March 19, 2019 –   Trump Administration Day 788     – – –      Welcome and thank you for visiting Whatfinger News.   – – –  (This history ticker updates after 8 am ET)   Today through time in American history: 1822 Boston is incorporated as a city   – – – 1903 The U.S. Senate ratifies the Cuban treaty, gaining naval bases in Guantanamo and Bahia Honda   – – –   1916 The First Aero Squadron takes off from Columbus, NM to join Gen. John J. Pershing and his Punitive Expedition against Pancho Villa in Mexico   – – –  1918 Congress authorizes Daylight Savings Time   – – –   1920 The U.S. Senate rejects the Versailles Treaty for the second time   – – –   1924 U.S. troops are rushed to Tegucigalpa as rebel forces take the Honduran capital   – – – 
1931 The state of Nevada legalizes gambling   – – –   1963 In Costa Rica, President John F. Kennedy and six Latin American presidents pledge to fight Communism   – – –  2003 – Today the war on Iraq begins 
Today in World History:  1687 The French explorer La Salle is murdered by his own men while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico  – – –  1702 On the death of William III of Orange, Anne Stuart, sister of Mary, succeeds to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland   – – –  1945 General Fromm executed for plot against Hitler   – – –  1945 Adolf Hitler orders a scorched-earth policy for his retreating German armies in the west and east   – – –  1947 Chiang Kai-Shek’s government forces take control of Yenan, the former headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party   – – – 

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  • Newsbusters: Ted Koppel: Trump’s ‘Not Mistaken’ That Liberal Media Are Blatantly ‘Out to Get Him’  CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters: Breitbart’s Pollak Nukes CNN’s Avlon for Botched ‘Reality Check’  CLICK HERE
  • NY Times:  (Paywall): A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Post: (PAYWALL)  Trump response to New Zealand attacks highlights his fraught history with Muslims CLICK HERE
  • CNN: Satellite images show Nebraska and Iowa rivers swallowing towns CLICK HERE
  • NBC: A big brother, a refugee, a keen horse rider: Victims of mosque attacks mourned  CLICK HERE
  • Politico: Warren calls for ‘full-blown conversation about reparations’  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Kos: Alabama women’s clinic facing another blow in the fight to eliminate abortion rights  CLICK HERE


Top World News - By Nation - Top Stories

  • Fox News: The Latest: Taliban attack kills 22 Afghan forces  CLICK HERE
  • The Local (GERMAN):
    Hundreds of mourners attend funeral of neo-Nazi figure in Chemnitz   CLICK HERE
  • France 24 (FRENCH):
    Nigeria’s Abubakar files legal challenge to presidential vote result  CLICK HERE
  • Times of Israel  (ISRAELI):
    Palestinians in Gaza resume night time border protests  CLICK HERE
  • BBC World News (BRITISH):
    Ardern vows never to say gunman’s name  CLICK HERE
    Can Europe pay the price of following the US’ Huawei boycott?  CLICK HERE
  • RT News: Serbian anti-govt protesters break through police cordon & block presidential palace (VIDEO)  CLICK HERE
  • Korea Times (South Korean):
    US, North Korea trying to get ‘sequencing’ right in nuclear talks: Pompeo  CLICK HERE
  • DW (GERMAN): NZ PM vows mosque gunman will remain ‘nameless’  CLICK HERE

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  • Don Surber:  What’s with Kellyanne Conway’s husband?  (Also posted in center)  CLICK HERE
  • Hard Nox & Friends:  Transcript of Bruce Ohr’s August 2018 Testimony Before House Committees  CLICK HERE
  • Pirates Cove: Surprise: Solving ‘Climate Change’ Requires Ending Capitalism  CLICK HERE
  • Behind The Black:  If you are into NASA, Space exploration, ships, etc,  this blog has it all. Latest news on telescopes and rovers and launches.  CLICK HERE

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  • France 24 (French): FRANCE 24 Live – International Breaking News & Top stories – 24/7 stream  CLICK HERE
  • TRT News (Turkish): Watch TRT World  CLICK HERE
  • RT News (Russian): RT News: On-air livestream 24/7 (HD)  CLICK HERE
  • DW (German): DW Live – World News & Current Affairs from the Heart of Europe  CLICK HERE
  • ABC (Australia): ABC News 24 goes live  CLICK HERE
  • CGTN (Chinese): CGTN Live  CLICK HERE

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Latest news update on site: 10:20 pm ET –  March 19, 2019 

WATCH: Trump, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro hold joint press conference  CLICK HERE

  • Fox News: (Video 12:24) Brazile: We need to find cleaner sources of energy  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Bernie Sanders adviser posed as independent journalist to attack 2020 rivals  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: People who smoke high-intensity pot every day more likely to develop psychosis: study  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Examiner: Cory Booker tweets a lot about ‘breaking up’ with sleep, hooking up with coffee  CLICK HERE
  • Zerohedge: Weather Patterns Gone Crazy: Nebraska Flooding Breaks 17 Records, Farmers Absolutely Devastated  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Native-American inmates win right to keep long hair in Texas prison  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: GOP lawmakers fight Dems’ push to add extra Supreme Court seats  CLICK HERE

  • Independent Sentinel: ‘Moderate’ Beto Says It’s “Wise” to “Abolish” the Electoral College  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Jared Kushner ‘hung up’ after being told to treat John McCain with respect: Book  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: GOP rep to introduce constitutional amendment to limit Supreme Court seats to 9  CLICK HERE
  • AP News (Left Wing): Facebook to overhaul ad targeting to prevent discrimination  CLICK HERE

  • Breitbart News: Poll: Joe Biden Has Nearly a Double-Digit Lead in 2020 Democrat Primaries  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times: Trump says he was ‘never a fan’ of John McCain, defends tweets  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Beto O’Rourke says there is ‘a lot of wisdom’ in calls to abolish the Electoral College, cites Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: (Video 4:06): Rep. Jim Jordan on departures of prosecutors from Robert Mueller’s team  CLICK HERE

  • ABC News (Left Wing): West Virginia’s attorney general alleges Catholic Church allowed abusive priests to teach in schools  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Top Trump economist: Tax cuts powering economy despite global slowdown  CLICK HERE
  • Neon Nettle: Pope Refuses to Accept Resignation of Cardinal Convicted of Sex Abuse Cover-Up  CLICK HERE
  • National Sentinel: Trump campaign chief Parscale unloads on Kellyanne’s husband: ‘He’s jealous of her success!’  CLICK HERE

  • Independent Sentinel: Bernie Hires Adviser Who Glorified Chavez’s “Economic Miracle”  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Trump vows to look into Facebook move on Scavino   CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Turkey’s terror sponsorship is worse than imagined  CLICK HERE
  • Epoch Times: EXCLUSIVE: Eduardo Bolsonaro: Extend the Brazilian Miracle and Stop Socialism Worldwide: (a congressman in Brazil and the son of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is in DC now meeting with Trump)  CLICK HERE

  • Reuters News: U.S. Supreme Court gives Trump victory on immigration detention  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: (Video 7:55) Bill Bennett: There’s a reason for the Electoral College  CLICK HERE
  • AP News (Left Wing): US-backed force says it captured IS camp in Syria  CLICK HERE
  • New York Post: FBI was investigating Cohen a year before raid, released documents show  CLICK HERE

  • USA Today: These are the best and worst airlines in the U.S., according to new ranking  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Beck to Hannity: ‘We are officially at the end of the country as we know it’ if Trump loses in 2020 (Posted on top)  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Donald Trump slams Kellyanne Conway’s husband as ‘total loser’  CLICK HERE
  • National Sentinel: Guess who sent 120,000 Californians ‘of color’ to jail on her watch? Kamala Harris  CLICK HERE

  • Fox News: Rosenstein hanging on at DOJ amid Mueller probe wind-down, despite plans to leave by now  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Trump brandishes anti-socialism message as political weapon in 2020 campaign  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: California’s early primary poised to pull 2020 Democrats further left  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Court-packing becomes new litmus test on left  CLICK HERE

  • Fox News: National Enquirer paid brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend $200,000 for text messages: WSJ  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Netflix says it will not join Apple TV service  CLICK HERE
  • SCMP (Chinese): Almost 1,000 Chinese cities are shrinking, satellite imagery reveals  CLICK HERE
  • San Francisco Chronicle: SF meets Andrew Yang, a presidential candidate who’s attracting support from Millennials CLICK HERE

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  • Rep Gaetz: Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s text messages show there is clear bias against President Trump in the Mueller investigation. The Mueller witch hunt is built on nothing more than a House of Cards.  (Quick clip 1:25)  CLICK HERE
  • White House: “Today the United States and Brazil are the two largest democracies and economies in the Western Hemisphere . . . And we have a truly historic chance to forge even stronger ties between our two great nations.” — President Trump  (Quick clip 1 min)  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “You look at things like the Green New Deal—$93 trillion. It would cost every household in this country $600,000 a piece, which I think most people would say…they cannot get behind. It all sounds good in theory, but it would bankrupt this country.”  (Quick clip 53 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • White House posted: Maria Bartiromo clip: Maybe the best stat of the entire Trump Economy: 73% of Americans getting a job are coming off of the sidelines!  (Quick clip 45 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Ryan Saavedra: Democrat Beto O’Rourke says he supports third term abortions, which includes abortion all the way up until the moment of birth A Gallup poll from last year found that only 13% of Americans support third term abortions  (Quick clip 49 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Oops, right? Sure….  John Stosssel: The Fake News Media has NEVER been more Dishonest or Corrupt than it is right now. There has never been a time like this in American History. Very exciting but also, very sad! Fake News is the absolute Enemy of the People and our Country itself!  CLICK HERE 
  • Quote of the Day Runner up: President Trump: Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats. But fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before! #MAGA   QUOTE

  • President Trump posted this INCREDIBLE interview with Levin (Bill Bennett 7:28)  so good making it the tweeted vid of the day. (Video 7:28)  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: While the press doesn’t like writing about it, nor do I need them to, I donate my yearly Presidential salary of $400,000.00 to different agencies throughout the year, this to Homeland Security. If I didn’t do it there would be hell to pay from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!  CLICK HERE
  • GOP – Sec Nielson: “There is no manufactured crisis on our southern border— there is a real-life humanitarian and security catastrophe.”  (Quick clip 2:34)  CLICK HERE   Spelling corrected thanks to reader Bill P.  Thank you! 

  • Tell me this wouldn’t make you stare if you saw it.  Goat was born deformed and learned to walk on its hind legs.  (Vid clip)  CLICK HERE
  • He just wanted to chill  lol  CLICK HERE– –  I admire such people since I could never do it. Heights scare me. 
  • Holy Cow – this is the longest ski jump in history – (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE

One of the greatest cartoon artists on the right or libertarian is Ben Garrison.  He  has a way of drawing what we all think and feel and we need to support such artists on the right, especially of this quality. He has a project out on Indiego – which is a platform for independent artists.  The man does INCREDIBLE work and we will be posting his cartoons here daily.  Check this out – CLICK HERE  or click his banner below.

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  • Daily Mail (Left Wing): Trump calls George Conway ‘a total loser’ and 2020 campaign chief says he’s ‘jealous’ of wife Kellyanne’s success after outspoken lawyer claims president is mentally ill  CLICK HERE
  • Mediaite (Left Wing): George Conway Fires Back at Trump By Sharing Symptoms For Narcissistic Personality Disorder  CLICK HERE
  • USA Today (Left Wing): Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi pushes back on Democratic critics of her impeachment stance  CLICK HERE
  • Reuters News: Trump forges bond with Brazil’s Bolsonaro in White House visit  CLICK HERE

  • Fox News: Democrats’ calls to revamp Electoral College, Supreme Court reveal panic: Lara Trump  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: Progressive Crimes: Does The Left See The Law In A Different Light?  CLICK HERE
  • NOQ Report: Glenn Greenwald: ‘Why would you leave in place somebody controlled by the Kremlin for two years if you really believed it?’  CLICK HERE
  • Neon Nettle: Pro-Trump Latinos Stun CNN: We Want a ‘Longer and Taller’ Wall  CLICK HERE

  • Thomson Reuters: People want higher taxes on rich, better welfare – 21-country OECD survey  CLICK HERE
  • The Right Scoop: Facebook apologizes and explains what happened with Trump’s social media chief  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Free Beacon: Congress Unloads on Pro-Iran Deal Forces in Trump Administration  CLICK HERE
  • CNS News: Warren Explains Her Immigration Control Policy: More Money for Central America  CLICK HERE

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Business & Money

  • CNBC: FedEx misses on earnings and slashes full-year guidance, citing slowing global trade — stock falls  (Also posted in center)  CLICK HERE
  • Fox Business: Midwest farmers’ struggles compounded by devastating floods  CLICK HERE
  • Yahoo News: The Great Debate: Are Cashless Stores Discriminating?  CLICK HERE
  • Miami Herald: US stocks give up an early rally, ending winning streak  CLICK HERE

Retirement Related…  

  • Yahoo Finance: Cutting these expenses can add $500K to retirement savings, study finds  CLICK HERE
  • USA Today: What to do if you’re forced to retire early because of health, job loss or family issues  CLICK HERE

  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
  • Stock Market Data – CNBC: CLICK HERE
  • Commodity Prices – NASDAQ: CLICK HERE
  • Dollar Collapse: Breaking News/Best Of The Web Business and finance links for today  CLICK HERE

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Top News Found On Military, War & Conflict

  • Warrior Maven: Attack Subs, AI, Hypersonics & Nukes – Why Some Weapons Got Budget Increase  CLICK HERE
  • Defense News: Once again, the US Navy looks to scrap its largest combatants to save money  CLICK HERE

  • American Military News: Taliban captures 58 Afghan security forces, defense ministry says  CLICK HERE
  • DoD Releases $6.7 Billion List of Projects That Could Be Bumped for Border Wall  CLICK HERE

  • March 19, 2019 –  Today in Military History: 2003  – War in Iraq begins  CLICK HERE
  • For much more that took place today in military history:  – CLICK HERE


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James Woods' Smack Down Tweets (until he is banned again, ENJOY!)

Lou Dobbs Of Fox Business - ALL of his vids and tweets!

ZeroHedge Today: All Of The Articles ...

Odd & Strange & Crazy News - You've been warned. Some stay a few days

  • AP News (Left Wing No Politics): Police: Person with unicorn costume, crowbar robs store  CLICK HERE
  • Mirror: Penis festival attracts thousands as giant phallus paraded through streets  CLICK HERE

  • New York Post: A mystery pooper is tormenting Broadway (Nut case out there on the loose – lol)  CLICK HERE
  • UPI News: Police officer gives treed cat a piggyback ride  CLICK HERE
  • Mirror: We’ve all been stirring our tea wrong – ‘correct’ method can make it taste better  CLICK HERE

  • AWESOME site for weird news (they are leftists though so you might want to ignore their descriptions at times, you can tell their bias easily)  FARK News  CLICK HERE
  • UPI Odd News: Another great site/page for weird news and not as leftist as the one above  CLICK HERE


Religion & Culture (Some items stay posted for days)

  • Christian Post: Christian journalist to be interrogated by police for ‘misgendering’ activist’s transgender child  CLICK HERE
  • Lifezette: Political Insider: World Mourns Those Lost in Mosque Shooting as Media Ignore Murdered Christians in Nigeria  CLICK HERE
  • Christian Post: Muslim prisoner supported by Trump evangelical adviser Johnnie Moore released from prison  CLICK HERE

  • We keep the following links here…for the time being
  • Take the quiz to find out Bibleline Ministries – ‘Am I going to Heaven?’  CLICK HERE
  • Project Real News – Jam packed with culture and religion news    CLICK HERE
  • M E S S I A H In Both Testaments:  By FRED JOHN MELDAU ABSOLUTE PROOF OF: The Fact of God, The Deity of Christ, The Truth of Christianity, The Inspiration of the Bible  CLICK HERE


Terror New Zealand (Links are now in bottom scoop section on left - bottom half of site. Click Soldier below for the banned video (Full version) - Banned on ALL Social Media

The Scoop (Top right of site sections) Many complain items do not last long enough there as we rotate them out.  Here we’ll put them and let them be for a day and up to a week or so depending on popularity, rotating them down and deleting the older scoop items as we replace.  So obviously, news below will not always be timely. The gifs and comics and jokes and such are good any time of course and the further you go down the page in this section below, the further you go back in time…

  • Reader Sina H sent this in – Quick Smile: Goats are such fun to watch.  (Fast gif of them balancing, playing)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile – or just info.  We’ve all bowled before, I bet you never saw how the pins are organized in the machine. Pretty cool.  (Quick gif 10 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Humor: If Titanic happened today, the dead bodies would be collected with lots of video, anyone doubt it? (Cartoon below)

  • Very well trained: South Korean Seals knife fighting (fast gif) CLICK HERE– with all of the talk in Asia, many do not know that South Korea would win any war with North Korea, without nukes involved.  Seriously, Seoul the city is in trouble due to proximity to the North, but the miliary in South Korea would annihilate the North even now.  (STATS and info Vid) CLICK HERE    – Freedom is a wonderful thing. 
  • Fishiest Story of the day that supposedly is legit: Anything can happen, but…  NY Daily News (Left Wing): Virginia woman handcuffed behind her back committed suicide by shooting herself through mouth: police  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump tweeted this AWESOME video by Maria Bartiromo on Fox.  She is the best, seriously, if you watch her show, at least the Sunday one, you can catch up on any missed news and know more than 99% of people who watch MSNBC or CNN fake news.   (Video 7:31)  CLICK HERE

  • Rep Matt Gaetz: Venezuela went Socialist on the promise of redistributed wealth. Now, before our very eyes, we’re seeing Venezuela transition from the jewel of Latin America to a failed state. #SOSVenezuela  (Quick clip 32 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • In 1880 – This is the very first photo of a cat ever taken  CLICK HERE
  • Jack Posobiec One America News: March of the moronic Banana people on Tucker’s house, if you can believe it.  Try not to laugh.  (Quick clip 1:55)  CLICK HERE

  • Moronic or simply evil Dems want this to vote ONLY because they want stupid or uninformed voters they can manipulate and lie to.  Do we really want citizens who are not legal yet, who are basically the property of their parents for a few more years – voting?  (Fast clip of 16 year olds 1 minute)  CLICK HERE 
  • President Trump posted this clip from Fox & Friends: (Quick clip 2:14)  CLICK HERE
  • Melania Trump: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Quick clip 33 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quote of the Day: President Trump: What the Democrats have done in trying to steal a Presidential Election, first at the “ballot box” and then, after that failed, with the “Insurance Policy,” is the biggest Scandal in the history of our Country!  QUOTE
  • Dumbest Quote Of The Day: It was my understanding that there would be no math  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “This is something we are not used to…to have this kind of support. What we say in AZ, this is not about immigration anymore. This is about drug trafficking & human trafficking into this country. If you care about human rights, you should absolutely care about border security.”  (Quick clip 46 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Laugh Time: (Newer items today are below this) We keep these links here until Monday afternoon and post weekly.  Unless you are in serious pain, something on these pages will make you have a wonderful laugh.   Powerline: THE WEEK IN PICTURES: VARSITY BLUES EDITION  CLICK HERE
  • Nox & Friends: Funny Friday  (full page of humor posted every Fri)  CLICK HERE
  • John Stossel: The Southern Poverty Law Center claims it protects us from ”hate groups”. But it’s a scam… a money grabbing slander machine:  (Video 5:31)  CLICK HERE     –  posting this in center as well.  It is AWESOME and smacks down what Tucker calls ‘a hate group’ the SPLC.  Stossel sheds some light, save this.  Media outlets use the SPLC to censor content on MANY SITES – all in this video. 

  • Trish on Fox: We MUST stay committed to the end of #Maduro’s BRUTAL socialist regime. He MUST step aside so that #Democracy can be restored in #Venezuela. And for countries like #China that want to STICK IT to the U.S. by supporting a dictator?! SHAME ON YOU!  (Quick clip 3:32)  CLICK HERE

  • The Blaze: Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton: is suing the DOJ “for all of Rod Rosenstein’s communications around the firing of James Comey & the appt of Special Counsel Mueller.” @TomFitton says it will ABSOLUTELY reveal collusion against @realDonaldTrump (PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!)  (Quick clip 2:11)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote of the Day: President Trump: Google is helping China and their military, but not the U.S. Terrible! The good news is that they helped Crooked Hillary Clinton, and not Trump….and how did that turn out?  QUOTE    

  • Mark Dice: It’s about time a late night tv host finally did something funny! (Quick clip 2:02)  CLICK HERE  
  • Mark full well knows that if Beto were the ONLY candidate, late night would never make fun of him. The left sees this as a war and they are playing for keeps. This skit is funny since the wealthy born ‘Master’ Beto is a clown with a clown past.  But never ever forget, these bozos on the left act in concert.  They are out to destroy our nation and morality (no borders, kill born babies etc), and whomever the Republican is, they will dive into his past and go for the kill.  If he is squeeky clean, they can still come up with a handful of activists to say he or she raped them, insulted them, molested them etc).  The Democrat, hell, he/she can kills someone (Like Kennedy) and still get most media behind him.  Forget about being born in another nation, or like Dem candidates now – they want to destroy all freedom with the Green New Communist deal,  that’s all good for the corrupt media. 
  • Media: ‘Yay, we want communism.’ Let’s just make it look good (Like chocolate covered sh*t) – Might smell good and look like chocolate, but bite into it and you’ll be spitting out sh*t.  This is why they want us disarmed, to force you, your children and grandchildren to eat the sh*t and not be able to fight back.   Mark full well knows – his latest book is AWESOME by the way  –  The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “$93 trillion is the price tag on this. It’s crazy…I kind of wonder who gave the Democrats the shovel & told them to start digging because this kind of stuff to the average American seems so crazy and so out of touch with anything day-to-day that they care about.”  (Quick clip 43 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Fox – Trish Regan: AOC and #IlhanOmar are QUESTIONING America’s motive in #Venezuela-even suggesting #POTUS is LYING about the humanitarian crisis. WRONG-protests broke out in Venezuela because #Maduro REFUSED to let aid enter the country. STOP peddling these disgusting conspiracy theories!  (Quick vid 3:23)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Welcome home my human  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile: Boing boing  bark bark.  lol  (Fast gif 6 seconds)  CLICK HERE
  • Ever see an iceberg flip over? Check this out (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “My son was killed in 2014 by a repeat illegal alien criminal allowed to stay in the country. He was a police officer in Mesa, AZ. Angel Families come forward to tell our stories not b/c we’ve created a manufactured crisis…We want to tell the American people what is happening.”  (Quick clip 34 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • James Woods: Let slip the dogs of war, Lin Wood…  (AWESOME VIDEO – Fast and MUST SEE) (Quick clip 2:03)  CLICK HERE
  • Breaking: Massive fire at Phillips 66 oil refinery in Carson, California.  (Quick clip 16 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • PragerU: The whole point of America is that we are all Americans—with NO regard for race. Race is, and should be, meaningless. Values matter. Race does not. Watch the full episode:  (Quick clip 1:59)  CLICK HERE

  • We have an AG – a real AG! Good feelings on this one in the coming weeks. he got rid of the corrupt henchman of Mueller, what’s next.  Tick Tock as Hannity loves to say.  Now he backs Trump on border   – – –  Gateway Pundit: BREAKING: Attorney General Bill Barr Defends President Trump in Oval Office “Your Declaration of Border Emergency is CLEARLY AUTHORIZED” (VIDEO)  CLICK HERE
  • Dan Bongino: CNN is becoming entirely irrelevant in the news business. Look at this chart. CNN owns the basement.  CLICK HERE
  • Lou Dobbs: Tom Homan: @POTUS is doing everything legally to protect the nation. Today he proved that he’ll fight anyone including those in GOP to do what’s right for America. That’s what makes a great president (Quick clip 52 secs)  CLICK HERE

Please Note: As usual media blames Trump and are calling this nut a right wing racist.  Well – his manifesto says he is an ECO-Terrorist Racist who admires communist China (Believes Global Warming will starve us all soon) – in other words – this ‘right winger’  can easily be a leftist Antifa –  Hmmm.  Read his twisted manifesto yourself.  CLICK HERE     (Greg S helped fix our typos! Thank you)

  • This vid clip this animal took on scene  (like a video game to him – VERY Disturbing – WARNING(Quick clip 45 secs – the FULL VIDEO is link BELOW THIS even after people lay dying this animal shot some more)  CLICK HERE– They are removing this clip from the net so watch
  • For the complete and full 16:56 minute video by this maniac CLICK HERE  – too many outlets are deleting the video so it should be safe here  🙂 at our friends at Trending Videos  CLICK HERE

  • Heartbreaking interview with an eyewitness (Quick clip 2:11)  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail: FORTY-NINE worshippers are slaughtered and dozens injured at two New Zealand mosques after Trump-supporting white supremacist opens fire and live-streams the massacre: Woman and three men – including one in a suicide vest – are arrested  CLICK HERE   (Can you believe how the left adds ‘Trump’ to a terror attack around the planet?) Its in the title on homepage (Still at 8:53 am ET CLICK HERE) – title changes after you click story on homepage.   – –    Reader Greg S sent over the following. Screnshot showing this fake title (archived) so they can’t delete it.   CLICK HERE

  • DISGUSTING Leftist attack on Trump using this attack –   Anything to connect Trump to this nut thousands of miles away. Newsbusters saw the first media attack on fake news CNN: CNN Guest Connects Trump to Mosque Shooting in New Zealand  CLICK HERE

  • President Trump: My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. The U.S. stands by New Zealand for anything we can do. God bless all! QUOTE
  • BBC Story & Video: Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks (BBC Interviews victims and more)  CLICK HERE

Want More? 

  • Milne News: Christchurch Mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant’s full manifesto CLICK HERE
  • NZ local site Stuff has this video. Police Presser – 41 at one Mosque and 7 at second.  (4:44) CLICK HERE

Disgusting Media Theme For The Day: It’s Trump’s fault.  Get it? The left fakes stories worldwide thast Trump is a White-Supremacist, idiots around the world watch CNN and their constant ‘Trump is a racist lies’ every day – and then now – they blame a terror attack on Trump because he references the fake white racist nonsense that media told him.  When in fact this looks to be a leftist shooter out to paint the right in a bad light. He even said ‘Watch PewDiePie” on the video – who is the top ‘conservative’ gamer and Youtuber on Earth with the largest following.  –  Forbes: PewDiePie ‘Sickened’ By Reference By Suspected Christchurch Gunman  CLICK HERE

  • Darwin Awards: Worked like a charm.  lol (Quick clip 19 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Lou Dobbs: “You have such a strong leader in President Trump who says, ‘I’m going to do it anyway. And here is the legal way to do it. I told the American people I was going to build a wall, secure our border, stop the drugs, stop trafficking.’ And he’s going to do it.”  (Quick clip 33 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Over a million Israelis had to run to bomb shelters last night. This is why: (Quick clip 1:07)  CLICK HERE
  • Israeli Defense Force: We hit 100 Hamas military targets in Gaza in response to the rockets they fired at Israeli civilians.  CLICK HERE

  • UNREAL – Caught on camera – happening thousands of times every few weeks  – and Dems say we don’t need a border? Are they are crack?  Take a look – Cx News: Mexicans breach the border into the US (via Mexican Andy on YouTube)  CLICK HERE
  • Dana at NRA TV: “These are individuals who claim that they cannot stand violence, but yet are eager to embrace violence as a way to shut down any kind of discussion where it concerns the #2A.” —@DLoesch (Quick clip 2:31)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote Of The Day: President Trump: The Democrats are “Border Deniers.” They refuse to see or acknowledge the Death, Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking at our Southern Border!  QUOTE   – I love how he uses the left’s language  lol.

  • Interesting – A shark embryo washed ashore – still inside.  Strange to see.  (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile – this kid has some magical moves, no?  Pretty professional act (Fast gif 10 secs)   CLICK HERE
  • I love Candace Owens, but seriously,  Candace and everyone, please curt the crap with videos where you are in bed almost naked and covered.  I like what she says but why? She couldn’t wait?  (Video 13:11) – all with Candace in bed.  Like what?  Love what she says though while still in the UK   – – –  CLICK HERE

  • You all saw that Truck thrown over by the wind? Like holy cow…  WATCH: Extreme winds caused by a bomb cyclone moving over 25 states blows over a semi-truck in Amarillo, Texas – NBCDFW  (Fast 20 sec clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Trish Regan: ONLY in #Venezuela does the head of the military have time to host a weekly FIVE HOUR LONG show, while the rest of his country suffers w/o BASIC necessities like food, water, and electricity. If he were smart, he would give up the military job and do the TV gig full time, watch:  (Quick clip 1:28)  CLICK HERE
  • Lou Dobbs: More drugs & dangerous people will come across. Our country is put at risk. We need border security. Trump is trying his best & Congress needs to get behind him  (Quick clip 1:55)  CLICK HERE
  • Patriot Retort: Beto Transitions  (lol)  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: Beto O’Rourke may be the left’s dream boy…but he’d be a nightmare for America.  (Quick clip 49 secs)  (Also posted in center)  CLICK HERE

  • We’ve all seen people with Japanese or Chinese character on tattoos. Did you know many times they are way off reality? Translation issues or – –   I had a friend named SuKwon who had a T-shirt shop in Brooklyn and who wrote ‘I’m an idiot’  and I’m so dumb’ on T-shirts in Chinese. We Americans bought them up thinking how cool they are.  Then he would smile when people walked by with a shirt on.   This reminds me of this – in China. They don’t all get English and they too wear what they think is ‘cool’ – the more English words the better.   Well….   lol   (Photo)  

  • This photo is so sci-fi – in Africa.  Looks like some strange alien world, right?  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: President Trump “Anybody going against border security, drug trafficking, human trafficking, that’s a bad vote… The Democrats, in order to make things difficult, they offer open borders, and they’re for crime. And the Republicans aren’t. (Quick clip 54 secs)  CLICK HERE   For the full 9 minute sessionCLICK HERE
  • Project Veritas: But wait, there’s more. Former Twitter engineer explained “the idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don’t know they’ve been banned.” Is that also “healthy conversation?’  CLICK HERE

  • Holy Crap – Dog got a shock  – Don’t mess with this Mommy  (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE   – – – what bothers me is the owner seems to be letting the dog go at the kittens.  What the hell?
  • 99% of leftists are like this as well as cowards –  Reader Nita sent it in  – ‘Internet people be like’   lol – kitten lol   Quick gif  CLICK HERE
  • Nigel Farage: The EU have pushed their luck too far and as a result @MichelBarnier still doesn’t have his £39bn of our money.  (Quick clip 3 mins)  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “I think overall, people have to look at their life now vs. 2 or 3 years ago. Are they doing better? Do they feel like their family has better opportunities?… I think people vote with their wallets…and they are going to vote for Donald Trump.”—@LaraLeaTrump  (Quick clip 56 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • James Woods: “The whole Russia scam is about to blow up in my lying face…” Fixed it for you, Shifty…  CLICK HERE
  • Mark Dice: Confessions of a Hollywood brat, whose mom bribed her way into college  (Quick clip 19 secs)  CLICK HERE  – these leftards all ‘expect’ everything done for them. No wonder so many are socialist nut cases.  This case of the fake SAT scores and admissions is a LEFTIST scam.  Hollywood leftist actors and actresses and leftist CEOs did this.  Let’s keep that in mind. 

  • President Trump: Comey testified (under oath) that it was a “unanimous” decision on Crooked Hillary. Lisa Page transcripts show he LIED  QUOTE
  • Cartoon of the day: No Crumbs For You (Branco) CLICK HERE
  • Cartoon of the day: Garrison: Maduro Caracas-es The Whip
  • Evil Blogger Lady (I love that name!) posted Tucker’s Video last night – A MUST SEE VID by the way, especially his open.  Take a look –  CLICK HERE

  • 22 Islamic Compounds training to kill us all.  mapped – we know where they are. Possibly in one coordinated attack.  Who knows, what we do know is the FBI knows and has done nothing. One America News (Quick clip 1:45)  CLICK HERE
  • James Woods: Is it just me or does anyone find this to be rather disturbing? Why isn’t a special prosecutor investigating this…?  LINK

  • Venezuelans are lining up for days to get into run down Hospitals. This is what Govt.  (Quick clip 22 secs)  CLICK HERE   These poor people are so desperate.  Never allow yourself and your fellow Americans to get this desperate. This ONLY comes in dictatorships – and to be one, they must take our right to bear arms.  You know how we feel.  I live in Texas,  we have a saying and we in Texas alone (seriously) have enough firepower to fight any dictatorship in DC.  Come 2020, if Trump can’t clamp down on social media and big tech, we are in for major trouble.  You think we Americans are docile.  lol –  these leftards really think in a million years that we would let them take our freedom and endanger the lives of our children and grandchildren.  Green Tyranny, yeah, right.

  • Holy Crap of the night – tell me this wouldn’t scare you at first glance. This is real too.  When the end times come and you are at WalMart.  (lol)  Posting this in center too.  (Quick clip 27secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Tris on Fox: Retired Maj. Gen. Bob Scales on socialist dictator #NicolasMaduro calling for his paramilitary groups… Cuban-backed THUGS known as Colectivos… to take matters into their own hands, watch:  (Quick clip 1:25)  CLICK HERE

  • Judicial Watch on Fox: Tom Fitton, a hero to many of us in the military.  yeah, he’s helped with Veterans, and a lot! Lisa Page’s testimony confirms that key FBI officials did bend over backwards to protect Hillary Clinton. This shows the Russia probe has been irredeemably compromised & needs to be shut down as Mueller relied on Page & Strzok  (Quick clip 1:07)  CLICK HERE
  • Photo: Cat ladders in Switzerland.  Nice idea  CLICK HERE
  • Bringing dog mommy a snack  (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE

  • GOP: “What took her so long? It’s been two years, 300,000 documents, hundreds of hours of interviews, and [Nancy Pelosi] has come to the same conclusion that President Trump said day 1: No collusion. So I’m surprised that it took her that long to get there.”—@marc_lotter  (Quick clip 32 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Melania Trump: While you may never personally become addicted, the chances of knowing someone who struggles with it are high. If you, or someone you know needs help, please be brave enough to ask, or strong enough to stand with them as they fight through the disease.  (Quick clip 1:04)  CLICK HERE

  • Daily Briefing: WATCH: @RepHoulahan and @RepMichaelWaltz discuss the proposed budget boosts to the military and vets.  (Quick clip 3:11)  CLICK HERE
  • This entire convo is very telling… SH: “We learned today that those investigations have been ongoing, and they’re happening, and they’re real…” SC: “That’s right.” SH: “And there’s other things that are about to happen that I know you know.”  (Quick clip 2 min)  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “The President is fulfilling his duty, and he’s going make sure he does what is necessary to protect the people of this country and secure our borders.”—  (Quick clip 40 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Stephanie Hamill: Tucker – Why are the people who considered Bill Clinton a hero lecturing me about sexism? How can the party that demands racial quotas denounce other people as racists. After a while you begin to think that maybe their criticisms aren’t sincere.”  (Quick clip 2:18)  CLICK HERE
  • Melania Trump: Thank you Tulsa, Oklahoma  (Quick clip 47 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Ryan Saavedra: ABC’s “The View” promotes the conspiracy theory that Melania Trump has a body double  (Quick clip 3:55)  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile “Holy Crap”  lol   CLICK HERE
  • Venezuela is near the  last stage of falling: Trish: WATCH: Looting begins in as the people struggle amid no food, no medicine and NO ELECTRICITY. The crisis is growing very acute.  (Quick clip)   CLICK HERE
  • Judicial Watch- Tom Fitton with Epoch Times: The Mueller Scam – DOJ/FBI: Dossier, FISA, leaks, spying, etc. And Mueller special counsel was corruptly formed to target President Trump. Shut it down  (Tweeted Video 6:41)  CLICK HERE

  • Charlie Kirk: Did you know: California refused to hand over 5,600 illegal aliens to ICE over the past 2 years More than 3,400 of those were level 1 or 2 offenders, meaning they’ve been charged with crimes like: Kidnapping Sexual assault Murder Aggravated assault & More  (Quote)
  • Ryan Saavedra: California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom visited San Ysidro last week to declare that there is no “national emergency” San Ysidro already has border barriers and the existing barriers that are there are getting upgraded  (Quick clip 44 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Heartbreaking what children go through via forced child marriages.  This girl CONDEMNS Child Marriages as she believes she is better off dead I pray she is safe as she seeks to escape from this practice She wants an education & has dreams  (Quick clip 2:06)  CLICK HERE

  • Laugh Time: Weekly we post a few links here until Monday afternoon. You’re going to laugh at something…  Powerline – THE WEEK IN PICTURES: HATING HATE EDITION  CLICK HERE
  • Nox & friends: Funny Friday  CLICK HERE


  • Stop or I’ll say stop again! “If documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow… there’s going to be hell to pay by Wednesday morning.”  said Nunes YESTERDAY with Maria Bartiromo  (VIDEO fast 4:32)  If it were only true… the DOJ and FBI are laughing at all American citizens, Congress and Trump.  They are the Deep State and do as they please – obviously. Trump is the ONLY person with the power to stop this.  Let’s see TODAY – right?  Or yet another day of ‘Stop, or I’ll say stop again, and again and again….  CLICK HERE


Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • That video made by the terrorist in New Zealand – this is banned on all social media. NZ fines you 200K if you host this video. They want to jail anyone for years if you share it.  Luckily we are Americans and don’t go with the whims of nations that can tell people what to read and see.  This is one of the reasons why we are armed. We don’t want anyone telling us we can’t see a video.  Especially PC idiots.  Yeah – this is a horrible video.  I so wished someone had a gun to shoot back.  CLICK HERE  for full 16 min terror attack by a crazed Left Wing Communist China loving Eco-Terrorist.  One side note – the retarded media are still trying to blame Trump.

  • ABC 13: Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home  CLICK HERE
  • Our Two Faced con-artist Ex President caught on video: Barack Obama Claims Jobs Donald Trump’s Created! Share Obama’s ‘flip-flop’ with your friends!    CLICK HERE
  • These Screenshots Show How Google Shadowbans Conservative And Pro-Trump Content  CLICK HERE

  • At The Revolution, Allen West.  Inspiring from the start. I love this guy! A True patriot.  CLICK HERE
  • Democrats all admit they agree with Trump on the border. (VIDEO by Mark Dice)  Will show you how fake the left is with their own words.  Spread this around…  (CLICK HERE for fast 3:30 video)
  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – the pigs in the NFL are mostly felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – maybe Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE

  • James Woods reposted this.  Quick 25 second video that just makes me smile.  An oldie but a goodie for sure.   CLICK HERE
  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

  • SHOCKING STUPIDITY: Dumb French family doesn’t get what a Safari Park is.   Video is fast – a few minutes and sets stage for their stupidity as Germans laughed at first, then this gets very serious.  –CLICK HERE
  • This is a bug out! They just showed this on the Five on Fox as well.  America’s newest internet debate: Is it ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?  Listen to it (fast – seconds) and you decide.  People actually hear two different names depending on whether you are a high freq person or low.  AMAZING and shows you how possibly people you argue or debate with can actually not hear what you are saying.  Makes you seriously think after you fight and debate others.  CLICK HERE
  • It’s dinner time, damn it  (5 second clip) – made me laugh CLICK HERE     (Link fixed thanks to reader Gregg S on 12/30)
  • Obama,  among his many many crimes against America he ALSO robbed taxpayers by using the DOJ to sue companies all over the nation, then dropping lawsuits when they contributed to communist/progressive groups all over. This …providing them a war chest they now use against Trump. Insidious left – here’s a FLASHBACK Fox Video on it if you missed it CLICK HERE
  • Old Favorite: Liberals Taxing The Rich  CLICK HERE


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