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Leftist Quarantine Section (With fake news links thrown in as well)

  • Newsbusters: Noah Mocks Catholics on Notre Dame Costs: It’s ‘3 Abuse Settlements’  CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters: Fake CNN Town Halls: ZERO Questions on Anti-Christian Attack, 8 on Impeachment CLICK HERE

  • NY Times:  (Paywall): The Surprising Place Mueller Found Resistance to Trump  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Post: (PAYWALL) Saudi Arabia executes 37, crucifying one, for terror-related crimes  CLICK HERE
  • CNN: NBA head coach Luke Walton accused in lawsuit of sexual assaultCLICK HERE
  • NBC: United Airlines employee charged for using racial slurs toward passenger  CLICK HERE
  • Politico: Dems move to hold former White House official in contempt  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Kos: ‘Sure,’ Kamala Harris supports recognizing a third gender option on federal IDs  CLICK HERE


Top World News - By Nation - Top Stories

  • BBC World News (BRITISH)
    Sri Lanka attacks: Death toll soars to 290 after bombings hit churches and hotels  CLICK HERE
    China could be target of sanctions as US ends waivers for Iran oil imports  CLICK HERE
  • RT News: Russian, Indian warships join Chinese Navy’s 70th anniversary celebrations (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)  CLICK HERE
  • Korea Times (South Korean): 
    Bill proposed to give high-educated foreigners Korean citizenship  CLICK HERE
  • DW (GERMAN): Ukrainian comedian defeats president  CLICK HERE
  • France 24 (FRENCH):
    Nearly 300 killed as blasts hit Sri Lankan churches, hotels on Easter Sunday  CLICK HERE
  • Times of Israel (ISRAELI):
    Sri Lanka says 6 of the attacks were suicide bombers  CLICK HERE


Community Blog Explore (Yeah, we don't update this small section every day)

  • Diogenes Middle Finger: Bullet Head Charges Forward So Dems Can Try To Save Face  CLICK HERE
  • Victory Girl’s Blog: Internet King Wants Limits on Speech  CLICK HERE
  • Motus Ad: Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Do: Happy Earth Day  CLICK HERE
  • Don Surber: French ambassador warns the swamp  CLICK HERE
  • Hard Nox & Friends:  The Scandal Behind The Alleged Nxivm Sex-Slave Ring  CLICK HERE
  • Behind The Black:  If you are into NASA, Space exploration, ships, etc,  this blog has it all. Latest news on telescopes and rovers and launches.  CLICK HERE


Live News Feeds (International) All feeds are in English

  • France 24 (French): FRANCE 24 Live – International Breaking News & Top stories – 24/7 stream
  • TRT News (Turkish): Watch TRT World  CLICK HERE
  • RT News (Russian): RT News: On-air livestream 24/7 (HD)  CLICK HERE
  • DW (German): DW Live – World News & Current Affairs from the Heart of Europe  CLICK HERE
  • ABC (Australia): ABC News 24 goes live  CLICK HERE
  • CGTN (Chinese): CGTN Live  CLICK HERE

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Latest news update on site: 6:42 pm ET –  April 23, 2019
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Select Videos 4/23

  • One America: Incredible Reporter Jack Posobiec: AG Barr legally outmaneuvered Mueller and Weissmann  CLICK HERE
  • Next News: Wow! Joe diGenova DESTROYS Nasty Liberal Hack Kristall Ball Over Bill Barr  CLICK HERE
  • Western Journal:  (Fast info vid less than 2 mins) Nancy Pelosi Hits Brakes on Growing Impeachment Push (Fast infovid)  CLICK HERE
  • Fast Clip: Rep Gaetz: In ten years of practicing law, I’ve never seen a party turn over their own lawyer’s private notes and discussions to the other party.  (Quick clip 47 secs)  CLICK HERE

More Videos are below in video section or CLICK HERE for WF Vids Daily

News – All Sources…

  • 5:31 pm Independent Sentinel: Bleach Bit Hillary Accuses President Trump of Obstruction  CLICK HERE
  • 5:20 pm The Hill: Spicer: ‘Near impossible’ for 2020 Democrats to refuse Fox News debate  CLICK HERE
  • 5:14 pm Washington Examiner: Mother of all caravans’ heads north: 10K migrants due in Mexico City any day  (Also posted above)  CLICK HERE
  • 5:08 pm Breitbart News: Accuser Lucy Flores: Joe Biden’s Touching Jokes ‘Incredibly Disrespectful’  CLICK HERE

  • CNBC: Rite Aid raises tobacco buying age to 21, following Walgreens’ lead  CLICK HERE
  • ZeroHedge: 1,600 Migrants Dumped In New Mexico; City Forced To Spend $75K For “Humanitarian Assistance”  CLICK HERE
  • Independent Sentinel: Sheryl Attkisson takes on Obama’s enduring Russian interference scandal  CLICK HERE
  • National Sentinel: Limbaugh: ‘Impeachment for Trump will be different than it was for Clinton’ because of the fake news media  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Times: Justice Sotomayor: Hispanics have ‘rational fear’ of Trump administration citizenship question  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: Liberty Nation Presents: Nigerian Brothers Lawsuit Against Smollett Lawyers – READ IN FULL  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Karl Rove throws cold water on Bernie Sanders’ lead in new poll: ‘Numbers are all over the board’  CLICK HERE

  • CDN: The Sri Lanka Easter attacks: A grim reminder that terrorism still lives  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: S&P 500 rallies toward record close after strong earnings from broad range of companies  CLICK HERE

  • Fox News: (Video & Story) Supreme Court conservatives signal possible support for census citizenship question  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Amazon, Walmart to offer grocery delivery for food stamp recipients  CLICK HERE
  • Fox Business: Video: Bernie Sanders says prisoners should have the right to vote  CLICK HERE

  • Independent Sentinel: Ben Carson’s had enough, free housing to go to Americans, not illegals  CLICK HERE
  • MSN-Bloomberg (Left Wing): Kushner Says Mueller Probe Damaged U.S. Democracy More Than Russia Did  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Ocasio-Cortez declares VA ‘isn’t broken,’ already provides top-notch care  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill (Left Wing): Biden to enter race Thursday, arguing he can put end to Trump divide CLICK HERE

  • BBC World: Mass funerals on Sri Lanka’s day of mourning  CLICK HERE
  • National Sentinel: (Video) Graham: Dems will ‘stampede’ to impeach POTUS Trump now that Mueller ‘cleared’ him  CLICK HERE
  • Independent Sentinel: Kamala Harris Calls for Children Under 16 to VOTE  CLICK HERE
  • Townhall: Is WaPo Joking With This Headline About Sri Lanka’s Easter Terror Attack?  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: Don Jr.: Bernie and Kamala more concerned with rights of violent criminals than law-abiding gun owners  CLICK HERE
  • New York Post: Robbery suspect attacked cops with their own Taser during violent arrest  (Also posted in center)  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: WATCH: Amy Klobuchar Has Embarrassing Jeb Bush Moment During CNN Townhall  (posted at DW 4/23 but from 4/22)  CLICK HERE

  • USA Today: Women seeking discount plastic surgery paid with their lives at clinics opened by felons  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: US military rules under review after soldiers surrendered pistol to Mexican troops on American soil  CLICK HERE
  • Los Angeles Times (Left Wing): College admissions scandal: 2 more, including former USC coach, agree to plead guilty  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: AFP Wire: Islamic State group claims Sri Lanka attacks: propaganda arm  CLICK HERE
  • National Sentinel: Same U.S. govt. that can’t secure our border now ARRESTING American citizens who will?  CLICK HERE

  • CNBC: ‘Jeopardy’ winner James Holzhauer is likely shaking up the game show’s budget  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Clinton press secretary: Dems should keep Trump in office to destroy Republican Party  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Tesla, Coca-Cola, Twitter, Verizon, Hasbro & more  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Trump to visit UK, France in June for D-Day anniversary  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Elon Musk claims Tesla will have 1 million robotaxis on roads next year, but warns he’s missed the mark before  CLICK HERE

  • New York Post: Commentary: Rich Lowry: Impeachment is now the deranged fantasy of rage-driven Dems (AN EXCELLENT READ) CLICK HERE
  • Independent Sentinel: ISIS takes responsibility for the MASSACRE OF CHRISTIANS  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Trump tells NYT to ‘get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness’  CLICK HERE
  • Yahoo – AFP (French): Half of Americans back stronger role of religion in society  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: US diplomat: ‘Very, very possible’ half of Venezuela’s population flees Maduro regime  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Oil prices hit the highest since November as US plans to tighten Iran sanctions  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Bill Kristol slammed for saying Giuliani ran away from Senate race against ‘stronger’ Clinton, ignores cancer diagnosis  CLICK HERE

  • 3:33 am NBC (Left Wing): Rivals are scrambling to dig up dirt on Pete Buttigieg  CLICK HERE
  • 3:29 pm DW (German): German woman to adopt own child after using surrogate mother (Surrogate roles is illegal in Germany)  CLICK HERE
  • 3:08 am President Trump: Our awesome president was up early working and tweeting. Quote of the day that will be in all news outlets: I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as … (Full Quote – CLICK HERE)

  • 1:21 am CNET: Video (2 mins): Why Netflix should be scared (CNET Top 5)  CLICK HERE
  • 1:15 am BBC World: Sri Lanka attacks: Mass funeral on day of mourning  CLICK HERE
  • 1:12 am Fox News: Piers Morgan: Media and Democrats reaction to Mueller report ‘a disgrace’  CLICK HERE
  • 12:02 am Washington Examiner: Mueller report contains claim Russia taped Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky  CLICK HERE

Video…. April 23, 2019

  • Breitbart News:  Protesters Against Citizenship Question Outside Supreme Court  CLICK HERE
  • The 2019 TIME 100 Summit LIVE (LEFT WING) : Convening The World’s Most Influential People | TIME  (Jared Kushner is there live now)   CLICK HERE


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  • You ever see a cat face down a pack of dogs?  Like a Wolverine…. (fast 34 sec clip)   CLICK HERE
  • Judicial Watch: CAUGHT: FBI Forced to Admit It Found Clinton Emails in Obama White House. (Fast clip 52 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Self Driving Tesla (OK I want one – almost at complete auto – Go Musk!)  (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE –  since we are just about there now (any month it seems) before we can truly have cars that just take us wherever we want.  I wonder how many of us will get drunk and just get in their car…  or whatever…how many people will get arrested for drunk driving when they are having their cars do the driving….hmm.   Interesting drama coming. 
  • Photo: Don’t these bald Guinea pigs look like baby hippos?  CLICK HERE
  • Voice Of Europe: New Migrant arrivals showing their love of Greece (Setting fires, isn’t that special?)  (Quick clip 1:25)  CLICK HERE

  • Made me laugh: You know those pain in the as* captchkas or whatver they are called, the ones that I and maybe you mess up with all the time since we can’t read what they say to gain access to whatever site.   Well the visual ones are cool or better – especially this one that made me laugh  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: …..But should be much higher than that if Twitter wasn’t playing their political games. No wonder Congress wants to get involved – and they should. Must be more, and fairer, companies to get out the WORD!  QUOTE
  • Prager: Also: in 1989 a senior United Nations environmental official warned that “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…  CLICK HERE

  • Gateway Pundit – John Podesta 2015 Email Reveals Plot to “Slaughter Trump” by Linking Him to Putin and Russia  CLICK HERE
  • Matt Goetz is right on Mueller – but when it comes to Climate Change, the man needs to read a little and stop listening to the fake science communists.  Check this out by Gaetz  CLICK HERE

  • Melania: Another wonderful Easter Egg roll! @POTUS and I enjoyed meeting everyone! Thank you to the many volunteers and vendors who worked so hard to help keep this @WhiteHouse tradition alive!!  (Photos)  CLICK HERE
  • Paul Joseph Watson: Given that Christians are the most persecuted religious group on the planet, with vast numbers more Christians being killed by Islamists than vice-versa, why are global leaders afraid to even use the word “Christian” in their condolences?  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “[President @realDonaldTrump] stays focused on achieving for the American people, and they feel it in their everyday lives when you see wages growing twice as fast for those in the bottom half of the income spectrum.”  (Quick clip 39 secs)  CLICK HERE

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  • Gateway Pundit: WOW! Hillary Clinton Discusses “Roadmap” to Impeachment — Says Trump Should Have been Indicted by Mueller Probe  CLICK HERE
  • Business Insider: Tim Cook said Apple’s fight with the FBI in 2016 was a ‘very rigged case,’ and he wishes it went to court  CLICK HERE
  • Wall Street Journal: (If Paywall is turned on let us know so we delete this link) Xi’s Unsteady Steps Revive Worries Over Lack of Succession Plan in China  CLICK HERE
  • The Province: MASS EXECUTION: Saudi Arabia beheads 37 prisoners for terrorism crimes  CLICK HERE

  • CBS News (Left Wing): House Democratic leaders urge caution on impeachment as members plot way forward  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Sanders: Boston Marathon bomber should be able to vote from prison  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Art Laffer Explains Why USA Thriving with Maga Economics…Challenges Socialist Sanders to Debate  (Also posted in center)  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail (Left Wing): (UK Tabloid): Beaming Melania blows the whistle to start the White House Easter Egg Roll after the president praised her for doing a ‘fantastic job’ organizing the annual children’s event that includes ‘Be Best Hopscotch’  CLICK HERE     (rather than this link – see the full event today at WF –  CLICK HERE)

  • Thomson Reuters: Leader of armed group stopping migrants at U.S.-Mexico border to face federal charges  CLICK HERE
  • DC Dirty Laundry: CNN: “Mueller’s Report Looks Bad For Obama”  CLICK HERE
  • DC Clothesline: It’s time to tell the truth about the global war on Christianity  CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit: Rand Paul Was Right… Bob Woodward Says Former CIA Chief John Brennan Included Junk Steele Dossier in Intel Brief  CLICK HERE

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Business & Money

  • Wold Street Report: Can the US Government Just Keep Piling on Debt? (from 21st posted 22nd) CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Sales of the cheapest and swankiest homes are tanking, but for very different reasons  CLICK HERE
  • Fox Business: Disney heiress: Bob Iger’s $65M payday is ‘insane’  CLICK HERE

Retirement Related… 

  • Motley Fool: Here’s How Much Workers Across Every Generation Have Saved for Retirement  CLICK HERE
  • Yahoo News: 3 Ways to Legally Get Out of Paying Taxes in Retirement  CLICK HERE
  • Barron’s: A Rainy-Day Fund Can Do Wonders for Your Retirement  CLICK HERE
  • USA Today: 3 Situations where you should claim Social Security early  CLICK HERE

  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
  • Stock Market Data – CNBC: CLICK HERE
  • Commodity Prices – NASDAQ: CLICK HERE
  • Dollar Collapse: Breaking News/Best Of The Web Business and finance links for today  CLICK HERE

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Top News Found On Military, War & Conflict

  • Warrior Maven: AI Changes B-2 & F-35 Attack Strategies  CLICK HERE
  • National Interest: Stealth on Steroids: How the B-2 Bomber and F-35 Will Get Even Deadlier  CLICK HERE
  • SouthFront: Military Situation In Syria On April 23, 2019 (Map Update)  CLICK HERE
  • SouthFront: Military Situation In Libya On April 23, 2019 (Map Update)  CLICK HERE

  • SouthFront Map Page: World Conflicts (Syrian War, Yemeni War, Iraqi War And Other Conflicts) In Maps CLICK HERE

  • April 23 –  Today in Military History:  in 1014 King Brian of Ireland murdered by Vikings ….Brian Boru, the high king of Ireland, is assassinated by a group of retreating Norsemen  CLICK HERE
  • For much more that took place today in military history:  – CLICK HERE


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James Woods' Smack Down Tweets (until he is banned again, ENJOY! ( 4/20 Guess what, he's banned again....sorry will be back soon, I hope)

Lou Dobbs Of Fox Business - ALL of his vids and tweets!

ZeroHedge Today: All Of The Articles ...

Odd & Strange & Crazy News - You've been warned. Some stay a few days

  • UPI News: Dust devil caught on camera at Virginia construction business  VIDEO  CLICK HERE
  • Upi News: Inexperienced lottery player’s confusion leads to $150,000 prize  CLICK HERE
  • Houma Today: ‘You can make $10,000 in a night’: Thieves target used cooking grease  CLICK HERE
  • UPI News: Canadian company breaks Guinness record for high fives  CLICK HERE

  • AWESOME site for weird news (they are leftists though so you might want to ignore their descriptions at times, you can tell their bias easily)  FARK News  CLICK HERE
  • UPI Odd News: Another great site/page for weird news and not as leftist as the one above  CLICK HERE

Religious & Cultural Links (We leave these here)

Religious & Cultural Links

  • MESSIAH IN BOTH TESTAMENTS: by Fred John Meldau ABSOLUTE PROOF OF: The Fact of God, The Deity of Christ, The Truth of Christianity, The Inspiration of the Bible  CLICK HERE
  • Take the quiz to find out Bibleline Ministries – ‘Am I going to Heaven?’  CLICK HERE
  • Project Real News – Jam packed with culture and religion news  CLICK HERE

Laugh, learn, explore or just What the heck…

Reader Donna S. sent a list of gifs too…  (She wrote us  and said we had duplicates – here are new (top)

Please Note:   If you see some cool or funny or interesting ones send them over.  Check out –  IMGUR  

One of the greatest cartoon artists on the right or libertarian is Ben Garrison.  He  has a way of drawing what we all think and feel and we need to support such artists on the right, especially of this quality. He has a project out on Indiego – which is a platform for independent artists.  The man does INCREDIBLE work and we will be posting his cartoons here daily.  Check this out – CLICK HERE  or click his banner below.

Today In History - April 23rd Through time...

Today through time in American history:  1789 President George Washington moves into Franklin House, New York   – – –  1856 Free Stater J.N. Mace in Westport, Kansas shoots pro-slavery sheriff Samuel Jones in the back – – –  1865  “Panic has seized the country,” writes Confederate President Jefferson Davis  1896 Motion pictures premiere in New York City   – – –  1914 The Federals defeat Kansas City 9-1 in the first major league game to be played in Chicago’s Weeghman Park, later renamed Wrigley Field   – – –  1954 Hank Aaron hits first home run of his MLB career  – – –  1969 Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to death for killing Senator Robert Kennedy   – – – 

Today in World History:  1014 King Brian of Ireland murdered by Vikings  – – – 1348 The first English order of knighthood is founded   – – –  1500 Pedro Cabral claims Brazil for Portugal   – – –  1521 The Comuneros are crushed by royalist troops in Spain   – – –  1661 Charles II is formally crowned king, returning the monarchy to Britain, albeit with greatly reduced powers   – – – 1759 British forces seize Basse-Terre and Guadeloupe from France   – – –  1950 Chiang Kai-shek evacuates Hainan, leaving mainland China to Mao Zedong and the communists   – – –  (Which is why the communists want to conquer Taiwan now – which has stayed free thanks to the U.S.)

April 23: Today in History…

  • Ben Shapiro – the man is slowly moving back to being a Never Trumper  more and more (which is annoying as we love his site but the never-Trumper in him coming back will make us link less and less.) This interview is pretty good though from Sunday –  Dennis Miller talks on many topics…   CLICK HERE   – – Video is at Whatfinger Vids
  • Earthquake in Philippines made a water tower break on top of a large building (fast 30 sec clip)  RT News (Russian) vid at Whatfinger Vids – and raw video, no story) CLICK HERE

  • President Trump: My friend Herman Cain, a truly wonderful man, has asked me not to nominate him for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. I will respect his wishes. Herman is a great American who truly loves our Country! QUOTE
  • Nigel Farage: 84% of Labour MPs back a second referendum. They don’t respect your vote for Brexit and they don’t respect our democracy. Let’s send them a message.  (Quick clip 1:14)  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: So true – thanks @SteveHiltonx  (He posted this fast vid 2:03)  CLICK HERE

We keep this up until Monday afternoon, just out 4/20

  • Time to Laugh: Powerline THE WEEK IN PICTURES: MUELLER ENCORE EDITION – something on this page should make you laugh.  CLICK HERE
  • Sunday Funnies: Huge page with cartoons  CLICK HERE

  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: President Trump at 6:54 am: Do you believe this? The New York Times Op-Ed: MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS OWE TRUMP AN APOLOGY. Well, they got that one right!  QUOTE
  • 14 sec clip – This made my day!  (poster said it – I think its cute, but it doesn’t make my day ) lol  CLICK HERE

  • You ever see a Liger? Holy crap – A cross between a male LION and a female TIGER – the LIGER, largest of all known extant felines  (Quick clip 41 secs) RT Tweeted vid clip  CLICK HERE
  • Rep Jordan: “Rep. Jim Jordan on plans to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion investigation” CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Trump hilariously giving two thumbs up as he returns from playing golf  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • President Trump: If spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he could have won the race (maybe)!  (Quick clip 40 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • From 19th but good – Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows went on CNN to set the record straight for Chris Cuomo about the Mueller Report findings.  (Quick clip 1:15)  CLICK HERE
  • Trump Admin: Wishing Christians around the world a happy, healthy, peaceful and meaningful holiday.  (Quick clip 28 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • /r/The_Donald  Did they ban James Woods AGAIN? They finally got to @RealJamesWoods  tweet CLICK HERE

Scoop section – – – Here we’ll put them and let them be for a day and up to a week or so depending on popularity, rotating them down and deleting the older scoop items as we replace.  So obviously, news below will not always be timely. The gifs and comics and jokes and such are good any time of course and the further you go down the page in this section below, the further you go back in time…

  • LOL – Ginny said she posted this on Reddit: No matter what it is, there’s always an Asian doing it better than you …  (Fast vid clip with an idea) CLICK HERE
  • Humor – Patriot Retort: Obstruction springs eternal in the hearts of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade (from 4/19)  CLICK HERE
  • Scott Adams (Creator of Dilbert) just told us about the parody account on Twitter for AOC.  It is funny – – –  CLICK HERE
  • ALERT: Jack Posobiec at One America: Chinese Spies Recruiting Resistance Radicals Inside U.S. Intelligence Community (Quick clip 2:15)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: (Photo) – Mannequin’s are getting more  realistic? CLICK HERE

Photo Below: Also – the one thing he has done that he has admitted made him money, and he seemed proud of it like a capitalist, was wring his book, about the evils of making money.  lol  Life is damned insane if the media really think America is about to go communist or socialist.

  • Lou Dobbs: Tom Homan: If Rashida Tlaib doesn’t like what ICE does, she should do her job as a congresswoman & change immigration law. Instead she’s telling illegal immigrants to go on hunger strikes to shut down ICE. This is so disgusting & shameful (Quick clip 1:20)   CLICK HERE
  • Carpe Donktum’s next beauty: Hey , I fixed it for you… DISCLAIMER: Potentially “Doctored”  (Posting in center as well – Fast clip 30 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Matt Gaetz: While half the country wants to be done with the Mueller Report, it’s important to find the origin of this investigation and why political opposition research can spark a baseless 22 month investigation. We are leaving ourselves exposed for this to happen again  (Quick clip 47 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “It’s a good thing when we can say that not just the President, not just his campaign, but no American was involved in colluding with a foreign government—and a sad day in America when Democrats and members of the liberal media are sad it didn’t happen.”  (Quick clip 53 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • BEST POPE EVER – we need a man like this again, not the communist at the Vatican who is a SJW of the first order – and who had a real communist mentor folks…seriously.  Here was a real Pope – A man who led.   (quick slip 2:12)  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “Not only should [Adam Schiff] resign, he should produce the evidence that he said he has.”  (Quick clip 1:48)  CLICK HERE

  • Just interesting: Ever see a fire inside a tree? Lightning strike caused this. (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile:  Reader Jon T a reader who loves sending us items from that site –  on Reddit – My cat messed up a single part of my window shades.. never realized why until just now. (Photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Lou Dobbs: Joe diGenova: Muller knew in the 60 days of his appointment there was no collusion. That’s why the probe was shifted to obstruction. This was not about getting the truth. This was about getting  (Quick clip 1:26)  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “Not only should [Adam Schiff] resign, he should produce the evidence that he said he has.”  (Quick clip 1:48)  (Kellyanne Conway)  CLICK HERE

In honor of our former Vice President getting into the battle for the White House next Wednesday (humor pic below) he said  – – – – – – –   (makes me laugh)

  • Very cool – Age Art (Fast gif) – CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Slow motion of this beautiful cat (Caracel) Ear flap  CLICK HERE
  • Neil Cavuto: .@RepMarkMeadows and @Jim_Jordan react to the Mueller report #Cavuto  (Quick 56 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Blaze: Kellyanne Conway to the media: “We’re accepting apologies today, too, for anyone who feels the grace in offering them.”  (Quick clip 30 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “No single person involved with @realDonaldTrump‘s presidential campaign in 2016 aided and abetted or worked with anybody from Russia. This report makes it very clear.”   (Quick clip 1:42)  CLICK HERE
  • One America: Mueller Report Former CIA Agent: FBI Failed To Follow Law When It Spied On Trump Campaign  (Quick clip 2:17)  With Jack Posobiec  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: Today, I was thrilled to host the @WWP Soldier Ride once again at the @WhiteHouse. We were all deeply honored to be in the presence of TRUE AMERICAN HEROES….  (Video 33:39) CLICK HERE    – To watch at WhatFinger vids not Twitter, CLICK HERE 
  • Made me smile – This kid understands the joy of stacking blocks  lol  CLICK HERE

  • President Trump speaks to U.S. veterans just before Mueller report is released  CLICK HERE
  • AG Barr holds news conference on release of Mueller report  CLICK HERE  – – – Political revelations and the beginning of the end for Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Comey and the rest of the coup plotters… (Thank God for President Trump!)

  • Twilight Zone – Another reality media view: Here is MSNBC in a near psychotic and deluded clip against Trump after Barr’s conference today. This is why this supposed news station is dying.  Vid at Whatfinger vids  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Rep. Nadler reacts to release of redacted Mueller report (Press Conference)  CLICK HERE
  • 45 second Tweeted clip from Ryan at Daily Wire – showing CNN admitting reality for a brief few seconds. Mary Katharine Ham: “I hope nobody missed leg day because carrying these goal posts are going to be very heavy… There was no collusion.”   CLICK HERE

You ever see the height difference?  Look at photo –

  • Quick smile: Super cat is here to help the kitty (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile:  ‘We got this – team work’ (fast 10 sec gif)  CLICK HERE
  • James O’Keefe: Project Veritas WINS defamation case from union president who said “I will kick your f***ing ass.” The federal order judged video as REAL, did not violate privacy, AND was not edited out of context. “Court will grant summary judgement in favor of Project Veritas and O’Keefe.”  (Quick clip 2:20)  CLICK HERE
  • Candace Owens: One of the greatest honors of my political career was this opportunity to sit across from @larryelder and just LEARN. If you haven’t seen this yet, you will definitely want to watch this in its entirety.  (Quick clip 1:35)  CLICK HERE

  • James Woods: She is beyond entertaining when let out of the kennel by her handlers. She wants to impeach the President for a bill that was written and passed by both houses of Congress. She has the brain of a tea biscuit. (Quick clip 42 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Advice in 45 secs from Larry Elder: with the mic drop of all mic drops – CLICK HERE
  • Lowlife scammers or what? Remember them? American Military: NJ woman pleads guilty in $400K GoFundMe scam with homeless vet Johnny Bobbitt  CLICK HERE

  • Charlie Kirk – For days we have been told to feel bad for Ilhan Omar because she minimized 9/11 and said ant-Jewish comments No one should be threatened, ever This is Candace Owens. The left attempted to PHYSICALLY prevent her from entering her speech Media ignores (Video 11 min)  CLICK HERE 
  • Quick smile or a tear up – Love these – He thought his brother’s Marine hat was the surprise Watch what happens when he turns around God Bless all that serve in the Armed Forces  (Quick clip 1 minute)  CLICK HERE

Vids Picks Today…

  • Fox News: Tucker’s show (Video) – Dean Cain: This new stance on abortion is so extreme, it’s frightening  CLICK HERE
  • ABC News  (Left Wing No Politics): Vet who crawled across Boston finish line gets a surprise (Vid at Whatfinger Vids)  CLICK HERE
  • Press Conference: Pompeo & State Dept Staff holds press briefing after Trump overrules Congress’ Yemen resolution  CLICK HERE
  • BBC World: In 360: Notre-Dame cathedral before the fire – BBC News (fast 1:31 min vid)  CLICK HERE

  • Matt Gaetz: I’m on the southern border of the United States in Arizona looking at the construction and infrastructure technology that allows workers to secure our border. #BuildTheWall @RepAndyBiggsAZ   (Quick clip 1:40)  CLICK HERE
  • You all heard Neil? Neil Cavuto Hangs Up on Catholic League’s Bill Donohue During Interview About Notre Dame “Just last month, a 17th-century church was set on fire in Paris. We’ve seen tabernacles knocked down, crosses have been torn down, statues” – Donohue stated  (Quick clip 1:30)  CLICK HERE

  • Cavuto hung up on his caller as Smith did for saying the same thing  (Quick clip 1:30)  CLICK HERE   – posting this in center as well. 
  • Paul Joseph Watson: A brief summary of who is responding to the tragic Notre Dame fire with ‘smiley faces’ on Facebook. Appalling.  (Quick clip 1:01)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile – he didn’t see this coming.  (fast cute gif) CLICK HERE


  • Vid Picks: Go to Whatfinger Vids Daily CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Notre Dame’s mournful remains seen in haunting new images (Fast 1 minute  info vid – great shots and video)  CLICK HERE
  • DC Shorts: Bernie Sanders Fox News Town Hall Highlights  CLICK HERE
  • Fox Business: Nearly $700M donated to restore Notre Dame Cathedral  CLICK HERE

  • BBC World: Notre-Dame fire: Millions pledged to rebuild cathedral  CLICK HERE
  • TRT News: Indonesia Election: More than 192M Indonesians registered to vote  CLICK HERE

  • You see what Candace is going through in Philadelphia? Charlie Kirk described this as ‘WOW! Leftist thugs inspired by Democrat leaders like Eric Holder and Maxine Waters harass @RealCandaceO in the streets as she calmly tries to enter UPenn to give a speech This is the face of the Democrat party Despicable and evil!’  Antifa is here!! Enjoy this video of the neo-KKK stalking and harassing me as I try to invite a group of peaceful black students into my event at UPENN. The Democrat’s domestic terrorist arm strike again! Too bad we will NEVER BACK DOWN. WE WILL BE FREE.  (Quick clip 1:50)  CLICK HERE
  • RS: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocks socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Lesley Stahl: “You have these wings– AOC, and her group on one side” Pelosi: “That’s like five people”  (Quick clip 53 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Paul Joseph Watson: Wow, another Democrat goes full alt-right. Cory Booker admits releasing illegal immigrants in “sanctuary cities” would “make us less safe”.  (Quick clip 40 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Rep Gaetz: It is outrageous that NY state lawmakers voted against expanding college tuition for Gold Star families while adding more entitlements for illegal immigrants. This is a magnet that draws people across our borders illegally and it’s just bad governance.  (Quick clip 33 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Just interesting: This virtual reality explorer is like giving a cat a digital X-RAY credit :NOW THIS  (Clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Citizen Donald Trump at Ground Zero. President Donald Trump Being Interviewed On Ground Zero Days After 9/11 This Is REAL Leadership (Quick clip 1:23)  CLICK HERE

Vid Picks April 15, 2019

  • President Trump: Participates in a Roundtable Discussion on the Economy and Tax Reform  CLICK HERE
  • Fox Business: Maria Bartiromo interviews Mnuchin: Weaponizing the IRS is dangerous  CLICK HERE
  • USA Today: Tiger Woods Winning The Masters Is A Story For The Ages  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Democrats unhappy with Trump’s sanctuary city plan  CLICK HERE

  • BBC World (British): Brexit: How do you delay leaving? (Fast vid)  CLICK HERE
  • TRT World (Turkish): Libya on the Brink: Pro-govt forces shoot down LNA jet near Tripoli  CLICK HERE
  • RT News (Russian): EU election conundrum: Guess what… it’s all about ‘RUSSIA  CLICK HERE
  • More vids see video section straight down or CLICK HERE for WF Vids Daily

  • Quick cute break – Baby Golden Possum. CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile....  just driving along and you see this guy…lol  CLICK HERE
  • Blaze TV: Shocked  lol.  Attorney General William Barr stuns Democrats, reveals he believes “spying” on Trump campaign “did occur.” “I think spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur.”  (Quick clip 3 mins)  CLICK HERE

  • Trish Regan: LIBERAL policies gone wild – more than a dozen states are offering ILLEGAL immigrants in-state college tuition. They are using TAXPAYER money to foot the bill, so illegals can go to college?! What about the AMERICAN kids whose families can’t afford it, watch:  (Quick clip 1:02)  CLICK HERE
  • LOL  Paul Joseph Watson: Please tell me this is a troll. (Seriously! – these peopel are out there – trailer is great but….   (Quick clip 2:20)  CLICK HERE
  • Ryan Saavedra: Democrat Eric Swalwell admits he supports eliminate private insurance  (Quick clip 2:36)  CLICK HERE
  • BREAKING: Tigers Woods wins the Masters for the 5th time  CLICK HERE

  • WOW – Candace in 1:27 destroys the left in Congress. AWESOME! If there is one clip that I wish every Black American could watch, this would be it. I will never stop fighting for the freedom of black minds.  (Quick clip) CLICK HERE
  • Never Forget: Never Forget these Palestinians cheering, trilling and handing out candy to celebrate the murderous September 11, 2001 attacks. “Some people did something” – Rep. Ilhan Omar  (Quick clip 1:56)  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “From the moment President @realDonaldTrump was elected, [Democrats] wanted to impeach him.”  (Quick clip 49 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • James Woods: Don’t listen to pundits. Judge for yourself..  (Omar fast vid 1:03)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote of the Day Runner Up: Charlie Kirk: Net worth before running for President: Trump family: $4.5 billion Obama – $3 million Clinton – $480,000 Today:  (Might shock you) CLICK HERE

  • Why everyone should carry: This is exactly why people should carry… Not everyone is able to eliminate an armed criminal while unarmed themself like @AlexErnst did. You never know when your life will be at risk.  (Quick clip 10 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • The Blaze: WATCH: The moment @VP Mike Pence stares down Venezuelan ambassador and tells him: “You don’t belong here.”  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile or laugh – these people are out there!  lol  (Quick clip 1 min)  CLICK HERE

  • White House: The White House gardens are in full bloom for this weekend’s garden tours! Stop by and discover the beauty of the South Grounds  (Quick clip 39 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: BEST TRUMP IMPRESSION  (Quick clip 57 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • White House: Watch LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks on United States 5G Deployment  CLICK HERE
  • Dept of State: .@SecPompeo: The @realDonaldTrump Administration believes our two nations – and the rest of the Americas – have an incredible opportunity: the chance to cement a future of democracy, prosperity, and peace for this hemisphere. The chance is ours to seize or squander. (Fast 33 sec clip)  CLICK HERE

  • Look at the volcano  (Quick 5 sec gif)  CLICK HERE
  • PJ Watson: NO, @AOC – criticizing your dumb statements isn’t “incitement” to anything. Feigning permanent victimhood doesn’t shield you from being challenged on your relentless idiocy.  (Quick clip 1:18)  CLICK HERE
  • Nigel Farage: We deserve so much better than the politicians we currently have. Britain needs The Brexit Party, and The Brexit Party needs you.  (Quick clip 1:42)  CLICK HERE
  • Tucker: Assange embarrassed virtually everyone in power in Washington and humiliated Hillary Clinton. Pretty much everyone in Washington has reason to hate Julian Assange  (Quick clip 32 secs)  CLICK HERE

Favorite Mueller shirt still… (I had a real lol when I first saw it, along with a few glasses of wine that night. This was hilarious…)



  • Stop or I’ll say stop again! “If documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow… there’s going to be hell to pay by Wednesday morning.”  said Nunes YESTERDAY with Maria Bartiromo  (VIDEO fast 4:32)  If it were only true… the DOJ and FBI are laughing at all American citizens, Congress and Trump.  They are the Deep State and do as they please – obviously. Trump is the ONLY person with the power to stop this.  Let’s see TODAY – right?  Or yet another day of ‘Stop, or I’ll say stop again, and again and again….  CLICK HERE

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Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • ABC 13: Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home  CLICK HERE
  • Our Two Faced con-artist Ex President caught on video: Barack Obama Claims Jobs Donald Trump’s Created! Share Obama’s ‘flip-flop’ with your friends!    CLICK HERE

  • At The Revolution, Allen West.  Inspiring from the start. I love this guy! A True patriot.  CLICK HERE
  • Democrats all admit they agree with Trump on the border. (VIDEO by Mark Dice)  Will show you how fake the left is with their own words.  Spread this around…  (CLICK HERE for fast 3:30 video)
  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – many of the pigs with kneeling issues in the NFL are felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – maybe Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE

  • James Woods reposted this.  Quick 25 second video that just makes me smile.  An oldie but a goodie for sure.   CLICK HERE
  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

  • SHOCKING STUPIDITY: Dumb French family doesn’t get what a Safari Park is.   Video is fast – a few minutes and sets stage for their stupidity as Germans laughed at first, then this gets very serious.  –CLICK HERE
  • This is a bug out! They just showed this on the Five on Fox as well.  America’s newest internet debate: Is it ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?  Listen to it (fast – seconds) and you decide.  People actually hear two different names depending on whether you are a high freq person or low.  AMAZING and shows you how possibly people you argue or debate with can actually not hear what you are saying.  Makes you seriously think after you fight and debate others.  CLICK HERE
  • It’s dinner time, damn it  (5 second clip) – made me laugh CLICK HERE     (Link fixed thanks to reader Gregg S on 12/30)
  • Obama,  among his many many crimes against America he ALSO robbed taxpayers by using the DOJ to sue companies all over the nation, then dropping lawsuits when they contributed to communist/progressive groups all over. This …providing them a war chest they now use against Trump. Insidious left – here’s a FLASHBACK Fox Video on it if you missed it CLICK HERE
  • Old Favorite: Liberals Taxing The Rich  CLICK HERE


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