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LN Radio 4/18/21 – Trump The Rock Vs. McConnell The Hard Place - Tim Donner - Liberty Nation 👍
Twitter Censors Spooked By CNN Fake News Confession - James Fite - Liberty Nation 👍

Worldometer: Excellent info on one page. 

U.S. News… 4/18

Politics USA… 4/18

Canadian Dictatorship Rising

Video - Bill Maher (HBO) slams Liberals while praising Texas and Florida COVID responses - (He hits many topics - sounds almost Republican huh! Bravo - for this Leftist - very rare - Sgt Pat) 🔥
Biden Finally Admits That The Border Crisis That Has Erupted Under His Presidency Is A ‘Crisis’ - Ryan Saavedra - Daily Wire 👍

The Wuhan Coronavirus - stats, links.

  • April 18, 2021 – Casualties of the Chinese Communist Party (141,015,440 Total Cases) – (3,014,805 Admitted Deaths) –
  • 31,666,205 Cases In U.S.A and 567,198 U.S. deaths – Click this link for real-time updates – CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: U.S. Cases At a Glance (Stats and info per state)  CLICK HERE
  • 34,031 total deaths by ONLY Coronavirus in the U.S. – Only 6% of deaths are by people who have no other factors, like gunshot wounds, motorcycle accidents, heart or lung conditions. Fact checks lying about what this means. Seems simple – 94% of deaths ALL have other issues plus Coronavirus. Here are some supposed ‘fact checks’ that dance around the numbers 1. Reuters  2. Telegram 

Land of Opportunity? Many Pregnant Women Now Crossing the Border into the U.S. to Sell Their Babies - Conservative Choice Campaign ✔
THE WEEK IN PICTURES: RIOT PRESEASON EDITION - Powerline Blog - Huge page of humor we link to weekly 👍
SUNDAY FUNNIES - Burning Platform post we link to weekly 😂
Watch: TOP 10 MEMES The Age of Absolutism – Watch MAGA - We leave this up until new one on Mondays 🔥
Psycho SCOTUS Scheme, More Minnesota Mayhem, and Vexing Vaccine Verdict: The Week in Review - Blue State Conservative ⚡

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