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  • OLD – – – r/The_Donald/  CLICK HERE  – Taken over by the left, moderators removed due to the left being scared of free thought. The left plays same game wherever they control the message, as they know the people detest them in reality so they must stop free speech. 
  • The Donald –  CLICK HERE – Where the people went after the left took over The Donald at Reddit
  • The Last Refuge   CLICK HERE
  • Rumor Mill   CLICK HERE
  • Free Republic   CLICK HERE
  • Cons. Forum   CLICK HERE
  • /pol/ – P.I.  CLICK HERE
  • Time Bomb 2000   CLICK HERE
  • Briefing Room   CLICK HERE
  • Cons. Political Forum  CLICK HERE
  • Rapture Forums  CLICK HERE


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Perm Links for Business, Money and Investing

  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
  • Stock Market Data – CNBC: CLICK HERE
  • Commodity Prices – NASDAQ: CLICK HERE
  • Dollar Collapse: Breaking News/Best Of The Web Business and finance links for today  CLICK HERE


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Religious & Cultural Links - We leave these here

  • Religious & Cultural Perm. Links
  • MESSIAH IN BOTH TESTAMENTS: by Fred John Meldau ABSOLUTE PROOF OF: The Fact of God, The Deity of Christ, The Truth of Christianity, The Inspiration of the Bible  CLICK HERE
  • Take the quiz to find out Bibleline Ministries – ‘Am I going to Heaven?’  CLICK HERE

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Lou Dobbs Of Fox Business

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September 20, 2020 - Last Update: 2:07 am ET


Welcome To Whatfinger News

Surfing & Exploring Whatfinger News

When it comes to news: If It isn’t Here, It Didn’t Happen… (staff boast and joke…. it’s true too.)

  • As you read: you’ll notice each block of links is divided by site logos or graphics in each larger headline column (like the long center column to the left). These blocks of links usually have 3-4 political articles and 2 or 3 ‘topic’ articles such as Election 2020, World, U.S. News: Civ-Clash, Sci-Tech etc.  Plus you’ll see humor – we like to laugh and know you do as well. The clips and links we have you’ll see the following day on major cable news. Many, if not most come to Whatfinger for content. See it all here yourself  🙂 
  • We also aggregate the aggregates and bring you the best of them all, including the first Aggregate Drudge Report. All of them… giving you more news than any site. If we ever miss something that happens (almost never actually) with our 300 news links per day, other aggregates grab them so we post them for you, If you see H/T it means Hat Tip… or ‘thank you.’ 

President Trump's Tweets... The Greatest President of our lifetime tells it like it is without fear

At times his feed does not load. This is a Twitter issue, sorry. You can click the link if the feed does not show, and see it all on Twitter

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September 20, 2020

Please report any errors or tips to:   (Please also tell us location of link if emailing us on a correction or dead link – as in center column, left etc., and title. You can contact us using this address, sorry you must type address to email us… this helps stop bots from emailing.)  

Select Video… (Vids at Whatfinger)

  • History: September 20 – On this day back in 1519 Magellan leaves Europe on his voyage of discovery…  CLICK HERE
  • History: September 20 – On this day back in 1777 – Redcoats kill sleeping Americans in Paoli Massacre  CLICK HERE

World News…

  • France 24: Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs warns: ‘In some areas, IS activities are increasing”  CLICK HERE
  • Sky News (British): Tens of thousands of anti-government protestors gather in Bangkok  CLICK HERE
  • Whatfinger World News Vids: Lots of nations, know what’s going on around the world from direct sources and all in English… good selection at this link.  CLICK HERE

Mainstream (AKA Left Wing)…

  • CBS: Antonin Scalia’s son on his father’s “odd couple” friendship with RBG  CLICK HERE
  • MSNBC: Collins: Senate Should Not Vote On Ginsburg Replacement Before Election  CLICK HERE
  • The Charlottesville Lie  (Leaving this here for a bit since the left uses the lie daily against Trump to lie about him being a racist. Quite pathetic to see Joe Biden lie about it every chance he gets as well. Also almost daily. Shows you his and the media’s desperation, and also destroys the fake good guy image Biden and the media keep trying to play for their candidate. ) CLICK HERE
  • Whatfinger Mainstream (Left Wing) News Videos: Large selection updated twice daily –  CLICK HERE

Sports Vids (Sports is or are dead to us at Whatfinger. At least until the Marxists are no longer promoting BLM or Antifa, so we enjoy the past…)

  • Whatfinger Sports Videos: All the top Sports moments ever on video  CLICK HERE

Choice Clips: 

  • President Trump POTUS blasts John Kerry for saying it was impossible to get Arab countries to sign peace agreements with Israel. “Well we just signed two great ones.”  CLICK HERE
  • Team Trump: We now have a president that doesn’t have to use a teleprompter. Let’s keep it that way!  CLICK HERE
  • Whatfinger Choice Clips: By Jack Posobiec (of One America), Benny, Andy Ngo. James Woods, Prager U, Mark Dice and more.  Other news channels and sites come here for their clips…  you can get them first  CLICK HERE

  • Missing Videos? CLICK HERE for Whatfinger Vids – just go down page… a virtual news junkie video heaven page. That’s if you are Conservative or Libertarian. If you’re a leftist it might look like hell and cause you to lose your little mind and scream at the sky like one of those nut-case snowflakes we see more and more with TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome … lol…Sgt Pat)

Humor - Satire and Comedy & Just Interesting

Quick Smile, Laugh Or Interesting

  • Just Interesting: 3 d painting – optical illusion  CLICK HERE
  • Political Humor: This is TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)  – do we really want these ‘people’ in charge of our nation? This is the left, this is a Biden voter.  CLICK HERE
  • Sexy Falls: Women trying to look sexy and then…  CLICK HERE
  • Ex Girlfriends Revenge Gone Horribly Wrong…  CLICK HERE

  • Quick Smile: Fashion is my life. We all know someone who likes to dress up their pets…. well   CLICK HERE
  • Quick Smile: Little critter really doesn’t want to let go ‘ my cucumber’   CLICK HERE
  • Interesting – Quick advice on email.  CLICK HERE

  • Lots of Humor Clips CLICK HERE >>> >>>>>You might want to check this daily – we put many here that we don’t post in this section. So much to laugh at….  Also our Super Links page for humor updated all day long by the sites  CLICK HERE >>> Plus our new subdomain full of humor and updated daily.   CLICK HERE

  • PLEASE NOTE: Videos rotate away from homepage to page 2 on the right side.  You can still see them  – CLICK HERE
  • For our new Video Directory – See Whatfinger Videos – CLICK HERE

Panic Porn on The Wuhan Coronavirus - stats, links, this was all on top but we got sick of seeing it. Too much nonsense

  • Panic Porn on The Wuhan Coronavirus  – September 20– Casualties of the Chinese Communist Party (30,685,001 Total Cases) – (956,976 Admitted Deaths) –
  • 6,764,970 Cases In U.S.A and 199,259 U.S. deaths – Only 11,955 died ONLY from Coronavirus and NOT motorcycle accidents, or other complications in the U.S. (only 6% of total number)  CLICK HERE
  • Johns Hopkins  Stats above updated here at 1:46 am 9/20 – Click link for real-time updates – CLICK HERE
  • Sarah Corriher: Watch: We’ve Been Bamboozled – Video explains the scam pulled on us all with Coronavirus stats  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: U.S. Cases At a Glance (Stats and info per state)  CLICK HERE


Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • SAY WHAT?… This next Fox video is going to upset you if you don’t know what took place…  CONFIRMED TOO…  They were doing it even after Trump was in the White House … Trump stopped it.  CLICK HERE or Below ….

  • My Gift To Climate Alarmists (Climate Alarmists Debunked) Keep this link – destroys the left on the whole issue of Climate Change  CLICK HERE

  • ABC 13: Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home  CLICK HERE
  • Our Two Faced con-artist Ex President caught on video: Barack Obama Claims Jobs Donald Trump’s Created! Share Obama’s ‘flip-flop’ with your friends!    CLICK HERE
  • At The Revolution, Allen West.  Inspiring from the start. I love this guy! A True patriot.  CLICK HERE

  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – many of the players with kneeling issues in the NFL are felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE

  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

  • SHOCKING STUPIDITY: Dumb French family doesn’t get what a Safari Park is.   Video is fast – a few minutes and sets stage for their stupidity as Dutch guys laughed at first, then this gets very serious.   (Description corrected by reader Thomas Moore, we thought they were German. )CLICK HERE
  • This is a bug out! They just showed this on the Five on Fox as well.  America’s newest internet debate: Is it ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?  Listen to it (fast – seconds) and you decide.  People actually hear two different names depending on whether you are a high freq person or low.  AMAZING and shows you how possibly people you argue or debate with can actually not hear what you are saying.  Makes you seriously think after you fight and debate others.  CLICK HERE

  • It’s dinner time, damn it  (5 second clip) – made me laugh CLICK HERE     (Link fixed thanks to reader Gregg S on 12/30)
  • Old Favorite: Liberals Taxing The Rich  CLICK HERE

We post links to news, commentary and humor. It’s what we like, mixed with a more complete covering of news than any other site.  But… people send us links that are at times, troubled. People play games and change what the link has, they throw extra ads, and generally upset readers at times.  Well, Whatfinger is here to make news reading and information gathering simple and as amazing as possible. To that end, we try to follow these points.   If we rejected your link or said in reply email to check bottom of site,  this is what we are doing and these guidelines are developing over time. 

  1.  Article must not be deceptive in title.  Title needs to match content. Seems basic, but you’d be surprised.
  2. Title and news must not be already all over Whatfinger.  Check center column and left side column (the larger headlines),  if you see the same news, please don’t send us the link to post.  At times we’ll post 2 of the same news from different angles but once we hit that readers get upset with any more.  This especially goes for shared content by many sites, such as Daily Caller News Foundation.  We’ll post ONE – but the exact article is on 200 sites and it is not happening. We obviously cannot and will not post the same article.
  3. If your page is ugly to the point of a visitor not liking to even wait for the page to load,  we don’t want to link.
  4. If you use curse words in title or all over article – we violate this rule at times but generally we don’t want to post.
  5. Anti-Trump articles – well you have 95% of the media already doing this,  we don’t want to.  We’ll point to the lunacy of other sites and show competing views unlike the left dominated sites.  But we are not going out of our way to join the left in their now constant attempt to lie about Trump and make things look as bad as possible in the U.S.
  6. Force Click Articles – more and more we are rejecting these – and what they are is simple: ANY site that you visit, if upon page loading it then forces you to click and join something, enter email to continue, etc,   we do not link.  Soon we will never link to sites that do this.  Trouble is even the largest do this little game to readers so we can’t blanket ban the act by them, from links we post.

The way we think is simple.  Is the article providing info that our readers don’t have? Will they enjoy it?   More to come…  (Reader L. Smith helped us with our horrible grammar  🙂  Thank you!) 

Sgt K,  SGt Pat, Mike