea  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Hand carving a Land Cruiser from a block of wood.  CLICK HERE

  • Damn good ideas and tips for the house. 59 secs   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Not humor, just some nice talent. 2:14  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Quarantine dance… lol not bad fast clip 39 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: The kid is talented 36 secs  CLICK HERE

Interesting: BRAVO – How the hell did he do it. Anything is possible huh 52 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: You ever see a bird play with a ball like this? 39 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Guy invented a special feeder for his cat  CLICK HERE
  • Humor- Cute Overload – Making the perfect pizza.  CLICK HERE
  • Hamster has talent – watch how fast he jumps over buddy  CLICK HERE
  • Fast gif – protesters take down a drone with lasers.  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Lots of time in quarantine… this guy made an interesting thing that had to take forever.  CLICK HERE
  • Say What? This instructor is literally beating them, no? clip 28 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: If you are that big you should know by now to not try these stunts. You can see disaster coming…  CLICK HERE

  • Need a quick laugh: Many fast clips. A few got me there. 31 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Spanish lady about to try a sexy dance until her dog decides to bite her where it hurts 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cute Over-load -Dog is super smart and getting ready for bed…  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Interesting ‘art’ for sure.  CLICK HERE

  • People – lol – Hey John, film me while I jump off this cliff…  Why would he do this?  Looks like he got hurt too.   14 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Made me laugh: He isn’t a fan of a slow feed bowl – fast gif  CLICK HERE
  • These two cars (Photo) at Reddit  CLICK HERE

He messed with a little horse and feels the pain to laughter of all there. Right where it hurts . clip 23 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor – My all time favorite trip and recovery clip 14 secs. I laugh each time I see it.  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Human, not letting go. Took too long to catch it, never letting it go, stop, don’t annoy me, stop…  CLICK HERE
  • Humor or horror (for this poor kid) Parent of the year? lol This is torture on a kid, but I still laughed since it is digital, an app to scare. Scares this kid for real.  CLICK HERE

Fishermen surprised…  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: DAMN – now this is playing with fire. fast clip 59 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Monkey Party Time. They make you smile, no? – fast clip 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor maybe interesting for sureGive this lady a hand. She beat the hell out of a man who was beating on some dude. She has some skills 26 secs  CLICK HERE
  • WATCH: Germans organized a drive-in rave while maintaining social distancing 51 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Robot waiters on the way. Not bad…  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Phoenix fish – you ever see one? Fast clip 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: He should have waited for the next train 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • OUCH: Go Ahead, taunt me human…  CLICK HERE

Cute Overload Quick Smile for sure – Dog loves to drink and jump… cute 9 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Laugh: Many clips of quarantine workouts gone terribly wrong  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch – He has skills but accidents do happen, this one a double knock out of a couple 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Don’t try anything while drunk. You just make a fool out of yourself, like her 6 secs  CLICK HERE

  • OUCH: Showing off leads to more injuries than almost every other stupidity  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Too many people. Drunks on a boat –  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: This experiment on how fast a virus can spread looks pretty accurate 35 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Bored lady at ATM makes a fool of herself  CLICK HERE
  • Get off the sled human, watch how I do it  CLICK HERE
  • Cute Overload – ‘I’ll just rest my head here’  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Some cool ideas to do at home. Fast clip 54 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Bottom cat is enjoying this one...  gif  CLICK HERE

  • Animals attacking… some very funny.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Show off for the camera and plop 7 secs   CLICK HERE
  • Humor found anywhere19 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Anthony Hopkins: Clarice, this is fine music. Food is quite tasty with it  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Human, I told you to wipe your rear, I’m going to hurl… 22 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Controlled burning of Pollen at a park – strangely satisfying to watch  CLICK HERE

  • Mom told him to not touch the food. Look at ids face when he realizes he was being recorded. CLICK HERE
  • ‘Nice chihuahua… nice, little dog, nice... ‘I told you I’m not a chihuahua’. You didn’t expect that huh. Made me laugh  CLICK HERE
  • Impressive street art to make a manhole look good. CLICK HERE
  • Photo: This face just makes you buy a lot of goodies and toys, does it not? CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – Cute…  17 secsCLICK HERE
  • Funny Frog: Quick Smile: Frog doesn’t want this bug. Shoves him off at end  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Yards are connected so why not in this quarantine age 12 secs  CLICK HERE

  • The Quarantine boredom is real. Kid made me laugh 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Another young thing trying to look sexy on video… and then… 37 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘Get in your cage, dog’ Says the cat. ‘No’ … ok we need a little Jedi trick.  Cute.  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: To cut his nails, this owner goes all out. Never saw anyone do this…  CLICK HERE
  • Next Level Bottle Up Quarantine Challenge: Hey, we all waste time somehow. She has some control, huh! CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: He saw the odds, retreated, then came back with a nice kick. 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Lady tries to make a sexy dance video, but dog on right is the one getting busy… clip  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: one lucky duck… looked like it was over when shark swallowed her and then…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: When a monkey has an itchy rear end, what else to do but wipe it with a small monkey. 4 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: He saw the odds, retreated, then came back with a nice kick. 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cutest and funniest puppy struggle yet possibly fast clip 14 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Fool thought he could use Captain America’s shield like a real one… and repel fireworks. You know what happens… fast gif  CLICK HERE

Humor-Satire: The Funniest Leaked Security Camera Fails  CLICK HERE

  • God’s fireworks…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Dad gets the save....  nice catch.  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Don’t have a funnel for your car? No worries…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Ever see these mix like this… Aluminum and Mercury 45 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Sand Viper getting ready to pounce  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Cat wants her turn… so cute  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Wedding Bouquet – fails. Many fast clips.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: My girlfriend looks like this in the morning. I laugh every day. fast clip  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Something to try…  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch – some funny though. Made me laugh – but these folks all hurt themselves, on vid  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Cooking short cuts and tips that make me hungry fast clip 2:20  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Human this is my piss spot. Sorry but… 20 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: She makes faces at a drone not watching what is behind her and… plop 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Fast Clip 6 secs: Thief stopped by a citizen with a wicked kick  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Not me human, I’m licking my paw… fast clip 22 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cute Over-Load: Kid sneaks in to garage to hug a dog.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:  The plop is funny. Fast clip 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Birds like to ski fast clip 42 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This baby has a reaction that is just cool…  CLICK HERE
  • Home Office Mess Up On Live TV: Oops! Did not expect that. Best one of the quarantine, maybe. Language Warning – 16 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dog gets into the beat  CLICK HERE

Reporters Get Owned! SUPERCUT  CLICK HERE

  • Quarantine Boredom made this – pretty nutty 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: An addition to a classic. One has no issues with shapes. lol 40 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: The Look of Utter Betrayal  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Move aside human, we’re swimming here. 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Holy Crap –An inch from death. So close.  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Fred, you hold on tight so I can jump over you. Don’t worry… (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: How to catch worms. Why this works they say it is because it sounds like rain. No idea.  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Reddit Clip – It’s so Tasty!!  37 secs – something funny about how this critter eats.   CLICK HERE

Hilarious Meme thread over at Corvette Forum (Posting this in center as well) –  CLICK HERE

  • I always use my teeth, but this works too. Neat  CLICK HERE
  • Cheers in the age of the Chinese Coronavirus… lol clip 22 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: look at the dog’s face, almost a real WTF… fast clip  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: You ever see a bat swim? 15 sec clip –  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Interesting: Age is just a number  CLICK HERE

Donald Trump on China: Listen you motherf*ckers, we’re gonna tax you 25 percent 38 sec clip – LOVE IT.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This dog can jump, look at that tail. 3 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Meanwhile on the company’s video conference… CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Listen to the scream, as the critter comes out … lol 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Innocent video looks a bit weird… by accident you can tell.  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Ever see a bird slap the hell out of another bird with a wing… now you have – Bruce Lee The Bird  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: This one can catch a fish with his thumb… cool 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This dog can jump, look at that tail. 3 secs  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile – especially for him… Some Quarantines are clearly superior to others. 28 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Is that fool behind me making believe he’s a ghost again? I told him he was on my last nerve  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Working from home done right  (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • An Argus Pheasant doing his thing, getting rejected, so far by the lady. Impressive display though  CLICK HERE

Damn Good – There is so much power here Andrea Bocelli sings Amazing Grace standing alone in front of the Duomo in Milan…  (Posting this in center)  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Why 94% of accidents that happen at construction sites – someone not thinking. fast clip 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Ever see rolling waves of Asperitas clouds…. real cool.  CLICK HERE
  • Yuck: This is normal in the South African Parliament.  Communists are such pigs. CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Stuck in quarantine – Sexy girl making a video, didn’t think of the door… 4 secs ouch  CLICK HERE
  • In Quarantine, everyone is experimenting with the vid – these guys amused themselves and ‘Pass it around’  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Kid works the robot in quarantine  CLICK HERE
  • She said don’t try this at home if you don’t know what you’re doing…. And?  CLICK HERE
  • James Woods’ favorite weirdo on the net: Weirdo Of The Month still at it… At least he is keeping busy in quarantine…  CLICK HERE

Human, don’t stop, keep going…  fast gif  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile then? First its funny, then yuck, then abuse… what the hell 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Moron Alert – what is in these people’s minds that they have to kick something. Usually above a head? 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • 8 lives – It is Super-Cat. Able to climb up a building, fall many floors and just run away. Never saw this… 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You ever see such a great fake-out by a cat to a dog? Impressive with an incredible jump 4 sec clip  CLICK HERE

James Woods – FLASHBACK – Twenty of the greatest minutes in the history of television  CLICK HERE

  • Ouch… watch where you’re going – you can feel this guys pain 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • This show-off almost lost his life. What is wrong with you people? Almost lost his head  CLICK HERE
  • Virus times – some fun – Lady pranks garbage men picking up the trash. Why not… they laughed. 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Way too fast for donut eating cops… this one can go… clip 23 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cool cat: he’s trying to convince him to play  (reddit vid clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – Prank gone seriously wrong, made me laugh but ouch for the man 44 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Bird and dog, with some animation that makes sense.  cute.  gif  CLICK HERE

  • Day 15 of quarantine. Everyone has time… lol 56 secs  CLICK HERE
  • He lost it – Humor: Someone hates kids? Made me laugh, deserves it all… Obviously fired or about to be  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: What is going on in here… Hey Francis, that’s my butt… 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • She thought no one was watching. Someone ALWAYS is now. Why do this in public?  Put to music – 15 secs CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Lots of dumb mistakes and ouch… 1:43  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:Human: I said walk me, you’re always playing with your videos… here, have a present… clip 18 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quarantine Dummy of the day – everyone has too much time. 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Baby hugs a stranger with same deformity  CLICK HERE

  • Satisfying random clips. Some just make you stare  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – some ouches – fail compilation – many clips many ouches 1:28  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: When Mom is not home fast 15 secs clip made me laugh  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – Newlyweds – not your average wedding… huh.  lol  Fast clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Video at Reddit – Out-of-work British rugby commentator Nick Heath commentates on everyday life  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Striped cuckoo chicks bear a remarkable resemblance to pinecones which is used as a means of trickery to fool predators  (Photo)   CLICK HERE
  • Cool – 8 hours old – New foal born on our farm today! She’s only 8 hours old in this pic.  CLICK HERE

  • Ouch: Almost an explosion of force, not to this guys liking as he tries to water-ski with no equipment 4 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dummy tries to slit tire, did not like the result… fast gif 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile or Laugh – I laughed. So the reporter is reporting on camera and two dogs, screwing , walk in the background making all laugh… 21 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: I laughed, did this with my son…  so much fun. Hiding your eating from a kid… kid reactions are golden… 30 secs  CLICK HERE

Quarantine Amusement Level 100 – When in quarantine you have a lot of time. And I do mean A LOT of time so… why not… 42 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Quarantine Fun – yeah we all have way too much time on our hands, let’s enjoy it… lol 30 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: Almost an explosion of force, not to this guys liking as he tries to water-ski with no equipment 4 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dummy tries to slit tire, did not like the result… fast gif 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile or Laugh – I laughed. So the reporter is reporting on camera and two dogs, screwing , walk in the background making all laugh… 21 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: I laughed, did this with my son…  so much fun. Hiding your eating from a kid… kid reactions are golden… 30 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Holy Crap – Earthquake in Croatia – here’s a camera view – someone just missed dying on this today –  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – made me laugh but LANGUAGE WARNING – A Gif by Quentin Tarantino  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Why Social Distancing is so important at the moment – Excellent simulation CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – Interesting: Quick Smile – Amusing yourself in quarantine… sound on… 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: Can’t touch this… dog doesn’t like his paws touched. To music… 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Another dope – you know the disaster is about to hit… clip 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Humor – Many clips of people not having a good day, A few ouches  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – MEME: Everybody is Kung Flu Fighting! Trump vs. Virus… Sweet 1:30 clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Toilet Paper Rush – Sound effects made me laugh… fast clip 36 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Dummy went to the bathroom and forgot to turn off his mic… hilarity on camera… 1:32  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Our planet is beautiful – the view from the International Space Station. fast clip 1 min  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting-Humor: Lazy dog and owner playing… the lazy way. 38 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting look how well trained these dogs are… dang clip 1:24  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – Idiots abusing animals – instant karma… clip 59 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: James Woods – Real – but humor. Sick – Dems run cities – this is what happens 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Comic Terrence Williams had me laughing – as he cries in this vid. He just wants some chicken… lol  CLICK HERE
  • Holy crap – Europeans take Soccer (football) so seriously … lol Watch as one watching a game flips out.  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Makes me hungry – WOW- You and I have been making an egg sandwich all wrong. I’m doing it like this. clip 30 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: When you hate your job… fast clip 11 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This is real – which makes it more funny. Man just wants to go home…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: OMG – Kid takes a crap in the aisle like nothing… 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Super gadget idea – great product I want –  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – Corona scared has reached next level – funny and sad at the same time 12 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting – Screenshot: To help women. You all notice that no matter the nation, the left’s protests litter and destroy – wheres right wing or conservative protests clean up after themselves and keep order?   CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Some should not go on a motorcycle. Ouch Clip 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Moron alert – you know it is a disaster before it starts 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ever see a toothpick Packing machine? Fast gif – CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Best clip describing China by a Hong Kong citizen… very fast, and true… 3 secs –  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This Hurts to watch – but it is funny. Men cringe of course. Ouch 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cute Overload: Best Pals. Bird knows how to cuddle , how adorable…  fast clip 16 secs CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Lizzy, your food smells like crap. Hey, you smell like crap. clip 28 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Yeah the black one… People are really slowing up 12 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:  Another drunk thinks he looks cool, and hurts himself… 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Bird loves the beat 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Sure – do this stupidity by a road. Almost die. Celebrate like a fool… People never learn 28 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting – You have NEVER seen it done like this – Engineering level 100  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Frank, I swear I was looking at the wall, not your tail. Forget last time… I love you.  CLICK HERE
  • Some excellent tips here -Interesting: Damn good tips for cooking – Using them…  CLICK HERE

  • So, you want to smoke weed at the party… Dang these people are crazy… 53 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Aluminum Foil is cat kryptonite  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: No worries humans, I just need to get out of the sun.. I won’t kill you.  Do you have any water or some small animals I can snack on?   (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Feeding a turtle – but there’s always a bigger fish  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Carpe Donktum – Humor – I can see Elizabeth Warren is taking the collapse of her campaign well. lol 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Drunk and stupid with your rear end hanging out is no way to go surfing, dude…  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Wait for it for sure, this man has talent. I’d get one…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Guy gets some instant karma after he makes a running kid fall.  Kid hits him where it hurts. 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – but ouch – Showoff slips and turns into bowling in the water…. ouch 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Favorite Shocked Cat Look.  ‘I’ve Seen things’ (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: From this point forward, I pronounce you as Sir Kitty… You may rise…  Meow (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Political Humor – This is Matt Gaetz on the floor in Congress wearing  a gas mask.  Is Eric Swalwell near and doing his farting thing?  lol  (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This is one excited doggie ‘so glad you’re home’  CLICK HERE
  • Next Level of Swimming competitions. (lol)  Reddit vid – CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Cat sniffing inside can of Pringles. Close up you never saw. (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • James Woods Humor – James Woods: The great @drspago does it again. The $700M Dollar Bean Bag Toss!  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Damn this is cool. I want one for kiddies… fan creates 3D holograms  32 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Maybe not – Dope – Don’t tease animals that can kill you… (13 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile -Cute Over-Load – ‘What’s up human,  let me in this?’  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Ever see a A white-browed tit-warbler (bird)? Photo – Some colors – CLICK HERE
  • We all want  love like this cat loves her human… Look at that face.  (gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: The Slap King – You ever see a cat slap so well? His doggy buddy gets it… 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Muhammed Ali Cat. Past life he was a boxer, what do you think… clip 19 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Favorite KissCam clips – these people are nuts… lol 1:02 clip  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: OK – made me laugh, Oprah’s fall… lol Fast clip 24 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hi Trainman, love the great shoveling I did, take care… Ooof fast 5 sec gif  CLICK HERE
  • Dummy: Ooops – She thought she was feeding the birds… look what she threw instead of bread. Duh 5 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Dog says ‘Look at this clown’  (Look at dog’s face)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dog – What is this crap… I’ll eat the food, you play with the cups  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cops at play. Happy Saturday 1 min of fun  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I laughed – the finds laughing made me laugh – Guy slides into water from stairs…  CLICK HERE
  • Just interesting: Snowboarding in a winter wonderland  (fast gif)   CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Don’t think you should ever play this guy in pool for money. Holy cow… 55 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You know you’re having a bad day when you fight with a barrier, and lose. lol clip 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor – Why the hell did this guy set his own bald head on fire at the barbershop? I don’t get it.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick gif – ‘You shall not pass’ – nasty boss lizard  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile (made me laugh) Wait for the dramatic face….  damn funny  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Video of Moon’s shadow during an eclipse.  CLICK HERE

  • This kid is trained well, don’t mess with him… (Fast gif)    CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: A Patriot who died long ago. ‘On this spot’…   At link click to expand to read  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Touch that cute nose, human.  Again…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This crew doesn’t mix well with alcohol. Funny to watch them though, like lab animals. 6 secs  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Made me laugh -Dumbest criminal of the week. Knocks out fellow criminal, not knowing, then himself.  With a brick, it looks like. 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Another show off, does a recovery fast in front of hundreds… but this hurt, his recovery makes it funny. … 4 secs   CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Man has talent. I’d buy it. Just fantastic – from one piece of wood too. … clip 59 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hey, watch what you’re doing…(Fast gif)   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Not the smartest, huh – she’s done…. lol 11 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Say What? Why? Gotta get that funeral shot for the gram. (Photo)   CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Prank – man is deathly afraid of snakes, so… 13 secs of panic  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cat sets dog up – they can be such idiots – but funny.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Big man stuck in car, burger offered to get him out… 16 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Watch me jump this ditch…. showoff, you know what happens… 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: There’s always that one kid  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dog is not having any veggies (fast gif)  he turns his head – no…. cute  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile (From Reddit) – gif – Wonder Dog breaks world record by catching 83 yard frisbee toss  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Ever see a lake under the sea? (gif)  CLICK HERE    – – see full video that is quite interesting  CLICK HERE
  • Bear saves crow from drowning  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Dummy of the day: Forget the yelling (It sounds like Russian anyway) , look at moron in the background trying to put pants on his head the whole time… 2 min clip  CLICK HERE

  • Busted! Folks, assume you are always on video if in public, because you most likely now are. Watch this criminal…   (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • (Photo) Guess they could have put up a sign saying Beware,  Do Not Enter.  lol   CLICK HERE
  • Mini AOC: Bernie won Nevada and then celebrated by playing penny slots! OMG! I’m super excited we’re nominating a Socialist!  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: I’d give him a 10 for laughter… 8 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Ouch – Ooh – another show-off. You know what happens… ouch 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I’d give him a 10 for laughter… 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Teacher of the century! He remembers their unique handshakes 1 min clip  CLICK HERE
  • Meme:  Trump Loved this – retweeted it today 2/22 for everyone to see – To celebrate Trump’s visit to India I wanted to make a video to show how in my warped mind it will go……  CLICK HERE

  • Ever see a light with a magnetic switch? Cool one – (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Pigeon uses water fountain, waits for human too… 33 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Lion couple cleaning their snack. Nature … (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Ever see a bird that can scare people away? This one can bark… 31 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Idiots – Sorry but before the video starts you know the script. DUMB… and OUCH  CLICK HERE
  • Cute – You ever see one of these critters jump? This one is impressive… 21 secs, look at his landing too…  CLICK HERE

  • OK – DO NOT WATCH THIS if you don’t want to get upset. So messed up. Dan Bongino retweeted it, by an Australian Mom and the impact of bullying. This poor 9 year old, damn this is upsetting.   2:37 clip  – Seriously, made a few people I know cry. You just feel for this kid.    CLICK HERE  THIS IS NOT HUMOR   >>>>>>> – –Follow up videos – don’t know what to think of these.  Vidmax: Quaden Bayles, The Crying Kid With Dwarfism Sure Does Like The N Word  CLICK HERE      and Vidmax:  Is The ‘Child’ Suffering From Dwarfism, Crying In The Video, A Scam Artist?   CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Pro climber uses a ‘Knee-Bar’ to bring blood back to his forearms.  CLICK HERE
  • Racism? Maybe she just wants to be on his video.  Or maybe she likes him?  Thieves don’t roam around taking videos, at least i never heard one doing that.  lol  Fast gif  CLICK HERE
  • Photo: Sometimes my phone takes good photos  (not me, the poster)   CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Disabled dog learns to walk…  (Gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting True Story: You’re NOT dead until you warm up…  wow – (Screenshot) CLICK HERE      >>> and for those that love details  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Just a great big brother  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile (Photo) – Imagine waking up to this awesome scene on your porch (Alaska – where nature comes to you)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This is the norm in large parts of China now. Sad.. 14 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Escort by bird (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: German Wheel practice – turns humans into hamsters, no? That’s what I think about when I see this.  lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Just a boop, or horse attack?  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: I have to do that again. Weeeeee … 28 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Work harder, not smarter…. lol 26 secs  CLICK HERE

Interesting: It survives too… You never saw this…camera falls from a plane  clip 1:10  CLICK HERE

  • Mini AOC:  I’ve made a lot of bloopers since I’ve been in Congress but my Green New Deal is the best idea for America  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Fastest bowling strike ever at 140MPH …. lol  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Sword Dance, not the person to ever get in a fight with.  –  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Breaking the surface tension of water.  Science can be cool  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Classic – but we voted and James Woods just reposted it: Most deserving beat down award: James Woods says ‘ Sit your punk as* down (clip 25 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cat is trained well… last trick, never thought it would do. 23 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Cheer: Sit your punk ass down… (James Woods’ quote for  this fast 25 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Human, I told you nothing on these shelves.  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Dog is worried  his buddy isn’t moving. (he was anesthetized)  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Two kinds of dogs in the world. The playful and the ‘judgemental’ lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Three Cheers to these men – They saved it.  (fast gif) CLICK HERE

Carpe Donktum: Happy Birthday to Mike Bloomberg – Carpe Donktum has a meme lol 1 min  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Holy Cow -Bet you never saw dogs jump like this… success too…clip 5 secs   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: So that’s how they get that natural boobs look that men love… clip 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Kirk, a female Border Collie, watching herself win the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge. (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE

Cute Lizard waves back… a classic, at least since I first saw it  CLICK HERE

  • Cute Overload: Watch this kid learn it is him in the mirror. 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I think that might have hurt slightly 🤣 I tried this once, wasn’t this bad…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: I can be cool, watch me slide down the hill in my dress… 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Inline freestyle champ – seems as easy as walking to her  (Gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Oh, to be a journalist (Screesnshot)  CLICK HERE
  • Comic Terrence Williams laughs hard: I HAVE HEARD IT ALL! WOW 😂 Mike Bloomberg will pay people $150 to say nice stuff about him  CLICK HERE
  • Turtle races with lady bug...   9 secs – just interesting  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Mike Bloomberg gets the White Supremacist vote thanks to this just released audio – lol  CLICK HERE

  • Flash, dog version  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Bird migration pattern – nature… just amazing…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Fast gif (5 secs) of pointer pups instinctively freezing and pointing.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: The long suffering wife 😠😂  CLICK HERE
  • Cute: Human, I told you this belongs on the top shelf. Sheeesh… I’ll put it there 51 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You know someone who can hurt themselves staying still? Here… 6 sec clip  CLICK HERE

Humor: Has anyone seen the new Mike Bloomberg ad? Very powerful. lol  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘Take a quick photo with my head between the horses legs.’ Not a happy result… for us…lol … 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cool idea – Robot lets you play with your dog when you’re not home… nice… gives snacks too. 35 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Dumb – one dude tries to kick a ‘friend’ into a pool, misses, instant karma… made me laugh – 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Falls like this make me laugh. Even if they get hurt… like… fast 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Random Insanity –  I think its more random insanity. Guy showering in the middle of street, hit by car, what? 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Let me show you a dance (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • When you see a bird do this, what would you think? 1/ He was looking under the door.  2/ He lost his bird mind or 3/ he had an itch…  or 4 who the hell knows. Just nuts  CLICK HERE
  • Anyone under 40 remember this? That frog…  Clip  12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • A Psycho had to make this poster. Or a comic, one of them, What do you think? CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smiles: This is a problem in some third world nations, Monkey thief… 19 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hey human, don’t stop, do this… please 10 secs  CLICK HERE

Sick Joke: Digital Walkway with sound… Creator of this wanted to be able to scare the crap out of people. It works. I hate heights and would freak… 30 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Feel Good: Bet this makes you feel good – Very Cool idea… This is just beautiful, definitely feel good. 56 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Not sure why this makes me laugh. Oh, now I know… lol Silly but… 14 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Damn annoying sound. Imagine raising these things?  -Hairy and weird critter that you never want to hear again… 15 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor :Mission Impossible… this dog intends to take that bone… lol  CLICK HERE

IOTW Report Images  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Having a very bad day. Maybe she should chill out and sit… lol 10 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Unintended Consequences for sure – Watch me kick this post. (Shock result) ‘Let’s get out of here’ lol 44 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Instant Karma – Dumb Criminals Stealing a whole ATM – and criminal doesn’t get out of the way… shame … 6 sec clip  CLICK HERE

Dianny – Patriot Retort’s Image Gallery  CLICK HERE

  • Messed up: Humor? Not if you know what’s going on, yet this is on many humor sites and also animal attack sites. … Man kicked close to pissed off Cheetah… all for kicks by his master, which pisses me off to see. You can tell his master does this sort of thing often, life means nothing to this crew.  CLICK HERE
  • Instant IQ Test  (3 Sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dumped – Best break up scene? Definitely for scenery, no?  lol  (fast 12 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: This blew me away, I have to try a few…  Bet you too..   (Quick clip 1:37)  CLICK HERE
  • Awesome idea to lock any door. Portable in your pocket or purse too or suitcase – I need this… (Gif)   CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Agent marvelous Marvin must make it through this kitchen filled with dangerous but sleeping dogs…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: The Head Stabilization of an American Kestrel  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: They were taught to wipe their feet.  CLICK HERE
  • Low Budget Film Making – Fast gif  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Meet the world’s deadliest cat. (looks so innocent)  gif – CLICK HERE
  • BRUTAL: Charlize Theron is absolutely savage.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile, because we know him, a true patriot and comic – Look who Trump invited to sit at his table… Go Terrence! 23 secs  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Watch me human, I sled by myself… This is how it’s done… 15 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Cute Overload – Quick smile:  Dog’s tongue gets stuck in wiggle mode. 11 secs  CLICK HERE

  • DUDE – you ever see a car started like this? CLICK HERE

Humor: Road rage in Canada. They are this nice…lol 12 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Having a bad day… We’ve all had them. This hurt… 23 secs  CLICK HERE
  • It gets worse for her as you watch. I know she got hurt, still, it’s funny since you can see disaster coming. She should know better.  fast clip 15 secs  CLICK HERE

  • NY Post: Super Bowl 2020: Commercials to watch for and full broadcast schedule  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting Clip: Best Wheelchair anyone would want. Like a personal transport –  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Mini AOC: Her Mom says its not nice to be a tattletale, so she’s now a whistle-blower… 3 reasons to protect the whistle-blower  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Humor: This guy has a death wish or what? Only a matter of time… 17 secs – but this is funny knowing that one day he is going to be hurt, and will deserve it… You can’t mess with testosterone pumped body-builders like this forever before you meet one who got up on the wrong side of the bed and into hitting anyone that assaults him.  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Trick you can do with money – make them all smile (7 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Sci-Tech: How we make runners faster. The Science, the Math…  (clip 3:12) CLICK HERE

  • Interesting – Historical – The moment Britain became Independent Again: Watch the cheers.  Deep State loses one, and with impeachment attempt 3 dead, we keep America free too.  1:34 clip  CLICK HERE
  • Kids Today: What’s the big deal about taking out the garbage. Back in a flash…  CLICK HERE
  • Impressive line of Russian soldiers.  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Most innovative and space saving  bunk bed turned into sofa you ever saw. CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: That looks easy Bernice… let’s do it. (famous last words) 11 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You don’t need bait to fish. Watch an expert… 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Holy Crap: Humor: Biking with a friend, and along comes a snake… panic begins… 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: The cat that shamed his race. Fast humor clip.  Hope none of it’s friends seen this, as this cat faces a real rat bully.  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: Chivalry isn’t dead… lol 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: Show-Offs – you know what happens… This one not so bad 30 secs CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: He’s a little drunk and think he’s one of those crazy things in the streets 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting, Skilled – He was the star of his youth… now still has the moves…  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile, or laugh: Dumb criminal accidentally throws brick at head of fellow criminal, KO…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Jane, these damn drops are no good, …oh wait.. (gif) CLICK HERE

Quick Smile (Made Me laugh by the second slap) -How to NOT act with a bouncer, especially so skinny… Knocked out with a slap – lol  CLICK HERE

  • OMG Cute overload – kitty moves, just adorable  Gif  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: The cat that shamed his race. Fast humor clip.  Hope none of it’s friends seen this, as this cat faces a real rat bully.  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: Chivalry isn’t dead… lol 12 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Ouch: Show-Offs – you know what happens… This one not so bad 30 secs CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: He’s a little drunk and think he’s one of those crazy things in the streets 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting, Skilled – He was the star of his youth… now still has the moves…  (gif)  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile, or laugh: Dumb criminal accidentally throws brick at head of fellow criminal, KO…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Jane, these damn drops are no good, …oh wait.. (gif) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile (Made Me laugh by the second slap) -How to NOT act with a bouncer, especially so skinny… Knocked out with a slap – lol  CLICK HERE
  • OMG Cute overload – kitty moves, just adorable  Gif  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Human, too much walking on this walk, how about I ride?  (Gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: His signature move, doggie rolls with blanket.  ‘ I’m a burrito’  Cute  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Why in the world would you ever do this? Adventure I guess. Look at his legs wobble. So he paid to get scared to death. Makes sense. fast gif –   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile during disaster: Earthquake… Must save the beer… Failed, a dark day indeed… 37 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Infectious laugh – how do you not smile in the least. 25 secs of joy…  CLICK HERE
  • Say What? Could someone get killed by Watermelon? It looks like its possible if you put enough rubber bands on them, as they can explode…  (3 secs)  CLICK HERE

They hate you. They hate your families. I would rather it not be the case but there is no other way to accurately describe this Low life folks  at CNN showing us what they are. Yes it is in humor because CNN is a joke, a fake news channel as Trump calls them.  > Posting this in center as well. Maybe broadcast to the world to show them what these people are. Fast 1:16   CLICK HERE   

  • All time favorite save of a suicide about to happen… Ninja style. 50 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Idiot or suicide? What do you think? Or on drugs maybe? 16 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: The man always wanted his dog near him, I understand…  (Photo and caption)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: We don’t like you being different Frank…  what is this ‘fashion’?  CLICK HERE
  • Cute Overload – We dare you to try and not smile. Baby is adorable… 8 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile:‘Get lost appliance, I have some pussy to smack around…’ (clip 6 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting Hero: Middle East Super-cop to the rescue, defuses hostage situation (clip 20 secs)  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: You ever see a pigeon dance? My first… (clip 16 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This hamster can make almost anyone smile or laugh – never saw one do this… (clip 5 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh. I laughed – Clip of the day so far – Another show off gets it. Drunk… Dumb like too. That makes it funny. Twice, buds laugh hysterically 28 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dude… showing off while drunk is not a way to go through life… lol Ouch too. 7 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: You ever see a Giraffe drink water? Quite a sight.  – fast clip 20 secsCLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You miss Chuck Schumer? talks to invisible man at impeachment hearing… mixed in with Ghostbusters clip, makes sense… lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You ever see such a long-delayed slap by a cat? 23 secsCLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: They see me rolling… Dog is a legend  in the neighborhood 37 secs  CLICK HERE 
  • Accidents happen6 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dog impressing a friend… ‘Look at me dance’… 15 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: I love Instant Karma. Stop messing with people… I wish I was there to laugh at her. 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Skinny dude showing off with weights, always a disaster… 6 secs – lol CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or laugh: A few people there laughed hard. You’ve seen cats get their heads stuck, watch this dummy do worse… Guess not so cool… 20 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile or laugh: Ooh , let me see how strong this flashlight is. Duh… lol 17 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Longest Dog Conga Line – Guinness World Records (They have these awards for EVERYTHING it seems)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cat is a secret Ninja, no? Hears a sound behind him and… 17 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Ever see a Waterfall illuminated by the sun 🌞 ? Looks like firefall… 33 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Impressive and inventive effects… fast clip 1 min  CLICK HERE

Humor: ‘I Got the moves…. OUCH, I meant to do that… 16 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Dumb… if you have a stun gun you don’t test it on yourself…  Dumb  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Fahaka puffer feeding – fish doesn’t play huh – (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: ‘Pardon me kid, let me on that thing…  lol Cute-Overload for sure – I bet you agree…. 9 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting PHOTO A Couple in VA ready to fight for freedom if needed.  One day, if Sanders or another communist takes the WH and they try gun confiscation – they and millions of others (myself included) march, and destroy the left from shore to shore…. but for now, the couple’s date for the day was at the rally in VA… lol    CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Striped Eel catfish join together to scare off predators while others eat…  They take turns doing this so their buddies can eat – creating a scary and large creature that scares predators away. (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Cheese sculpture and animation.  Looks tasty.  Love cheese…  (Fast gif) CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: That moment: We’ve all experienced that perfect moment where it all worked out,  congrats…  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

Happy Anniversary to President Trump and America. 3 years ago today he was sworn in – and this took place –  lol  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Haha skills this lad 🔥 🔥 – you never know what people can do… 11 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Not Funny – but serious question for readers – Can a cat commit murder? You can see how, luckily he’s ok… but I wonder how many ever? 6 secs  CLICK HERE   –  if anyone has examples of death by cat let us know..

Quick Smile: Yeah…Criminals are this stupid… 911 call. 30 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘Lovely a free bike’  – criminals rob one while an arrest is being made. They guessed the criminal doesn’t need the bike?  lol – Friggin people…   16 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Top 10 SNL Sketches of the Last Decade  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Stare and look – change the direction of the train just thinking it… it works… CLICK HERE
  • Feel Good: There’s a very important message in here 💙  Animation – fast – CLICK HERE

Quick Smile: Why we love dogs lol this one is a beer buddy… 42 secs – well trained…  CLICK HERE

  • Mini-AOC: A lot of people think I’m the real AOC because we look & sound alike & we both say silly things. … 2:20  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – or laugh at this poor man’s misfortune. He is having a very bad day.  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: The gentleman’s sport 😂 Fast 7 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Awesome… You can do some strange things with bubbles… fast 41 secs  CLICK HERE
  • I admire nuts like this… sometimes anyway. People can be awesome… 47 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Not Humor – Sad Actually – Andy Ngo posted a clip. I’m wondering how lovely their parents are? So sad to see this… children should not be used like this. 6 secs (Language warning – 6 sec clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Damn Impressive – watch this dog workout in martial arts with his master. Friggin cool.  (gif) Watch the talk shows this weekend, and Monday, they’ll have this.  They seem to love the ones we post 🙂  CLICK HERE

  • Cool photo – lizard – The Armadillo Girdled lizard looks like a starter Pokemon  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: This guy has a death wish – and laughs after escaping it – Now that’s a fire! or explosion … 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Put your face a little closer… lol I think her aim is off. 5 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Barely able to move… there he goes… to music (Sound up) lol 14 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: 28 sec clip of the port of Amsterdam had me staring at the boats in fast motion.  CLICK HERE

Dummie Funnies: Hilarious TDS Meltdown at Coffee Shop  CLICK HERE

  • DUDE – Perfect example of how showing off can get you killed… OUCH, and the girl watches 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Edited – A communist when you want some of their stuff (Sanders with Trump – humor) Fast 7 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: What? lol – Is he trying to burn the house down, kill himself? Make a fool…? lol Fast 33 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: I could watch this all day – The ridiculous CONgress impeaching Trump, set to Benny Hill… lol 35 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Politics Clip Of the day: runner up for 1/16: Kamala Harris laughs it up about impeachment before realizing she’s live on the air, then pretends it’s a very “solemn and serious moment” in history. (34 secs)   CLICK HERE
  • Politics Politics: Clip of the day: 1/16 Nobody on Jeopardy even knew who Adam Schiff was! 😂 The Dem’s control over media is not working… (20 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • War Room: 1/16 WATCH: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Declares Parnas Not Trustworthy  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Damn, I learned something.  This cave in Romania isolated from the world for over 5 million years… has its own atmosphere, 33 species that only exist in that cave,  more…  CLICK HERE    for backup reference since that it a screenshot  – BBC article   CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: I could never do this.  Mountainclimber on Ice, hooks in just in time, almost killed. Like a Holy Crap Moment on video close up too   CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Unwrapping a new beanbag (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: Hold my beer while I ride this shark. (I laughed hard, but I had a couple… still … 5 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Reporter taken out by Stop sign… (fast 6 secs) Yeah I know she got hurt…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh: By the end, chances are you’ll be laughing. Prank taped… Like those Russian thingees.  (29 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: He last did the move 100 pounds ago, but now, his math is way off (in front of thousands too, sad but funny) 13 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Don’t blink, stare in the middle – listen to him, this works – bugged me out… (lasted 10 secs with me)  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting – and it seems to be seriously fun, I never saw people going into water like this…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile:  AND Cute Overload Guaranteed if you love dogs – full page of fast gifs – some AWESOME   IMGUR –  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Hey, get back to work  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: The way this guy is fishing (gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile or Laugh: Made me laugh, love this kid…  Trolling dad 🤣 🤣 🤣 15 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: You ever see kangaroos fight like this? Almost looked like a movie murder at one point.  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see someone flying their parrot like walking their dog… Had no idea… 5 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Great Photo: Glowing Eyes of an alligator at dusk.  CLICK HERE
  • Lt. Dan’s Got Legs. Not actually LT Dan, but the tech seems very cool. New Bionic Legs. Sweet.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Tom pulls an Alien with his bird. lol  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: By Drone, This is the Putangirua Pinnacles, New Zealand, and it is other world like, right? WOW. God’s beautiful Earth.  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This is like a super jump for such a little dog. (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: In front of thousands… ‘I am master of the martial arts, I can do wondrous feats’ … (lol … 7 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Quick smile or laugh (I laughed after second time)  as dance music is put to the moves of this little red critter… not bad… lol  CLICK HERE

  • Maybe, maybe …. Dolphins – this one is very clever (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: This is full throttle reversing a Smart car – (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Screenshot – Bet you did not know this  lol (screenshot on bats) – a benefit of having video set up, we’re finding out…   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You’re it my doggie… Surprise  (3 sec clip)  CLICK  HERE
  • Quick Smile:  Sneak level 101 🐶 😂 (25 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: (Captioned Photo) – are we being farmed?   lol  CLICK HERE

  • Humor – On Stage – hopping around in front of thousands until… (Accidents happen) lol 20 secs  hope all is well but looks painful.  CLICK HERE
  • I like this too – New Tech: You don’t need an adjustable mattress to stop someone from snoring. 34 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: I’d buy one – Intruders invading you home? Then launch this drone to find out if they truly are breaking in. (50 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: This good dog doesn’t need anyone to play catch. Awesome idea for any dog owner with a yard.  32 secs –   CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Some people’s screams are just funny, especially when they cause a situation… you can guess… 14 secs lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Yeah she is screaming, but when a dummy brings it on themselves, they kin of deserve it, so that makes this girl’s pain funny.   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Finally finding someone that understands you Fast clip at Reddit – CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Outsmarted by a pigeon…   lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: You peck the trunk again and I strangle your skinny neck  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: You ever see horizontal lightning? My first…. 37 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Too rich for waiting to throw out garbage, wait for it…. lol 10 secs…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Bet you never saw a cat slap a seal, who then plays dead and rolls over… 5 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Vidmax: What the hell is wrong with these people/ Women With Young Children Beat The Snot Out Of Each Other Over The Last Chicken Sandwich At Popeye’s  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: How many would like this? Even just for the novelty of it. I give you, garbage that takes itself out.  lol  Love it. (1:03 clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Cat salivates for dinner as innocent bird wants to play peekaboo. lol 22 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Dummy Of The Day: Watch his dive – had to hurt huh – lol 22 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Always the joker, that wasn’t the plan Frank… What the hell… (look at his face … lol)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Cats favorite nap location turned on for first time in 5 years, cat doesn’t get it…  lol  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: You ever see someone kicks so hard-and high her shoe and foot get stuck in a low ceiling… lol 20 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Babylon Bee Satire: Democrats Call For Flags To Be Flown At Half-Mast To Grieve Death Of Soleimani  CLICK HERE
  • Humor but Ouch: He was stabbed where? Ouch … Bet he never thought it could happen… You can see it actually pushing him back in the air too  OUCH.   7 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: That went well… sort of . Lol, Someone needs a new bin.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: This had to take a long time to accomplish… 42 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Check this out – Hyper realistic drawing of gold star – you can watch the guy draw it, yet how? Amazing work. On fast speed but you can stop anytime. Fast 4 mins though…  CLICK HERE

  • Mini AOC’s latest – Humor: Mini AOC: Happy New Year! Looking forward to more laughs in 2020. Here are some of the best ones from 2019. Hope it doesn’t get shadowbanned (fast 2:20 clip of clips)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Humor: Nailed It Compilation (Many clips – …bad luck huh lol) 1:07  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: But a whole lot of pain in different clips… one you feel sorry for her… 1:12 clip  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Quick Smile: I thought it was too – We need to get our minds out of the gutter lol 6 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • LOL – When this guy with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) went to steal a Trump-Pence campaign sign there was one problem, it was electrified….  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Waking up to breakfast. Look at his face … lol 8 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Humor: You keep rolling, I need to look beautiful in this corner…  38 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Another dope that can fly off the mountain with a slight accident… yeah it looks cool.  But looks too flimsy for me in such a dangerous position 27 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Trying to look sexy, didn’t work out as she leans against a door… 20 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Best of 2019: Funniest Guy Being Robbed EVER – Bravest? Insane – he just doesn’t  care, will not even give his cell phone to armed criminal… like what?  Bravo if not stupid, he is definitely not caring what happens at all…  There’s something to respect there. Crazy but…   CLICK HERE
  • Best of 2019: Funniest President Trump response to a politician of the year: Biden’s claim of not knowing about Ukraine… (media tried to stop it, Twitter banned the post so no one sees it – Daily Caller archived it –  here you go)  – other memes are after it on video  CLICK HERE
  • Best of 2019: Dumbest Criminal Of The Year – Criminal… goes to rob, caught on security cam, AND drops his gun… what a dope…(15 secs – 2 angles too)  CLICK HERE

  • Ouch: Funny unless it was you – Letting a Ram so close, even if a baby one, not smart. Guess what happens… Ouch 1:04 it repeats  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see the open book fountain in Budapest? Now you have – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Did you see that? What the… ‘  lol   CLICK HERE
  • I don’t believe this ‘physics fun’ example, do you?  (fast gif) CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Everyone’s in a rush. Chill people, or this happens… lol… (7 sec clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Interesting: Dang – this much sugar as shown is changing my drinking habits.  (Fast gif.)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile: Yeah she’s crying, but why? The cat crapped all over her… 19 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Merry Christmas surprise from a baby.  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Santa, I told you I wanted a Barbie doll, now you have to be punished, I got clothes… what? 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Who wakes me from my new banana bed?’ Fast gif  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Like father, like son  (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Keep going human, this is puuurrrrfect. Chubby Wubby loves the belly rubs  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Just another dummy trying to do a stunt, no brains, almost dies… (4 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • High Heel Leather boots and ice DO NOT mix… 56 secs of falling  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: Almost a perfect jump, except he gets caught on shorts lol 6 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Ouch -Ice Ice Baby – This elf is about as much help as a fire extinguisher in a flood. 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Drugs are bad… Wonder what she took… 39 secs  CLICK HERE
  • God’s Beautiful Earth: On my bucket list – Aurora Borealis. One of those most magical things to see on Earth. 1 min clip  CLICK HERE
  • Fun physics tricks you can do at home. Kids love these… (fast 1:42)  CLICK HERE
  • Funny for SNL – a former comedy show – becoming funny again. At least this one time anyway.  (Posted on top)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Look in background lol – Fool dances or whatever, off stage. (5 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Instant Karma – I know he got hurt – but when idiots act up I enjoy the instant Karma (7 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Sunday Funnies Cat proofing your Christmas Tree (pics) lol  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Dog has his own way to lay down. Cute.. Multiple times CLICK HERE
  • Hero: Criminals try armed robbery, armed citizen next to gunman shoots criminal in head 3 times on vid (EXTREME VIOLENCE WARNING) – WOW 28 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: “I’m going get this bird, seconds more, almost ….  damn.’  Sleep time…. CLICK HERE
  • Craziest cat you ever saw? Possibly…  (fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting: Hexstat probability demonstration – CLICK HERE
  • Deliveryman goes out of his way big time… very cool  (fast gif 10 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Tesla makes a self driving car ….  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Dog Teased, Revenge from above… (funny but we know dog didn’t do it)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Too cold for us, we’re go back in… (17 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Ninja Wanna-be fail: ends up trashing himself – literally lol 14 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Quick Smile: He Shoots, he scores… 13 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Cute- Overload: The caring dog or what? CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Watching Dumb People… 12 secs  – CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Dog thinks it’s human… funny walk 23 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile Dog is just adorable. Sneak attack –  lol  CLICK HERE
  • Dog ‘ Gotcha’ (fast gif) – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Baby seeing clearly for the first time  CLICK HERE
  • Photo – You ever see a screw so large? ‘We got these giant screws in at work today for mounting solar panels.’  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Ice skating – almost – you can see a big danger in trying to stay up… 9 sec clip  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Sup’ (15 sec clip)   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Samurai of the future – now – sword fight in the air… 45 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Every man that sees this fast 5 sec clip winces…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Stranded for litter… lol How to handle someone who just doesn’t care… (28 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – or serious laugh: Gay guy goes fishing and then… (lol) It gets funnier each second… sorry but – lol – 35 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: “OHHH, AND THEY GOT THE CAPRI SUN?!” Amazon driver in Tennessee discovers a family left snacks out for delivery drivers  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: What people (a Hong Kong Cop) do when they think no one is watching… illll serious digging … lol 10 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – or laugh: Made me laugh -Every good boy should be this happy (collection of fast funny clips 2:10)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Brain over brawn (15 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: My son did this to me so made me laugh even more… (13 secs) CLICK HERE
  • Just Beautiful: Peyto lake, Canada Gif  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: All time fav for camo by a butterfly. (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Happy Dogs ‘ join in’ lol  (Fast gif)  CLIP HERE

  • Ever see a fox go fishing? Very cool looking plan of attack… 7 secs  CLICK HERE
  • He Shoots, he scores…  (12 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • You know you’re lifting too much weight when this happens (never saw it before)  CLICK HERE
  • Santa Claus Fight Club (put to Christmas music) – Not for kids – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Behold – the ULTIMATE Jenga move (fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Do you know why it gets quiet when it snows? (screenshot – just info)  CLICK HERE
  • Bet you never saw half of a car (BMW) like this (fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Girl in VR – Boyfriend Jealous of the Virtual reality character – takes it to punch him… what the?  CLICK HERE
  • Comic Terrence Williams posted this meme – fast – Adam Schiff is throwing a Hissy Fit (Silly but funny if in the mood – or on meds  lol)  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Still our all time favorite of a dude trying to NOT get wet… 13 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Wince- PAIN – you know how heavy these things are, well….  OUCH  CLICK HERE
  • Winner: Humor: Winner of worst dive into a kid pool ever. (3 sec gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting Photo: Smoked cauliflower looks like an explosion. CLICK HERE

  • Cool Party Trick.  All it takes is an operation on your brain.  Freaky…  (gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Dog gets real mad. Human, you need to stop teasing me, it hurts my feelings… (This gets abusive with Mother taping, no?) (59 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – Violent though on an idiot: Don’t mess with horses. lol – classic, you had to see by now… if not 🙂 6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • This Tattoo…. What? … WOW… I’d never do it, but this is insane. (fast clip 14 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: ‘My cushions, my rug,woof’  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: ‘Does this fool know I have claws?’ (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: Reminds me of Stripes scene (below): Watch this guy teach English (end move made me laugh) 21 secs  CLICK HERE

  • Humor: Trying to look cool or sexy gets thousands more dopes hurt or killed every year… (4 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Ever see a runaway Segway beat the hell out of someone? Now you have (10 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: It’s a children’s slide you dummy. You almost deserved that. Almost…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Sound effects added. Makes it funny but people got hurt. Such is life. People fall off a bus like a wave. Poor nations have interesting commutes… 9 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Sitting down on national TV with tight pants, ends in pain (all men wince – or men in Europe since real American men do not sit like women and this would never happen in this way, crossing a leg over the other.  6 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile (I laughed): Hold my beer while I straighten this toilet. (guy falls out lol ) 6 secs.  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: At drive through but too far to get his food so… he falls out and car keeps going… (17 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile – seems unhurt lol – Wake up fast with this – CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile or Laugh: ‘Hold my beer’ 6 secs that did not work the way she wanted…  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile – maybe : Humor: Swap… like a fly… by a tree. (fast 8 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: And this my friends is why they’re called slippers… not with ice 6 sec clip  CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile – A Pure Bliss vid – look at his face….  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh – I Admit – A Scream made me laugh – why? – Listen to what happens when this girl is called a Democrat  lol (Fast 16 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Dude! Bar patron shrugs off gunman, lights up cigarette during armed robbery in St. Louis (Holy Cow! -best reaction to a robbery, EVER)  CLICK HERE


Judicial Watch - Help Keep America Free

JUDICIAL WATCH – Please donate if you can to help keep this nation free. The left is not stopping in their crusade to destroy the Constitution. Judicial Watch mans the front line legally for the defenders of this nation. They are of course hated by Clinton, Comey, Brennan,  and the DOJ & FBI (the corrupt leadership we all hear about who thus far have not been jailed even now… maybe Barr will help?).  So in other words, give anything you can, they need all the help they can get! – – –  and don’t forget you’ve helped the U.S. as well as President Trump.  CLICK HERE FOR JUDICIAL WATCH

Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • SAY WHAT?… This next Fox video is going to upset you if you don’t know what took place…  CONFIRMED TOO…  They were doing it even after Trump was in the White House … Trump stopped it.  CLICK HERE or Below ….

  • My Gift To Climate Alarmists (Climate Alarmists Debunked) Keep this link – destroys the left on the whole issue of Climate Change  CLICK HERE

  • ABC 13: Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home  CLICK HERE
  • Our Two Faced con-artist Ex President caught on video: Barack Obama Claims Jobs Donald Trump’s Created! Share Obama’s ‘flip-flop’ with your friends!    CLICK HERE
  • At The Revolution, Allen West.  Inspiring from the start. I love this guy! A True patriot.  CLICK HERE

  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – many of the players with kneeling issues in the NFL are felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE

  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

  • SHOCKING STUPIDITY: Dumb French family doesn’t get what a Safari Park is.   Video is fast – a few minutes and sets stage for their stupidity as Dutch guys laughed at first, then this gets very serious.   (Description corrected by reader Thomas Moore, we thought they were German. )CLICK HERE
  • This is a bug out! They just showed this on the Five on Fox as well.  America’s newest internet debate: Is it ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?  Listen to it (fast – seconds) and you decide.  People actually hear two different names depending on whether you are a high freq person or low.  AMAZING and shows you how possibly people you argue or debate with can actually not hear what you are saying.  Makes you seriously think after you fight and debate others.  CLICK HERE

  • It’s dinner time, damn it  (5 second clip) – made me laugh CLICK HERE     (Link fixed thanks to reader Gregg S on 12/30)
  • Old Favorite: Liberals Taxing The Rich  CLICK HERE

Whatfinger Fake News Rules - Surfing and Announcements...

Whatfinger Rule On Fake News And Their Fake News Sources…

We used to joke about this, but as of 6/14-2019 , it is still 100% accurate.  WF Rule for distinguishing fake news easily when it a. Makes Trump look bad and/or b. attacks supporter of Trump
Rule: If a news article is citing an ‘anonymous’ source or ‘official’ who spoke in ‘confidence’ to  any media, even Fox – but more often, as President Trump has pointed out, the NY TIMES, WAPO, AXIOS, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN , and the article makes Trump look bad, the source is FAKE and the story made up only to hurt President Trump. It will be proven fake immediately or in time and you’ll notice though it is first repeated on every station and in every paper. The correction is hidden on page 38 in the corner where no one will ever see it.  THIS IS 100% ACCURATE … so far...   I’m sure an outlet will fake something just to stop this from being a rule, but it is akin to how it is ALWAYS conservatives who are mistakenly blocked, cancelled, and taken down on social media.  Sure, the fakers in media and in tech can say ‘It was the algo’  and another lie ‘we don’t discriminate’ – fake answers. Who wrote the program and how is the mistake always mistaking right wingers.  Hmmm. Scammers all. We are on to all of you.  Whatfinger News is shadow banned on most social media and can give details as to how these fake social media companies are scamming America as it all happened to us.  

We post links to news, commentary and humor. It’s what we like, mixed with a more complete covering of news than any other site.  But… people send us links that are at times, troubled. People play games and change what the link has, they throw extra ads, and generally upset readers at times.  Well, Whatfinger is here to make news reading and information gathering simple and as amazing as possible. To that end, we try to follow these points.   If we rejected your link or said in reply email to check bottom of site,  this is what we are doing and these guidelines are developing over time. 

  1.  Article must not be deceptive in title.  Title needs to match content. Seems basic, but you’d be surprised.
  2. Title and news must not be already all over Whatfinger.  Check center column and left side column (the larger headlines),  if you see the same news, please don’t send us the link to post.  At times we’ll post 2 of the same news from different angles but once we hit that readers get upset with any more.  This especially goes for shared content by many sites, such as Daily Caller News Foundation.  We’ll post ONE – but the exact article is on 200 sites and it is not happening. We obviously cannot and will not post the same article.
  3. If your page is ugly to the point of a visitor not liking to even wait for the page to load,  we don’t want to link.
  4. If you use curse words in title or all over article – we violate this rule at times but generally we don’t want to post.
  5. Anti-Trump articles – well you have 95% of the media already doing this,  we don’t want to.  We’ll point to the lunacy of other sites and show competing views unlike the left dominated sites.  But we are not going out of our way to join the left in their now constant attempt to lie about Trump and make things look as bad as possible in the U.S.
  6. Force Click Articles – more and more we are rejecting these – and what they are is simple: ANY site that you visit, if upon page loading it then forces you to click and join something, enter email to continue, etc,   we do not link.  Soon we will never link to sites that do this.  Trouble is even the largest do this little game to readers so we can’t blanket ban the act by them, from links we post.

The way we think is simple.  Is the article providing info that our readers don’t have? Will they enjoy it?   More to come…  (Reader L. Smith helped us with our horrible grammar  🙂  Thank you!) 

Sgt K,  SGt Pat, Mike

Shadow banning: 

Here is what you do.  if you have 5,000 friends or 500, doesn’t matter. This ALWAYS works as FB is the shadow-banning King of social media.

Basically, Facebook owns your profile. Really. They own your friends. They own you, and you can’t do a damn thing about it if you are on Facebook.

Now imagine if you will, you place a link that you want all of your friends to see.  So you post the following: Or any variation, you can say anything you want – as long as you have our url – Our website that can be clicked in your message in it, you will quickly understand what the left is doing. They will not allow others to see YOUR post even to YOUR friends.  Obviously, they are not YOUR friends. They are Facebook’s friends and you can’t do or say anything about it.  Except leave, or if Trump does what is needed, we all sue them to death for wasting our money on ads and banning us.  Time alone wasted on Facebook building a platform that can be just stolen, is priceless. Millions and millions of dollars are owed to conservatives and Libertarians all over for ads, for their work… and for their time put in building their businesses that they believed they were building on a neutral platform like ATT. They all know ATT or Verizon or TMobile, none are going to cancel your service if you say something they do not like in a conversation with someone they do not approve of for political reasons.  Here –  try this – – write the following or any variation and post it to YOUR friends. Don’t use the  exact wording.

OMG – Just saw the best news site I ever saw in my life. Never saw so much news and videos and links in my life.  You have to go to Whatfinger News. , here –  https://www.whatfinger.com – click this I bet you found your go-to news site from here on. 

Now if you posted such a message like the above that actually links to Whatfinger, if you have 5,000 friends guess how many will see your post that you want them to see?  5,  maybe if you are lucky.  Yeah – out of 5,000 of YOUR friends,  they have to go on your page to see this, and then they still might not.  We now get reports where people will not even see it on your own page.  Only you can. How’s that for a fake ‘platform’ that doesn’t want anyone to read Whatfinger News or the thousands and thousands of other sites? Evil is all I can call it. Theft as well.  Time for justice.

This is Shadow-banning.  You can still post your message or comment, but no one will  see it.  See – insidious and evil and obviously they are censoring.  You are banned, but they don’t want to just tell you because they are cowards (and make money by you being there)  and would need to ban 60 millions of us.  To just come out and say anyone who dares go against what they believe will be banned will destroy them pretty quickly.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re for freedom and capitalism. Facebook is not that. People were lied to.  We were told it was neutral, like the phone company, which gives them immunity from being sued. Even if you have a convo on Verizon lines that they don’t like it doesn’t matter as phone companies are real platforms.   But Facebook and other social media with the same legal protections for lawsuits are NOT neutral. After conservatives spent fortunes building their memberships and readers, Facebook thinks it can just rob them of it all.  The ONLY thing protecting these leftists and potential dictatorship enablers that they are, is no one can sue them due to the lie of them being a neutral platform. This must change for America to survive.  Now you understand…