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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Awesome First Lady. (b. April 26, 1970)    – – – April 26, 2018 –   Trump Administration Day 462  –    Welcome to Whatfinger News    More news and links daily than any other news site.    Need a quick smile or laugh?   ‘Somebody,  please help’  CLICK HERE      – –  Today in History on April 26 –  1954 Polio vaccine trials begin  CLICK HERE   – – – 1865 Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth dies  CLICK HERE  – – – 1954 Geneva Conference begins  CLICK HERE   – – – 1986 Nuclear explosion at Chernobyl  CLICK HERE  – – –  1937 Nazis test Luftwaffe on Guernica  CLICK HERE  – – – Today in 1983 The Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks 1,200 for first time.   – – – 
In 1994 Nelson Mandela wins the presidency in South Africa’s first multiracial elections.   – – –  in 1514 Copernicus makes his first observations of Saturn.   – – –   1564 William Shakespeare is baptized. – – –   In 1931, today New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hits a home run but is called out for passing a runner, the mistake ultimately costs him the home run record.   – – – 

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  • President Trump: I will be interviewed on at 8:00 A.M. Enjoy!
  • Congratulations to Republican Debbie Lesko on her big win in the Special Election for Arizona House seat. Debbie will do a Great Job! Press is so silent.  (Twitter Account)

  • Liberty Nation: (Listen to the news) YES, WE DO NEED AR-15’S  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Nolte: NBC Muddies the Waters as Joy Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Story Collapses  CLICK HERE
  • Wayne Dupree: College freshman triggers Pelosi over ‘crumbs’ remark; This is GOLD!  CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters:  MSNBC Is Still Sore About Renaming French Fries to ‘Freedom Fries’  CLICK HERE
  • Canada Free Press:
    A Prosecution For McCabe?  CLICK HERE
  • Newsmax: Poll: Voters Show Little Confidence in Trump to Handle NKorea  CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit:
    JUDICIAL WATCH: New Hillary Emails Reveal Classified Documents, Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play  CLICK HERE
  • Twitchy:  GRAB THAT POPCORN! Oh man, we can’t WAIT for Joy Reid to explain THESE [pics]  CLICK HERE
  • PJ Media: House Votes to Ensure No Taxpayer Funds Go to Rebuild Assad Territory  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times: Jim Acosta claims ‘conservative meat grinder’ interview on Trump ‘twisted’ by critics  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Caller:  CNN Spins Democrat Loss In Arizona As … Good For Democrats  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: Baltimore Mayor Tries To Singlehandedly Solve Crime Wave By Suggesting Stores Close Early  CLICK HERE
  • Legal Insurrection:
    Latest Tennessee Poll Shows Blackburn Down Three Points to Democrat Bredesen  CLICK HERE
  • True Pundit: WATCH: Hillary aide and Ethics Chief of Port Authority berates cops in profanity-laced confrontation; ends up costing her  CLICK HERE
  • Conservative Firing Line
    CNN’s Acosta suggests Trump voters ‘don’t have all their faculties’; Fails effort to spin statement  CLICK HERE

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Top News From the Left...

Left Wing Sites…(these LW sites updated only once per day, sometimes not at all on weekends as not many here care for them.)
  • Politico: Flipping Cohen against Trump may not be so easy  CLICK HERE
  • NBC: Missing Mexican students were killed, dissolved in acid after mistaken identity: authorities  CLICK HERE
  • Vox:  The Supreme Court might make Trump’s travel ban permanent  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Kos: Comparing Trump’s polling numbers to his predecessors’ foretells big midterm losses for the GOP  CLICK HERE

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Fake News Quarantine Section

The following outlets are often called ‘Fake News’ by President Trump, Newsbusters and/or conservative groups all over the U.S. 
  • NY Times (Paywall) Key Justices Seem Skeptical of Challenge to Travel Ban  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Post: (PAYWALL) VA nominee faces allegations of drinking, wrecking government vehicle  CLICK HERE
  • CNN:  Trump’s lawyer to plead the Fifth  CLICK HERE
  • NBC: Bannon turned Cambridge into ‘propaganda machine,’ whistleblower says  CLICK HERE
***These outlets above often use ‘unconfirmed’, anonymous, or ‘nameless officials’ as their sources. They are very often shown to be fake and/or made up sources. Be aware as these sites have had major accuracy issues and nearly always to hurt the Right, Trump or anyone who is against the Left.  See Newsbusters for additional info and research click here  


The Latest Scoop... (All Sources)

  • HANNITY! Does it again. His open is a MUST SEE. Comey doesn’t have long…   CLICK HERE
  • Wayne  Dupree: THIS IS A GRILLING! Watching Comey deny he wasn’t a leaker in this video is TRAGIC!” (Posted in center column)  CLICK HERE
  • Diamond And Silk, definitely great for a political smile. Watch this fast tweeted vid they spliced in to comment on the View. I would love to see them on the View.   CLICK HERE

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Quick Top News...

  • 12:01 am Washington Examiner: Scott Pruitt faces Capitol Hill grilling  CLICK HERE
  • 12:01 am Washington Examiner: Boeing boosts profit targets after defense-spending increase  CLICK HERE
  • 11:38 pm Washington Examiner: Ronny Jackson may drop bid to lead VA  CLICK HERE
  • 5:33 pm Washington Examiner: Joy Reid wants you to believe hackers infiltrated the Library of Congress just to make her look bad  CLICK HERE
  • 3:50 pm Zerohedge: Kanye Fires Manager, Tweets His Way Through “Meltdown” As Trump Thanks For “Dragon Energy” Tweet  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: James Comey: Trump ‘just making stuff up’ about memos  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill (Left Wing): Kim Kardashian West defends Kanye on Trump: ‘He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed?’  CLICK HERE
  • Reuters News: Former California policeman arrested in ‘Golden State’ serial killer case  CLICK HERE


Newsjunkie Nomad Threads

Here we will post links where there are good convos going on the Disqus boards. That way you always have a fresh convo going on new topics with plenty of fresh faces. Throw in Whatfinger members and you can have lots of fun debating and facing down the trolls.

  • Breitbart News: Kanye West Posts Picture Wearing MAGA Hat – Internet Breaks lol  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Taliban Rejects Peace Offer, Vows to Focus on ‘Killing and Capturing American Invaders’  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Caller: TIPPING TOWARD TRUMP: The Supreme Court Looks Deeply Divided Over Trump’s Travel Ban, But The Winds Are Blowing In One Direction  CLICK HERE

Live News Feeds & Video Events of the day

Check out our new videos daily from all sources –  straight down page or  Click here  for past videos. You can also post links and vids to our OPEN THREAD  Click Here or email us with submissions or tips/ideas at

  • Joint Meeting of Congress with President Macron of France.  CLICK HERE
  • Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders  CLICK HERE


Top News Found On Aggregates: Liberty Daily & Drudge

  • Holywood Reporter: Sharyl Attkisson to Make Film Debut in Doc About Free Speech  CLICK HERE
  • The Hill: Federal judge rules against Fox News bid to stop suit by ex-pundit who says she was raped  CLICK HERE
  • Conservative Firing Line: Washington Post calls Kanye West an ‘alt-right darling’  CLICK HERE
  • CBS NY: China Assigns Every Citizen A ‘Social Credit Score’ To Identify Who Is And Isn’t Trustworthy  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Exclusive: Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump in 2020  CLICK HERE
  • Fast Company: Tim Cook will have a private meeting with President Trump today  CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters: Classless: MSNBC’s Wallace Suggests Trump Touches Macron More Than Melania  CLICK HERE
  • Hollywood Reporter: Oliver Stone Compares Trump to “Beelzebub” at Iranian Film Festival  CLICK HERE
  • Wall Street Journal: NBC Bet $69 Million on Megyn Kelly—Then Viewers Vanished  CLICK HERE
  • Philly Inquirer: Bill Cosby prosecutors: This is why sexual-assault victims don’t report this crime  CLICK HERE


Top News Found On Aggregates Lucianne & Reddit

  • Wayne Dupree: 67-year-old jailed for ‘perverting the course of justice,’ flipping the bird made it worse!  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: Harry Reid: Trump ‘is not a nice man’  CLICK HERE
  • PJ Media: ‘Flint Town’: Netflix Chronicles Liberalism’s Tragic Disaster  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: James Comey: Special Prosecutor in Email Probe ‘Would Have Been Unfair to Hillary’  CLICK HERE
  • AZCentral: 5 takeaways from Debbie Lesko’s lackluster win in Arizona’s special election  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Partner arrested in killing of Salvadoran journalist  CLICK HERE

Top News Found On Aggregates Free Republic & Citizen Free Press

  • Breitbart News: Nolte: NBC Muddies the Waters as Joy Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Story Collapses  CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit: Internet Sleuth: Review of Strzok and Page Text Messages Reveals FBI Efforts to Setup, Embarrass or Attack Trump at Campaign Rally  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail: ‘You may shut the f*** up’: Shocking video shows a Port Authority commissioner and ex-Clinton aide flashing her golden badge during a traffic stop and telling cops they had ‘ruined her holiday’ by pulling her daughter’s friend over  CLICK HERE
  • American Thinker: Want income equality? Here is the nation for you!  CLICK HERE
  • CBS NY: Mock Shooting Alarms Crowd, Triggers Police Response At Movie Theater In CT  CLICK HERE
  • Investors Business Daily: Turns Out, The Rich Will Pay A Bigger Share Of Income Taxes Under GOP Tax Cuts  CLICK HERE
  • American Thinker: FBI ex-honcho Andrew McCabe goes to the well again for more legal cash  CLICK HERE
  • Life News: Terri Schaivo’s Brother: “Courts and Physicians Perversely Insist Its in Alfie Evans’ Best Interest to Die”  CLICK HERE


Top News: Fox News - Washington Times - Breitbart News ...

  • Washington Times: Trump’s tweets front and center as Supreme Court heats travel ban  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Government’s war on pizza? Looming ObamaCare menu rule has restaurant owners worried  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Nolte: NBC Muddies the Waters as Joy Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Story Collapses  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Trump travel ban: Timeline of a legal journey  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times: Chuck Schumer blames obstruction of nominees on Trump’s poor choices  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Breitbart Reporter Warner Todd Huston Suspended from Twitter over Transgender Comments  CLICK HERE

Top News: The Daily: Caller, Beast, Signal, Wire & Bell

  • Daily Caller: Joy Reid Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: CNN Writes Most Hilarious Headline Ever: ‘Why Win For Republicans In Arizona Still Good For Democrats’  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Bell: Should Online Gambling be Legalized in the US?  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: Matthew McConaughey Warns: ‘March for Our Lives’ Extremists Want Blanket Gun Ban  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Caller:  Macron Jokes About Kiss On Cheek From Trump – Joint Session Of Congress Erupts In Laughter  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Beast (Left Wing): Sean Hannity Kept Getting Deals on Properties Previously Owned by a Fraudster Specializing in Foreclosures  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Signal: LGBT Megadonor Who Wants to “Punish the Wicked” Pushes New Pennsylvania Bill  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: Ronan Farrow: Hillary Clinton Wouldn’t Do Interview When She Found Out I Was Investigating Harvey Weinstein  CLICK HERE


World News - All Sources (More below on left)

  • RT News (RUSSIAN): US violating domestic & intl law by breaking into Russian consulate in Seattle – embassy(LIVE)  CLICK HERE
  • BBC World News (BRITISH): Swedish archaeologists reveal 5th Century massacre at Sandby borg  CLICK HERE
  • SCMP (CHINESE): Trump sends trade hawks to China as US considers further action  CLICK HERE
  • Korea Times (S. KOREAN): Will inter-Korean summit pave way for K-pop landing in North Korea?  CLICK HERE
  • France 24 (FRENCH): Macron may call for a ‘new agreement,’ but Iran is unlikely to agree  CLICK HERE
  • The Asahi Shimbun (JAPANESE): Seoul’s ‘peace declaration’ plan could ban heavy arms in DMZ  CLICK HERE

Business & Money

  • Investors Business Daily: Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics Top Earnings Views  CLICK HERE
  • Los Angeles Times: Comcast formalizes bid for Sky in challenge to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox  CLICK HERE
  • MarketWatch: Twitter still profitable as it adds users  CLICK HERE
  • The Street: You Aren’t Witnessing a Panic in the Stock Market, So Chill Out  CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Boeing crushes earnings estimates, raises 2018 forecast  CLICK HERE
  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
  • Stock Market Data – CNBC: CLICK HERE


Videos & Radio From All Sources...

  • RADIO: Ann Coulter on The Mark Simone Show (4/25/2018  8:42)  Listen while you surf other links  CLICK HERE
  • Lionel Nation: Live Stream: Trump Just Secured a Nobel Peace Prize and MSM Still Talk Stormy Daniels (1 hr 22 minutes)   CLICK HERE   
  • Next News: Barbara Bush-Bashing Prof. Randa Jarrar Praised Hijackers, Advocated Throwing Grenades In Homes  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Authorities announce arrest in Golden State killer case  CLICK HERE

Judicial Watch - No One Is Above The Law

  • Judicial Watch: VIDEO: Judicial Watch Expert Panel: “Deep State Update”  CLICK HERE
  • Judicial Watch: .U.S. Funds Scandinavian Humanitarian Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists  CLICK HERE
  • Please visit Judicial Watch’s site to help them keep the good fight up.  CLICK HERE

Top News: Religion

  • WorldNet Daily: Would Jefferson be accused of ‘hate crimes’ today?  CLICK HERE
  • Christianity Today: Nigerian Mass Becomes a Massacre: Herdsmen Kill 18 Worshipers, Adding to Hundreds of Victims  CLICK HERE
  • Lifezette: Why Thousands Will Participate in the 2018 National Day of Prayer  CLICK HERE
  • Cutting Edge: What Must I Do To Be Saved? CLICK HERE


Weird, Strange, Cool or Say What?

  • UPI News: Couple treats wedding guests to 300 McDonald’s burgers  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see Sandals like this before? Photo – CLICK HERE
  • CW33: Cry Closet for leftist nuts on campus  CLICK HERE
  • UPI: Police officer apologizes with ‘sorry I tased you’ cake  CLICK HERE
  • Ice sliding off a lamppost clip  CLICK HERE
  • New York Post: The internet has found Trump’s female lookalike  CLICK HERE

Top Headlines: Politics News USA And General News

  • Reuters News: Germany: Cannot renegotiate Iran nuclear deal. Keeping the international nuclear deal with Iran is a top priority for Germany and it cannot be renegotiated, a foreign ministry spokesman said…   CLICK HERE
  • Washington Free Beacon: CONGRESSMEN CALL FOR DISCLOSURE OF U.S. AID TO PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS.  Members of Congress hope to compel the State Department to disclose the amount of U.S. aid money the Palestinian Authority has given to convicted terrorists and their families, according to a congressional communication viewed by the Free Beacon…   CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Trump’s travel ban sees support from Supreme Court’s conservative majority.  The Trump administration enjoyed a favorable reception Wednesday from the Supreme Court’s conservative majority in the first significant legal test of this president’s policies and power, as the justices reviewed the high-stakes challenge to the so-called travel ban.  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times: Sessions to preserve taxpayer-funded legal advice program for deportees.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday he will keep intact a legal advice program for illegal immigrants and other people facing deportation, bowing — at least for now — to pressure from Congress.  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Ronan Farrow: Hillary Tried to Cancel Interview Because I Was Reporting on Weinstein.  Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” author Ronan Farrow said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to cancel an interview for his new book about the State Department because he was reporting on the extensive sexual misconduct allegations of longtime Clinton donor Harvey Weinstein.  CLICK HERE
  • Mediaite (Left Wing): Yes, Sarah Sanders Was Asked About Kanye West at Today’s Press Briefing.  Someone had to do it. In a wide-ranging press briefing Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered a variety of questions, including one about…   CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: IS CALIFORNIA BANNING BIBLES? Christians beware – if California has its way, pastors, Christian bookstores, therapists and writers could be in trouble for repeating or teaching the Bible as it relates to homosexuality being a sin. You read that right – passages from the Bible may soon become illegal in the Golden State.  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: European Space Agency satellite rides to orbit from Russia.  A Russian rocket has carried into orbit a satellite that is part of the European Space Agency’s earth observation program.  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Free Beacon: Study: Deportations Under ‘Cornerstone’ ICE Program Plateau.  Expansion mostly targets offenders committing non-violent crimes.  CLICK HERE

Top Politics USA Headlines From All Sources...

  • BPR: Ronan Farrow throws Stephanopoulos: Hillary cancelled an interview ‘over the Weinstein stuff’.  Hillary Clinton reportedly backed out of an interview with journalist Ronan Farrow when she learned he was  working on the story of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.  CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Senate primary gets nasty: ‘This is West Virginia, not NJ. We are respectable’.  Turns out, the Garden State is a central part of the Senate primary in the Mountain State.  CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit: Facebook a NO-SHOW at House Judiciary Committee Hearing With Diamond and Silk.  Diamond and Silk are set to testify in front of Congress Wednesday over Facebook’s censorship of conservatives and what do you know–Facebook is a no-show.  CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit: FAKE HATE: Missouri Man Admits to Desecrating St. Louis Jewish Cemetery — NOT a Trump Supporter.  Police announced on Wednesday that Alzado Harris, from Florissant, Missouri, admitted to desecrating a local St. Louis Jewish cemetery in February 2017.  CLICK HERE
  • Frontpage Mag: TWO-FACEBOOK  Claiming neutrality while punishing the Right.  Editor-in-Chief of Frontpage Magazine, Jamie Glazov, was recently threatened with violence by a Muslim on Facebook, and the only one who paid a price for that threat was Jamie,  CLICK HERE
  • USA Today (left Wing): VA nominee Ronny Jackson dished out opioids, wrecked vehicle while drunk, colleagues say. WASHINGTON — Current and former colleagues of Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson have told Senate investigators that Jackson repeatedly drank on duty, has an “explosive” temper and garnered the nickname “candy man” among White House staff because of his prolific prescription practices.  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: The Kardashians Run To Kanye West’s Rescue As He’s Under Assault By The Left.  Kanye West may be blowing up Twitter with his political and philosophical musings, but it’s his wife and mother-in-law who are working overtime. Kim Kardashian West and her mother-slash-manager Kris Jenner, are both wildly protective of the Kardashian brand, and…   CLICK HERE 
  • Liberty Nation:  (Listen to or read) JORDAN PETERSON: THE POLITICAL MESSAGE OF TWELVE RULES FOR LIFE. Jordan Peterson is quickly becoming one of the most influential intellectuals of our generation. His book Twelve Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos has…   CLICK HERE
  • New American: California Bill Would Criminalize Speech, Books Opposing LGBT Agenda. In a direct assault on the freedoms of speech and religion, the California Assembly on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would, in effect, prohibit the dissemination of traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality and transgenderism.  CLICK HERE

General News - Politics And Misc.

  • Washington Examiner: ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ creator and musical director dead at 94.   CLICK HERE
    • Need a quick laugh on ‘I’m Just a Bill?  You know how nutty the left is so this is fitting Louder with Crowders’ : I’m Just a Bill (but I want to be Jill  lol) (Transgender Schoolhouse Rock Parody!)  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: MELTDOWN: President Trump And Kanye West Send Twitter Into A Frenzy. On Wednesday, Twitter erupted over a series of tweets from President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West as the two men showed their respect for one another on the social media platform. CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Dam Breaking? Another Rapper Stands Up to Leftist Mob Chance the Rapper: ‘Black People Don’t Have to be Democrats’.  Chicago-based crooner Chance the Rapper seemed to show his support for fellow Chi-Town artist Kanye West’s beliefs about free thinking by pointing out that black people should not feel obliged to support the Democratic Party.  CLICK HERE
  • USA Today (Left Wing – no politics): NFL draft has become circus of the absurd. Corrections and clarifications: In an earlier version of this story, a different year was listed for the first NFL draft. It was in 1936. So a parrot named Zsa Zsa is going to…   CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Facebook’s cash hoard has more than doubled in two years.  No matter the deteriorating public sentiment or concern about the company’s reliance on mobile ads, businesses are shelling out increasing amounts of money to get their brands in front of the social network’s users.  CLICK HERE
  • Gizmodo: Amazon Sued by Former Human Resources Administrator for Alleged ‘Unlawful Employment Practices’.  Amazon Logistics acted discriminatorily and unlawfully fired a former senior human resources administrator, a suit filed in Florida’s Southern District Court alleges…   CLICK HERE
  • The Sparta Report: JOY REID BLAMES HACKERS FOR ANTI-GAY BLOG POSTS, BUT QUESTIONS MOUNT. Back in December, after a series of homophobic posts on her defunct, decade-old blog resurfaced on social media, the MSNBC host Joy Reid  CLICK HERE
  • CBS News (Left Wing – no politics): Dallas cop is 24th officer killed this year in the line of duty.  DALLAS — Dallas officer Rogelio Santander, a three-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, was one of two officers shot Tuesday at a Home Depot. When the 27-year-old died Wednesday morning, he became the 24th officer killed this year in the line of duty.  CLICK HERE
  • Lifezette: Take Immigration Away from Judges, Legal Expert Says.  Former magistrate contends federal judiciary has again overstepped its authority with new anti-Trump DACA ruling.  CLICK HERE

World News - RT - BBC - France24 - & All Sources

  • Voice of Europe: Berlin’s Jews are afraid again: Some no longer walk the streets or go to school.  Two days ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted there’s a serious problem of anti-Semitism in the country.  CLICK HERE
  • Jerusalem Post (ISRAELI): THE MOSSAD’S GREATEST HITS: FROM EICHMANN TO AL-BATSH.  Reflect on a range of famous operations allegedly pulled off by the Mossad over the years.  CLICK HERE
  • The Geller Report: Germany: Muslim migrant children bully and beat up non-Muslim boy for eating pork – an ambulance was needed.  This is the poison fruit of Merkel’s suicidal immigration policies. She will go down in history as the worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.  CLICK HERE
  • Reuters News: Chevron evacuates Venezuela executives following staff arrests.   U.S. oil major Chevron Corp has evacuated executives from Venezuela after two of its workers were imprisoned over a contract dispute with state-owned oil company PDVSA, according to four sources familiar with the matter.  CLICK HERE
  • Asia Times:  Why Europe is afraid of the New Silk Roads.  Many EU countries are concerned about one-way traffic along the new trade routes Beijing is trying to set up to Europe.  CLICK HERE
  • RT News (RUSSIAN): Macron: It doesn’t look like Trump will stay in Iran nuclear deal.  French President Emmanuel Macron believes US President Donald Trump is leaning towards getting the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. The US leader is not ready to go back on his pre-election promise, Macron told media.  CLICK HERE
  • France 24: French tycoon Vincent Bolloré indicted over suspected Africa corruption.  A French judge has indicted businessman Vincent Bollore in a corruption investigation…  CLICK HERE
  • The Guardian: Trump set for official UK visit in July – minus pomp and ceremony.  The US president is finally coming to Britain, but he won’t be honoured with a state visit…   CLICK HERE

Tabloids: Daily Mail, Star, Mirror, Telegraph, Sun etc...

  • The Mirror: Extraordinary mum delivers ‘surprise’ baby alone in hotel bathroom abroad using YouTube videos – and Googles how to cut umbilical cord.  Tia Freeman went into labour on a flight from America to Istanbul and she had absolutely no idea what to do – so she just Googled it.   CLICK HERE
  • The Sun:  CARTEL HIT? Cancun horror as five dead bodies are found in car in another bloodbath at holiday hotspot  CLICK HERE
  • Express: WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? Fury as EU states BLOCK Britain from hitting Russia with sanctions  (Also posted above)  CLICK HERE
  • The Mirror: Horrifying moment man is sliced to death by blades of rescue helicopter trying to land on Colombian hillside  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail: Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen says he will plead the Fifth in court case brought by Stormy Daniels.  Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen will plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination in a law suit brought by Stormy Daniels, a court was told Wednesday.Cohen, whose business dealings are under FBI investigation and whose office, home, hotel room and safe deposit box were raided this month, will make the plea in a California civil case…   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Star: Man arrested after three shot including police officers in ‘major incident’.  Armando Luis Juarez, 29, was named by police as a person of interest in the attempted murder of two officers, one of whom was shot in the head.  CLICK HERE
  • Independent: Kanye West reveals he has a signed ‘Make America Great Again’ cap from Donald Trump.  CLICK HERE

Nita's News Nest: All links sent in by readers daily

  • Newsbusters: Sanders Torpedoes Acosta for His ‘Unnecessary’ ‘Tone’ in Briefings  CLICK HERE
  • Creeping Sharia: Muslim group wages legal jihad against DOJ and DHS, want report on immigrant terrorism deleted  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail: Neanderthals may have crossed the seas THOUSANDS of years before modern humans, researchers say  CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Sonnie Johnson on How Hip Hop Is Positively Transforming Generations of Minorities  CLICK HERE
  • ZeroHedge: China’s Newest Aircraft Carrier Set For Sea-Trials  CLICK HERE

Top News With Commentary from...

Liberty Nation  – American Thinker  – National Review

  • American Thinker:  Was the Starbucks Incident a Setup? I live in an Italian neighborhood in the Bronx.  Growing up, it was a place where racism was not only rampant, but seemingly an integral part of the community’s essence – so much so that it was one of the jurisdictions covered by Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Any changes made to election practices or procedures necessitated preclearance from …  CLICK HERE
  • National Review: Intellectual Refusniks and Renegades.  Leftists loathe Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, and other naysayers, but their audiences are growing. Two weeks ago, philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris had Ezra Klein, who is Vox’s editor in chief, on his podcast, Waking Up. The topic: Klein’s website had labeled Harris a participant in “pseudoscientific racialist speculation” because Harris had had the temerity to host social scientist…   CLICK HERE
  • American Thinker:  Revealed: Comey hired notorious Patrick Fitzgerald for his legal team after Trump fired him.  Birds of a feather are flocking together, as we learned last night, when Patrick Fitzgerald joined the legal team representing James Comey shortly after Comey was fired by President Trump in May 2017.  Fitzgerald was the former U.S. attorney in Chicago who was the special prosecutor who railroaded Scooter Libby into an unjust conviction on perjury while allowing the actual leaker of information… CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: BOMBSHELL: CLINTON CAMPAIGN LAUNDERED $84M.  A lawsuit filed in a DC district court last week provides evidence that the Hillary Victory Fund violated FEC campaign limits and essentially “laundered” $84M in donations through “dozens of state political party committees to the Democratic National Committee and, ultimately, to Hillary for America.” (Also posted on top)  CLICK HERE
  • American Thinker:  Comey made his cut-out in leaking classified memo a ‘Special Government Employee’.  Thanks to the sleuthing of Catherine Herridge and her producers Pamela K. Brown and Clyde Upson of Fox News, the public is belatedly learning that James Comey appointed his good friend and accomplice in leaking government documents to the New York Times, Columbia Law Professor… CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: Listen to or read YIANNOPOULOS HOUNDED BY SOCIALIST DINERS. Well-known conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was run out of a New York bar on Sunday as socialists and at least two members of the mainstream media shouted: “Nazi scum get out!”  CLICK HERE
  • American Thinker:  Are There Any Adults Left in Washington, D.C.? As America approaches her 250th birthday, her instruction manual, the U.S. Constitution, is under assault as never before.  The First Amendment is under attack by campus speech police and social media, censoring and deciding which political statements are welcomed and which are verboten.  The Second Amendment is threatened by leftist elitists happy to…  CLICK HERE
  • National Review: The Freaks and Geeks Documentary Exposes the Roots of Bad Movies.  The ’90s TV series about angsty teens made vulgarity and nihilism cool. Hollywood has not recovered.  CLICK HERE

Top News With Commentary from...

Townhall  – Powerline – PJ Media

  • Powerline:  CHAI UPDATE: SEN. LEE IS STEADFAST IN HIS OPPOSITION.  Sen. Mike Lee has been holding out against the renomination of Chai Feldblum for another term as EEOC Commissioner. Feldblum is the architect of the Obama administration’s LGBT policy and an enemy of religious freedom in virtually all cases where it stands in the way of gay …  CLICK HERE
  • Townhall: Judicial Watch Finds New Classified Emails, Others Confirm Collusion Between State Department and Clinton Foundation.  Government watchdog Judicial Watch has found a series of new emails belonging to former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that contain classified information. They were stored on her unsecured server. Further, they show collusion between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.  (Also posted above)  CLICK HERE
  • Powerline:  WHAT WILL SESSIONS DO IF TRUMP ASKS ABOUT THE COHEN INVESTIGATION? As we noted this morning, Attorney General Sessions has decided against recusing himself from the investigation of Michael Cohen. Allahpundit reports that the decision has produced dueling conspiracy theories. One holds that Sessions will go to bat for Trump and undermine the Cohen investigation, at least insofar as it …   CLICK HERE
  • PJ Media: Macron to Congress: Work Together to Fight ‘Rampaging Work of Extreme Nationalism’.  WASHINGTON — French President Emmanuel Macron told a joint session of Congress today that the two countries need to work together to stem the “rampaging work of extreme nationalism” and expressed confidence — to the sustained cheers of Democrats — that the U.S. will rejoin the Paris climate accord.  CLICK HERE
  • Powerline:  OUR ROBED MASTER BATES SPEAKS.  Paul Mirengoff frequently refers to “our robed masters” in the federal judiciary. Yesterday our robed master Bates of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia administered the latest in a series of legal defeats to the Trump administration’s effort to rescind the Obama …  CLICK HERE
  • PJ Media:  Should MSNBC’s Joy Reid Be Fired for Expressing an Unstylish Opinion?  No.What’s that you say? You want more, to make it worth your time to click this? Okay…Recently, The Atlantic hired writer Kevin Williamson away from National Review. Slightly more recently, The Atlantic fired Kevin Williamson after he’d written a grand total of one piece for the magazine. Williamson was targeted by a howling online mob for some things he’d said…  CLICK HERE
  • Townhall: Federal Judge: Mr. Trump, You Have 90 Days To Restart DACA.  Well, the battle over what to do for recipients enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been thrown back into the frying pan. Like crabgrass, this issue keeps arising—and causing headaches for the Trump administration. The Trump White House decided to gradually phase out the constitutionally questionable program, effectively rescinding…   CLICK HERE


Top News With Commentary from...

Top Commentary/News  From Various Sources 

  • Fox News Opinion: Cal Thomas: Are today’s Evangelicals following Jesus or following Trump?  “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” (Matthew 6:24) The verse refers to money, but in light of today’s debate about the unaccountable devotion many Christian leaders have for President Trump it is not a stretch to apply it to their relationship with him.  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner: The beginning of the end for the online American slave trade.  A girl on an empty street corner. A dirty massage parlor. A backroom in a nightclub.This is how we imagine the commercial sex industry. But like so many other American industries, technology has transformed this market, moving sex trafficking from the streets to the Internet. Today, the majority…   CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters: Wife Recalls Stephanopoulos ‘Crying’ When Beyoncé Beat Comey Interview.  ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos and singer Beyoncé are competitors, according to Ali Wentworth. It’s a rivalry worth crying over.  CLICK HERE
  • Patriot Retort: Color me cautious.  First, my apologies for not posting much yesterday. Lupus. It happens.Now, let’s see how I do today.First on deck, we have the report from the Daily Wire that “Our Teenager” was called in to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s resource office and questioned over some Twitter postings of him at a gun range with his dad.  CLICK HERE
  • Lew Rockwell:  Is the U.S. Cose to war?  Myrmidons.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what the word myrmidons means. Until just a few months ago, I had never even heard of the word. Here are some definitions of myrmidon from a few online dictionaries that you might find helpful, as I did:  CLICK HERE
  • Reason Online: Stossel: Armed Teachers. President Trump says one solution to school shootings is to allow teachers to be armed.He was mocked for that, but John Stossel says it’s a reasonable idea. Hundreds of schools already allow it.  (Also posted in videos above)  CLICK HERE
  • Taki’s Mag: Smearing the Smearers. As I’m sure you’ve heard, two black dudes went into a Starbucks last week and claimed a table without ordering anything. And then they (yes, apparently both of them at the same time) decided to use the bathroom. Because that’s what guys do in coffee shop…   CLICK HERE

  • Conservative TreehouseThe Last Refuge:   April 25, 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #461 Click here to join in and discuss it all
  • The Donald at Reddit: Trump retweeted Kanye!!!  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald at Reddit:  Breaking: More classified Clinton emails forced out by Judicial Watch. More than enough evidence to arrest her.  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald at Reddit:  @realDonaldTrump: Looking forward to my meeting with Tim Cook of Apple. We will be talking about many things, including how the U.S. has been treated unfairly for many years, by many countries, on trade.  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald at Reddit:  ***FAKE NEWS ALERT*** The U.S.A. was Ranked 45th in the World for Freedom of the Press (due to President Trump’s criticisms) by “Reporters Without Borders”. So, I Poked Around to See Who Funds RWB. And, Guess Who?! THE OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE OF GEORGE SOROS!!!  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald at Reddit:  They’re getting really good at losing, I will give them that  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald at Reddit:  @realDonaldTrump: Congratulations to Republican Debbie Lesko on her big win in the Special Election for Arizona House seat. Debbie will do a Great Job! Press is so silent.  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald at Reddit:  Joy Ann Reid isn’t just a race hustling, homophobic, bigot who’s made a career of gaslighting her political opponents, she also has absolutely no integrity, or credibility. Typical regressive Leftists.  CLICK HERE
  • The Donald At Reddit:  ‘Beyond Troubling’ The Daily Caller News Foundation And Judicial Watch File Lawsuit To Disclose Comey And Obama Meetings  CLICK HERE
  • Come on down to The Donald at Reddit for some good patriotic discussion.  It is one of the very few conservative areas of a very left wing site that is under constant attack by the commies that run Reddit.   CLICK HERE
  • Whatfinger News Open Thread – post videos & links on any subject that you want us to post here on homepage – especially politics. Disqus based board for ease.  We take a lot from what you post to post here for this main page  CLICK HERE


If any webmasters need comics for their sites – check this out.  a reader of Whatfinger named John Henry said he is available to help.  CLICK HERE for his Facebook page

  • This makes me laugh, funny prank CLICK HERE
  • So many distractions  CLICK HERE
  • Sharing cheese with the dog.  CLICK HERE
  • The  smallest Awoo  CLICK HERE 
  • Ladies and Gentlemen   Stan Lee  CLICK HERE
  • Prince, Musician pass (photo)  CLICK HERE
  • Catfishing  lol  click here
  • Please step out of the car sir.  “I was parked, the license is on the back bumper.  CLICK HERE
  • The truth is out there.  CLICK HERE
  • You ever see a manul (or Pallas’ cat) of Central Asia? It has the longest and densest fur of all the cat species (Photo)  CLICK HERE

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Favorites ...These might be here for a while

  • I love this Respect Begets Respect click it for quick vid that we’ll keep up for a while. It chokes me up as a soldier and a patriot who loves this country
  • Democrats all admit they agree with Trump on the border. (VIDEO by Mark Dice)  Will show you how fake the left is with their own words.  Spread this around…  (CLICK HERE for fast 3:30 video)
  • Why We Stand – Makes me tear up just looking at it, every time too.    CLICK HERE
  • Why They Kneel – Yup – the pigs in the NFL are mostly felons. Now you know with this link.  Excellent, please share it. I will never again watch another game.  Well – maybe Vince McMahon’s new league. 🙂     CLICK HERE
  • James Woods reposted this.  Quick 25 second video that just makes me smile.  An oldie but a goodie for sure.   CLICK HERE
  • NRA – Fighting for our rights with $ and education so we don’t have to fight with bullets one day when the next Democratic/socialist president is elected, and they dare try to destroy our freedom.  Please help them out and help us leave this nation safe and sane for generations to come.  We help them via your own clicks on our advertisers, this and Judicial Watch is why we are still poor here at Whatfinger. America is at a critical junction and Trump needs all the help he can get.  Please visit and help the NRA out – together we keep America free  CLICK HERE
  • Columbia Bugle Tweet: Every time I hear the Left say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” (LOVE THIS fast clip)  CLICK HERE
  • Best optical illusion I’ve seen all year. Stunning actually how the colors go away as you look at it.  CLICK HERE

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