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  • CNBC: House passes bipartisan retirement bill—here’s what it would mean for you if it becomes law  CLICK HERE
  • Fox Business: Average 401(k) balance by age group: See how your retirement savings compare  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: 5 affordable places to retire abroad  CLICK HERE

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  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
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  • Dollar Collapse: Breaking News/Best Of The Web Business and finance links for today  CLICK HERE


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News – All Sources…

  • Watch:  President Trump Takes On Pelosi, Iran, and “Witch Hunt”  (President Trump at White House)  CLICK HERE
  • Watch: BBC World News: Video Theresa May to resign as prime minister (She cries – They need Nigel) CLICK HERE

  • 10:22 pm France 24 (French): Malaria back with a vengeance in crisis-hit Venezuela  CLICK HERE
  • 10:12 pm Independent Sentinel: More Information on Sen. Feinstein’s Secret Meeting with the Enemy  CLICK HERE

  Click photo f0r Trump in Alaska, on his way to Japan. Hardest working and greatest President Of the United State ever. Seriously folks, have you ever seen a resident of the WH work so hard and love our nation so much?  (fast 29 sec clip) 

  • 10:04 pm Fox News: Judge temporarily blocks Trump’s border wall construction plans  CLICK HERE
  • 9:54 pm The Hill: Government moves to seize Manafort’s condo in Trump Tower  CLICK HERE
  • 9:49 pm Fox News: (Video 6:20) Pelosi grapples with Democratic Party’s impeachment obsession  CLICK HERE
  • 8:48 pm Israel National: Ukrainian lawmakers want embassy moved to Jerusalem  CLICK HERE

  • 8:05 pm National Sentinel: Dems introduce “Disarm Hate Act” they would use to take guns away from ALL Trump supporters  CLICK HERE
  • 7:22 pm Fox News: (Video 5:14) Byron York on investigating the Russia probe origins  CLICK HERE
  • 7:03 pm Daily Wire: ‘TRUMP BROKE CNN’: Layoffs Continue To Rock Far-Left Network, Former Employees Trash Company  CLICK HERE
  • 6:58 pm Washington Examiner: (Video) Lindsey Graham: DOJ and FBI ‘blew through every stop sign’ during Trump-Russia investigation  CLICK HERE

  • 6:41 pm Washington Examiner: Kanye West: Liberals ‘bully’ Trump supporters  CLICK HERE
  • 5:47 pm Fox News: (Video 10:12) ‘Under his skin’: Media critics parrot same line to describe Trump-Pelosi feud  CLICK HERE
  • 5:40 pm Epoch Times: Missing Pair Found Dead in Car in Missouri Floodwaters  CLICK HERE
  • 5:39 pm Breitbart News: Nolte: Fact Check Shows Trump Is Correct About CNN’s ‘Record Low’ Ratings  CLICK HERE

  • 5:36 pm BBC World: Iran police arrest 30 at private yoga class CLICK HERE
  • 5:31 pm One America: President Trump: Attorney General Barr Will Get To Bottom Of Mueller Probe  CLICK HERE
  • 5:28 pm APB Newswire: More Ammunition for Spying Claims? Biden Involved in Secret Meetings at Start of Russia Hoax  CLICK HERE
  • 5:25 pm AP Newswire (Left Wing): The Latest: Governor: Tornado damaged about 500 buildings  CLICK HERE

  • 5:25 pm ZeroHedge: Commerce Department Targets China With Proposed Tariffs On ‘Currency Manipulators’  CLICK HERE
  • 5:10 pm The Hill:  Opinion – Russia’s dangerous new ploy: US trading Ukraine for Venezuela  CLICK HERE
  • 4:51 pm Washington Examiner: CrossFit suspends accounts, calls Facebook ‘utopian socialists’  (Also posted in center)  CLICK HERE
  • 4:31 pm ABC News (Left Wing No Politics): Video – Police officer gives account on body camera after partner fatally shoots Australian woman: ‘She just came up out of nowhere’  CLICK HERE
  • 4:22 pm Fox News: Trump administration bypasses Congress on Saudi arms sales, citing Iran threat  CLICK HERE

  • 4:22 pm The Hill (Left Wing): DNC boss says candidates to be involved in debate lottery  CLICK HERE
  • 4:16 pm Fox News: Trump administration reportedly to allow federally-funded adoption agencies to reject same-sex couples (FAKE NEWS ALERT – Yes – on Fox – Source is suspect and not confirmed anywhere – it is like using NY Times or WAPO as a ref, we know they keep faking ‘sources’  so why is Fox citing such ‘sources’ other than to hurt Trump?  CLICK HERE  ***See bottom of this section for rule to go by which is 100% accurate so far***
  • 3:36 pm Washington Examiner: Supreme Court halts drawing of new congressional maps in Michigan, Ohio  CLICK HERE
  • 3:29 pm Independent Sentinel: All Illegals are released! They get work permits ahead of legal immigrants!  CLICK HERE

  • 2:04 pm France 24 (French): Terror Suspected: Several injured in central Lyon explosion, package bomb suspected  CLICK HERE
  • 1:42 pm New York Post: Man commits suicide after his service dog is killed by alligator  CLICK HERE
  • 1:40 pm Fox News: Video – Laura Ingraham: The great Pelosi crack-up  CLICK HERE
  • 1:34 pm Infowars: Video – WAR ON FREE SPEECH AND ASSANGE ESCALATES AS TRUMP ATTACKS DEEP STATE – Find out what will happen next  CLICK HERE

  • 1:05 pm Star Tribune: Navy: Sailor contacted Russians, pleads guilty to espionage  CLICK HERE
  • 1:01 pm Fox News: Powerful Dem Chairman Jerry Nadler has health scare at New York event  CLICK HERE
  • 12:11 pm National Sentinel: POTUS Trump to use executive power to LOWER healthcare costs while Dems dither and ‘investigate’  CLICK HERE
  • 12:07 pm USA Today: As you head out for Memorial Day, watch out for the 10 states where gas prices are highest  CLICK HERE

  • 11:59 am Fox News: Trump weighs pardons for service members accused of war crimes, as families await decision  CLICK HERE
  • 11:52 am Life News: Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Signs Bill Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts  CLICK HERE
  • 11:41 am APB Newswire: Pakistan Willing to Play Mediator to Calm Hostilities Between U.S. and Iran as Iran Threatens to ‘See End of Trump’  CLICK HERE

  • 11:01 am Breitbart News: No Deal Brexit ‘ Almost Impossible to Stop,’ Says Spanish Govt  CLICK HERE
  • 10:57 am Fox News: Ben Shapiro on Democrats’ ‘deeply cynical play’ and how Trump should have responded  CLICK HERE
  • 10:47 am Washington Examiner: ACLU, Planned Parenthood sue Alabama over abortion law  CLICK HERE

  • 10:46 am Independent Sentinel: Meteorologist to AOC: weather is the outfit you wear…climate is your closet wardrobe  CLICK HERE
  • 10:37 am The Hill: NASA begins testing system to manage drone traffic in cities  CLICK HERE
  • 9:48 am New York Post: Suspected subway saboteur speechless as he’s hauled off in cuffs  CLICK HERE
  • 9:38 am American Mirror: Trump tweets video of Pelosi stammering through press conference (That video that was ‘slowed down’ to make her look feeble, although not much is needed in that respect)  CLICK HERE

  • 9:29 am The Hill (Left Wing): Pelosi’s daughter responds to fake videos: ‘Madam Speaker doesn’t even drink alcohol!’  CLICK HERE
  • 8:56 am Fox News: (Video 7:05) Sen. Graham: Democrats are going to get Trump reelected by embracing impeachment  CLICK HERE
  • 8:45 am ZeroHedge: Betting Odds Show Boris Johnson Is Clear Favorite To Be Next Prime Minister  CLICK HERE
  • 8:20 am Fox News: ‘Ben Shapiro on Democrats’ ‘deeply cynical play’ and how Trump should have responded  CLICK HERE

  • 7:23 am USA Today: Empty nesters are having ‘more adventurous’ sex. And the 50-plus crowd credits aging  CLICK HERE
  • 6:52 am Washington Examiner: British PM Theresa May resigns over Brexit failure  CLICK HERE
  • 5:28 am Epoch Times: Colorado Becomes First State to Cap Co-Pays Insulin Cost  CLICK HERE

  • 4:28 am Independent Sentinel: Obama judge who ruled in Maxine Water’s favor looks corrupt  CLICK HERE
  • 3:28 am Epoch Times: Coalition Seeks to Expose Communist Infiltration of Democratic Party  (Also posted in center) CLICK HERE
  • 2:07 am DW (German – Left Wing): EU leaders react to Theresa May’s resignation  CLICK HERE


  • Watch: Liberty Nation: 5 FACTS: Trump’s Trade Gambit  CLICK HERE
  • Watch: Schiff blasts Trump’s order to declassify 2016 surveillance docs (The Left is petrified about what is about to happen. You can smell the fear everywhere) CLICK HERE
  • Watch: Breitbart News: NBC’s Peter Alexander Accuses Trump of Not Understanding the ‘Definition of Treason’  CLICK HERE


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Rule On Fake News And Their Fake News Sources

We used to joke about this, but as of May 24, it is still 100% accurate.  WF Rule for distinguishing fake news easily when it a. Makes Trump look bad and/or b. attacks supporter of Trump
Rule: If a news article is citing an ‘anonymous’ source or ‘official’ who spoke in ‘confidence’ to  any media, even Fox – but more often, as President Trump has pointed out, the NY TIMES, WAPO, AXIOS, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN , and the article makes Trump look bad, the source is FAKE and the story made up only to hurt President Trump. It will be proven fake immediately or in time and you’ll notice though it is first repeated on every station and in every paper first. The correction is hidden on page 38 in the corner where no one will ever see it.  THIS IS 100% ACCURATE … so far...   I’m sure an outlet will fake something just to stop this from being a rule, but it is akin to how it is ALWAYS conservatives who are mistakenly blocked, cancelled, and taken down on social media.  Sure, the fakers in media and in tech can say ‘It was the algo’  and another lie ‘we don’t discriminate’ – fake answer. Who wrote the program and how is the mistake always mistaking right wingers.  Hmmm. Scammers all. We are on to all of you.  Whatfinger News is shadow banned on most social media and can give details as to how these fake social media companies are scamming America as it all happened to us.  

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The Latest Scoop... Fast News Clips & Videos & who knows what else.

Anyone have a scoop, tip or see a broken link anywhere on Whatfinger, or you want to contact us please email us  (must type link over to email us) This helps stop spam)
  • Deep State – President Trump Vid: The 1 minute of video that sends chills down the spines of Comey, Brennan, Obama, all of the conspirators. (Fast clip 1 min)  CLICK HERE

  • One America: Jack Posobiec – Breaking: White House Begins ‘Phased Declassification’ of Russia Spygate Documents (Fast clip 2:20 so good also posting in center)  CLICK HERE

  • Prager University: 15 second clip that is not only true but funny. Unless you are a leftist in which case nothing is funny to you, you miserable creature.  (posting this in center too)   CLICK HERE
  • Quote – President Trump: .….The Dems want a second shot at Bob Mueller, are very unhappy with the No Collusion Report. They should not be allowed to play this game any longer – no second chances – must get back to work. So bad for our Country!  (Quote)     –

I personally think he is playing 3D chess. The Democrats are like bratty spoiled little over-indulged children.  By coaxing them, at least one of these Dems will bite. Watch for it.  Mueller under oath can only help Trump. In so many ways and on so many levels.

  • Conservative Treehouse: Doug Collins Challenges Jerry Nadler to Compel Robert Mueller Testimony….  CLICK HERE
  • Jack Posobiec: Screenshot – We live in 1984  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Can you let me eat in peace?’  (Quick gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Judicial Watch: Feds Use DUI Arrest Records to Catch Illegal Aliens Released by Sanctuary Cities  CLICK HERE

  • Rep Gaetz: This week, Dems REJECTED amendments that prevented gang members from receiving amnesty when they enter the US illegally and that would have returned illegals who had committed a gun crime. Criminal gang members SHOULD NOT GET AMNESTY when they come to the US illegally.  (Quick clip 2:13)  CLICK HERE
  • Nigel Farage: Get out and vote for The Brexit Party and let’s make history!  (Quick clip 19 secs)  CLICK HERE

Please Note: Any items missed or you were told about can be found bottom left of this page in The Past Scoop section, until deleted.  We have to make room here for latest scoops and tips and keep items there for 4-7 days

Top News Found On Other Aggregates: Drudge & Lib. Daily, Bad B, Citizen Free, Lucianne, Free Republic and others...

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  • Washington Examiner: Edward Snowden: DOJ ‘declared war’ on journalism by charging Julian Assange with espionage  CLICK HERE
  • Campus Reform: Cruz: Defund colleges that don’t support free speech  CLICK HERE
  • NTK Network: Pelosi: Invoking the 25th Amendment to Remove Trump Is a ‘Good Idea’  CLICK HERE
  • Crystal Ball: Larry Sabato: Notes on the State of the Senate – GOP remains favored to hold the majority overall  CLICK HERE

  • Washington Free Beacon: Report: Obama Wants His Memoir to Beat Michelle’s Book Sales, Points Out She Used a Ghostwriter  CLICK HERE
  • AP News (Left Wing): US charges WikiLeaks founder with publishing classified info  CLICK HERE
  • LMT – WAPO (Left Wing): Assange charged with violating Espionage Act  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: The Sticky Wicket Of Tariffs And Trade  CLICK HERE


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Top News Found On Military, War & Conflict

  • American Military News: Trump approves 1,500 US troops to deploy to Mideast: reports  CLICK HERE
  • National Interest: Aircraft Carriers vs. China’s Missiles: The Military Contest of Our Time CLICK HERE
  • Forbes Mag: Gamechanger For U.S. Navy Against China: New Anti-Ship Missile Dramatically Boosts Firepower  CLICK HERE

  • SouthFront Map Page: World Conflicts (Syrian War, Yemeni War, Iraqi War And Other Conflicts) In Maps CLICK HERE

  • May 24 – Today in Military History:  1941 –  German battleship, the Bismarck, sinks Britain’s HMS Hood… CLICK HERE
  • For much more that took place today in military history:  – CLICK HERE


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Lou Dobbs Of Fox Business - ALL of his vids and tweets!

ZeroHedge Today: All Of The Articles ...

Religious & Cultural Links (We leave these here)

Religious & Cultural Links

  • MESSIAH IN BOTH TESTAMENTS: by Fred John Meldau ABSOLUTE PROOF OF: The Fact of God, The Deity of Christ, The Truth of Christianity, The Inspiration of the Bible  CLICK HERE
  • Take the quiz to find out Bibleline Ministries – ‘Am I going to Heaven?’  CLICK HERE
  • Project Real News – Jam packed with culture and religion news  CLICK HERE


Today In History - May 24th Through time...

Today through time in American history: 1607 Captain Christopher Newport and 105 followers found the colony of Jamestown at the mouth of the James River on the coast of Virginia   – – –  1610 Sir Thomas Gates institutes “laws divine moral and marshal, ” a harsh civil code for Jamestown   – – –  1624 After years of unprofitable operation, Virginia’s charter is revoked and it becomes a royal colony   – – –  1738 The Methodist Church is established   – – –  1764 Boston lawyer James Otis denounces “taxation without representation,” calling for the colonies to unite in opposition to Britain’s new tax measures   – – –  1844 Samuel Morse taps out the first telegraph message   – – –   1846 General Zachary Taylor captures Monterey  – – – 

Today in World History:  1543 Nicolaus Copernicus publishes proof of a sun-centered solar system. He dies just after publication   – – –  1689 The English Parliament passes the Act of Toleration, protecting Protestants. Roman Catholics are specifically excluded from exemption   – – –  1798 Believing that a French invasion of Ireland is imminent, Irish nationalists rise up against the British occupation   – – –  1941 The British battleship Hood is sunk by the German battleship Bismarck. There are only three survivors   – – – 

May 24th: Today in History…


  • Matt Gaetz: The government has an obligation before a secret court to present all exculpatory evidence. In the FISA court hearing leading up to the Trump investigation, the government only presented evidence that would cast Trump campaign associates in a bad light.  (Quick clip 34 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Very Smart! Hotel in Germany uses 3D carpets to prevent guests from running in the Passage. (Photo) CLICK HERE
  • Here , here! Fox: A homeless high school student & valedictorian earns $3 million in scholarships after being accepted to more than 40 colleges. (Quick clip 32 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Incredible Trick….not  (Fast 10 sec gif)  – you know all of those awesome videos people make where things worked out so well.  To get there, you get bottles like this , who knows how many times.  CLICK HERE
  • Good citizen truck driver helping cops get their man  (fast gif 10 secs)  CLICK HERE

Quick smile: Her pained and agonized face seems to make me smile – – – – –

Select Video…

  • Watch President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting America’s Farmers and Ranchers. Slams Pelosi, Dems and media. Love his honestly, so refreshing to see. if you missed  this yesterday, it’s a MUST SEE then – –    CLICK HERE
  • Watch: Washington Examiner: Matt Gaetz: ‘Compelling evidence’ of FISA abuse days away  CLICK HERE
  • Watch: Fox News: Pelosi blasts Trump at press conference amid escalating feud  CLICK HERE
  • Watch: Fox News: Hannity (From last night’s show): Dems have relied on nothing but lies to take down Trump  CLICK HERE
  • Watch: RT News: Lucky Guy! Or Unlucky to be in a building that went up.  Man escapes fire by clinging to cornice in Rome (Raw Vid at WF Vids)  CLICK HERE

  • The Hill: Ben Carson sends Oreos to congresswoman who quizzed him on REOs  CLICK HERE
  • APB Newswire: War of Wills: Iran’s Rouhani Not Open to Negotiations with U.S., Trump Said It’s On Iran to Call  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Trump demands end to ‘phony investigations’ in fiery Rose Garden statement, after meeting with Dems cut short  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Trump busts up White House infrastructure meeting with Democrats, angered by probes  CLICK HERE


  • One America: The Equality Act Is Not About Equality, How is men dressing in women’s bathrooms equality? CLICK HERE
  • Good Political Laugh: Louder With Crowder with Ted Nugent – open, honest and in your face politics and humor CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Laura Ingraham (from last night’s 5/21 show): Democrats misread America  CLICK HERE
  • Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About the Euro Elections (This man is always on point. Tomorrow is the day EU citizens decides their fate)   CLICK HERE

  • CNET: This robot can autonomously find and kill weeds, and could someday help herd cattle.  (fast clip 1:36)  CLICK HERE
  • GOP: “Chairman [Nadler] orchestrated today’s confrontation when he could have avoided it because he’s more interested in the fight than the fact finding.” –  (Fast clip 2:44)  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch accuses former FBI Director James Comey of misrepresenting their conversation on the Hillary Clinton probe, according to a House testimony transcript.  (Fast clip 49 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Quote of The Day: President Trump: I am very disappointed that Mexico is doing virtually nothing to stop illegal immigrants from coming to our Southern Border where everyone knows that because of the Democrats, our Immigration Laws are totally flawed & broken…  QUOTE
  • Animals of the left: Breitbart: Gwumpy. (Fast clip 51 secs) CLICK HERE
  • I’d be out of there – WATCH: Tornado spotted near Mangum, Oklahoma this evening Video: Meteorologist Mike Williams  Quick clip CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: Attorneys will appeal judge’s ruling in favor of House Democrats in their efforts to obtain his financial records: “This never happened to any other president. They’re trying to get a re-do” – ABC  (Quick clip 1:18)  CLICK HERE

  • FULL Rally Tweeted: Beautiful evening for a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN rally tonight in Pennsylvania. Thank you, I love you!  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: What’s up with Fox? They have more Democrats on than Republicans  (Quick clip 33 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Judicial Watch: @RepMattGaetz: Judicial Watch EXPOSED Obama Admin’s Role in Corrupt Investigation of @realDonaldTrump.  Quick clip 13:46 – Excellent interview) CLICK HERE

Select Video from 5/20

  • To see from yesterday – Video: President Donald Trump MAGA Rally in Montoursville  CLICK HERE
  • Video: Interview with President Trump that 99% of people missed this weekend: Fox News – Exclusive: Trump says China took advantage of US  CLICK HERE
  • Video: Bongino: Amash should leave Republican party immediately CLICK HERE
  • Video: Trump has ‘no problem whatsoever’ with Buttigieg’s sexuality (Fast clip)   CLICK HERE   For complete interview  – – –   CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: ‘Make a wish grandma‘  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE
  • Another Quick smile: ‘Snookered’  (Fast gif 10 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz: It was an incredible honor to have President @realDonaldTrump in Northwest Florida. I’m grateful he was willing to have the federal government pick up 90% of the costs of Hurricane Michael. It’s now time for congress to take action.  (Quick clip 26 secs)  CLICK HERE

  • Blaze put this out.  I like it. Blaze: WATCH: President @realDonaldTrump’s most SAVAGE moments…  (Quick clip – we’re posting in center too 3:21)  CLICK HERE
  • Let’s hear it for these guys:  GOP: RT to THANK the men and women of ICE and CBP for keeping us safe!  (Quick clip 39 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Made me laugh: Babylon Bee: Facebook Claims Party Celebrating Candace Owens’s Suspension Was ‘An Honest Mistake’  CLICK HERE

  • Fox & Friends: Comey turns on Brennan.  it’s going to get real bad for them both.  Good. “I know Bill Barr, and he is going to make sure that the truth is known for all the American people.”  (Quick clip 1:26)  CLICK HERE
  • You can WATCH That video posted by President Trump & removed courtesy of Twitter.  It is TERRIFIC! Fst too CLICK HERE

  • The rats are turning on each other, we have Trump in the White House, America looks to enter a new golden age.  A Trump Age!  if you will.  All we need to do is wrap up the traitors.  Here is Dan Bongino on Judge Jeanine yesterday and in 4 minutes he explains the whole Comey, Clinton, Brennan, Mueller scam to topple our Constitution and freedom.  CLICK HERE –  this man speaks so plainly he needs to be in government for the people.  Trump would do well to hire him in some capacity. Who here would not love to see Bongino as head of communications giving press conferences? Man would that be awesome to see, as he smacks the media down with facts daily. 
  • Some people have seriously strange skills, like this guy (fast clip seconds) ‘a real happy face lol  – –   CLICK HERE

Maybe we should force them out if they lie again, come January 2020?  Or at least Trump should call them all out, again.  See the following photo – – – – 

  • Fast Gif: You ever see such a level of control and strength? CLICK HERE
  • Robert Davi: My challenge to ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ and his Democrat Progressive Socialist Party-  (Quick clip 2:19)  CLICK HERE
  • Interesting Fast gif: Octopus chasing a crab, playing with it before…  (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • President Trump: Bullshit is bullshit. He is just saying it like it is  (Quick EXCELLENT CLIP also posting in center 1:29)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote Of The Day: Candace Owens – An internal memo from @facebook has leaked. They are offering “extra credit” to employees that can figure out how to segregate me from their platform. To the brave employee who leaked this— thank you. To lawyers that follow me— is this legal? I am taking this very seriously.  QUOTE
  • Quick smile: ‘I believe I can fly’  (lol) you would think he can at least watch cartoons to know he can;t do this.   (Fast gif)  CLICK HERE

  • On Bill Maher, Fran Lebowitz suggests murdering President Donald Trump: “We should turn him over to the Saudis, his buddies. The same Saudis who got rid of that reporter. Maybe they could do the same for him.”  (Quick clip 43 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Quick smile: Announcer caught the foul ball and was hyped (Fast clip) CLICK HERE

  • ABC News Clip: “That’s a military airplane in our building.” Video shows inside a Southern California warehouse after military officials say an F-16 crashed into the building. The pilot was able to eject and is believed to be okay. No other injuries reported.  (Fast clip less than 20 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Ben Stein defends Trump well: Trish Regan on Fox: Fmr. Nixon Speechwriter Ben Stein says it’s OUTRAGEOUS that #Harvard‘s #LaurenceTribe is likening Trump to Hitler: “Mr. Trump is the most pro-Jewish and least racist, most pro-peace @POTUS there has ever been … to say he physically resembles [Hitler] is just crazy.” #TrishRegan  (Quick clip 1:17)  CLICK HERE

  • President Trump: We are here on this beautiful spring day to unveil our plan to create a fair, modern & LAWFUL system of immigration for the U.S. If adopted, our plan will transform America’s immigration system into the pride of our Nation and the envy of the modern world.  (Full Speech today)   CLICK HERE
  • Rep Gaetz: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have not been sufficiently forthcoming with the American people or members of the US Congress. We learned today that there were multiple attempts to breach our election infrastructure in Florida.  (Quick clip 54 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Candace Owens: Deep discussion with @LilaGraceRose and @RealCandaceO on this Sunday’s The Candace Owens Show  (Quick clip 1:42)  CLICK HERE

  • Secy of State: Breier: We must work together to manage the destabilizing crisis of #Venezuela and the thousands of Venezuelan migrants who have sought refuge in your countries…We cannot remain silent on the political, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.  (Quick clip 1:28)  CLICK HERE
  • Cover of New York says it perfectly on that communist mayor of NY running for President (Screenshot)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote of the morning (5/16): President Trump: The Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!  QUOTE

  • President Trump: We stand firmly, strongly, and proudly with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. You do not hear it nearly enough, but Americans across this Country love you, support you, and respect you more than you could possibly know! #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay  (Fast clip 56 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • BREAKING: One America News Reporter Chanel Rion Twitter Account Suspended on Her First Day on The Job  (Quick clip 2:19)  CLICK HERE
  • AWESOME and some hilarious political photos over at IOTW’s gallery.  Check them out  CLICK HERE

Hmmmm   we posted this long ago and still have it below in favorites. Let’s all cheer,  we want a hanging of all traitors. Won’t get it, but….jail is good too.  🙂  Lock them all up Barr! Go down in history as one of America’s greatest law-enforcement officials to ever live. 

  • Quick smile: ‘I’ll get you one of these days…’ Fast clip seconds  CLICK HERE
  • Rep Gaetz on Trish Regan (Fox): Under James @Comey and Andrew McCabe’s FBI, their principal activity wasn’t investigating. They were too busy trying to shape public opinion through leaking information that was negative about President Trump  (Quick clip 1:09)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote of The Morning: Candace Owens: Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an evil genius. She said she hoped to “exterminate blacks like weeds” & so began “educating” us about “choice”. She is the author of voluntary genocide. 18 million black deaths later & liberals still defend her dream. Sad! QUOTE

  • WOW – right place at right time but scary! A whale is caught on camera bursting through the sea near an unsuspecting fisherman in a now-viral video.  (Fast 34 sec clip) CLICK HERE
  • Prager University: Wowwwww, the effort to brainwash Americans into thinking men and women are basically the same has made a lot of progress, folks. Freaky.  (Fast clip 2 mins) CLICK HERE
  • RT News Clip: This is an amazing life lesson: Never give up! (Fast  31 secs) CLICK HERE

  • Quick smile: Idiot criminal in China: ‘Excuse my while I take this call.  Hey Chin, I’m robbing a bank and busy, let me talk to you later….PLOP.  lol  CLICK HERE
  • President Trump: Wishing former President Jimmy Carter a speedy recovery from his hip surgery earlier today. He was in such good spirits when we spoke last month – he will be fine! QUOTE
  • White House: This afternoon, President Trump welcomed Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary to the Oval Office.  (Quick clip 50 secs)  CLICK HERE  – – –  or see the full session CLICK HERE

  • Space Mining: Forbes has this out – The Race To Mine Space CLICK HERE   – –  FAKE NEWS ALERT – Article starts off with a massive lie – ‘As our planet contends with resource scarcity’…   There is NO resource scarcity in anything. All a lie so never fall for it.  If you all remember in the 1970s they said (for propaganda purposes) that we have 10 years of oil left. (What year is it?)  You know they are now saying we have 50 or so years – but they all need a slap, as every day there are new discoveries and new tech. And we have only scratched our own surface of the Earth.  let’s be real.  Another point – EVERYTIME you see any paper or mag speak about Space Mining’  call them out – B.S. IS GUARANTEED – as Every company on Earth would mine in Siberia or Antarctica first, where resources can be accessed thousands of times cheaper than outer space – yet no one does.  Wonder why? it’s all B.S.  There is more Gold, Silver and oil in Antarctica that we will ever see or use. And its on Earth.  There’s actually more gold and silver and oil in the U.S. alone that we will never use or see. As I said, we have only scratched the surface of the Earth.

  • Judicial Watch: TEN witnesses scheduled for sworn testimony to attorneys on Clinton email “matter.” Three already testified (see vid) Court-ordered discovery will proceed whether or not Mrs. Clinton decides to run for president.  (Quick clip 1 minute)  CLICK HERE
  • Quote of the Morning by our first REAL president who just says it. If you don’t respect that you have issues. Only leftards do not understand how great this man is for our nation. One day, when they get their heads out of their as**es they will as well.   President Trump: Bernie Sanders, “The Economy is doing well, and I’m sure I don’t have to give Trump any credit – I’m sure he’ll take all the credit that he wants.” Wrong Bernie, the Economy is doing GREAT, and would have CRASHED if my opponent (and yours), Crooked Hillary Clinton, had ever won!  QUOTE

  • Best Dog sneeze you might ever see and hear, at least up until now I bet… Check this fast clip out, its a fast 20 secs  CLICK HERE
  • Awesome idea: In case you’re looking for an easily-accessible place to conceal your guns  (Quick clip 15 secs)  CLICK HERE
  • Fox & Friends: Republicans are slamming Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for what they call ‘sickening’ comments on the Holocaust. But Tlaib says her words have been taken out of context.  (Quick clip 2:03)  CLICK HERE
  • One America: WATCH: Twitter Suspends Account Created to Track Anti-Trump Violence – Media Censorship has to be stopped!  (Quick clip 30 secs) CLICK HERE

The Gifs – – Reader Donna S sent a bunch in:

  • President Trump quoting Lou Dobbs: “Even Director James Clapper admits that the FBI actions against the Trump Presidential Campaign do in fact meet the definition of spying, perhaps FBI Director Christopher Wray will be the next to do so.” QUOTE  –  this should scare the left, as our side can play the same game. Maybe we should, no more Mr. Nice Guy right wingers. Time to get dirty.

  • Time To Laugh – we posted it Saturday but it is on Page 2 now  – so here it is until  the afternoon…  Powerline Blog: THE WEEK IN PICTURES: NADLERING NABOB OF NIHILISM EDITION  – something on this page is going to make you laugh, unless you are in pain of some kind.   CLICK HERE

  • Reason Mag’s John Stossel: The #GreenNewDeal would hurt the poor, cost everyone more, and make energy less reliable.explains why:  (Video 8:15)  CLICK HERE
  • Check this statue out – RT News Tweeted fast clip: World’s largest BIRD STATUE sits at 350m above sea level and is located at the Jatayu Earth’s Center in India (40 secs) CLICK HERE
  • Quote Of The Day: President Trump: We are right where we want to be with China. Remember, they broke the deal with us & tried to renegotiate. We will be taking in Tens of Billions of Dollars in Tariffs from China. Buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA (ideal), or buy it from non-Tariffed countries… QUOTE


  • Stop or I’ll say stop again! “If documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow… there’s going to be hell to pay by Wednesday morning.”  said Nunes YESTERDAY with Maria Bartiromo  (VIDEO fast 4:32)  If it were only true… the DOJ and FBI are laughing at all American citizens, Congress and Trump.  They are the Deep State and do as they please – obviously. Trump is the ONLY person with the power to stop this.  Let’s see TODAY – right?  Or yet another day of ‘Stop, or I’ll say stop again, and again and again….  CLICK HERE

Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • ABC 13: Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home  CLICK HERE
  • Our Two Faced con-artist Ex President caught on video: Barack Obama Claims Jobs Donald Trump’s Created! Share Obama’s ‘flip-flop’ with your friends!    CLICK HERE

  • At The Revolution, Allen West.  Inspiring from the start. I love this guy! A True patriot.  CLICK HERE
  • Democrats all admit they agree with Trump on the border. (VIDEO by Mark Dice)  Will show you how fake the left is with their own words.  Spread this around…  (CLICK HERE for fast 3:30 video)
  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – many of the pigs with kneeling issues in the NFL are felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – maybe Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE

  • James Woods reposted this.  Quick 25 second video that just makes me smile.  An oldie but a goodie for sure.   CLICK HERE
  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

  • SHOCKING STUPIDITY: Dumb French family doesn’t get what a Safari Park is.   Video is fast – a few minutes and sets stage for their stupidity as Dutch guys laughed at first, then this gets very serious.   (Description corrected by reader Thomas Moore, we thought they were German. )CLICK HERE
  • This is a bug out! They just showed this on the Five on Fox as well.  America’s newest internet debate: Is it ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?  Listen to it (fast – seconds) and you decide.  People actually hear two different names depending on whether you are a high freq person or low.  AMAZING and shows you how possibly people you argue or debate with can actually not hear what you are saying.  Makes you seriously think after you fight and debate others.  CLICK HERE
  • It’s dinner time, damn it  (5 second clip) – made me laugh CLICK HERE     (Link fixed thanks to reader Gregg S on 12/30)
  • Obama,  among his many many crimes against America he ALSO robbed taxpayers by using the DOJ to sue companies all over the nation, then dropping lawsuits when they contributed to communist/progressive groups all over. This …providing them a war chest they now use against Trump. Insidious left – here’s a FLASHBACK Fox Video on it if you missed it CLICK HERE
  • Old Favorite: Liberals Taxing The Rich  CLICK HERE


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