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December 12th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #327 – Join in to discuss it all

Quotes & Tweets and Vids +

  1. Fox Business: .@GreggJarrett on wife of demoted DOJ official working for Fusion GPS: “It underscores the Obama holdovers at the Department of Justice who seemed to have been politically motivated and arguable corrupt.” (VIDEO 2:10)
  2. Breaking 911: SHOCK VIDEO: Daredevil falls to his death from 62-story building (link)
  3. Jeanine Pirro: Getting ready for rotator cuff surgery at Columbia presb. (Photo on hospital)
  4. Mark Dice: Why are you calling Senator Gillibrand a slut? (Responding to Sen. Warren)
  5. Cernovich: There are 263 secret hush money settlements involving Congress. But the media is talking about Trump’s tweets. (Chart)
  6. Nick Short: Trump Jr. and his attorney say that while he was still being interviewed, “members of the committee and/or their staff began selectively leaking information… (DOCS)
  7. Judge Roy Moore: ELECTION DAY MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: “I need Alabama to vote for Roy Moore!” “Roy Moore is the guy we need to pass the Make America Great Again agenda. Get out and VOTE FOR ROY MOORE!”
  8. Jim Hoft: Just got off phone with top Conservative Activist in #Alabama – Was Told Turn Out today is Unprecedented with @MooreSenate ‘s base. The people of Alabama are DISGUSTED with #DeepState and Liberal Elites from #WaPo and #DC interfering in election and spreading lies!
  9. Israel News Feed: OUTRAGEOUS: Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance transfer masked rioters to violent protest in Ramallah, violating international law – WATCH. (VIDEO 45 seconds)
  10. Sen. Rand Paul: I cannot in good conscience vote to add more to the already massive $20 trillion debt. I promised Kentucky to vote against reckless, deficit spending and I will do just that. ( A man of priciple as always even when we disagree with him) VIDEO 58 seconds
  11. Fox & Friends: President Trump calls for a fix to America’s immigration system after it’s revealed failed Port Authority bomber came to U.S. through chain migration (Fast video 1:37)
  12. Zerohedge:  Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In ‘Deep State’ Intelligence War On Trump  (Link)


I love thisRespect Begets Respect – click it for quick vid that we’ll keep up for a while. It chokes me up as a soldier and a patriot who loves this country

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