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November 24th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #309 – Join in to discuss it all Friday & Night. Many clips, vids and politics of course 

Quotes & Tweets and Vids +

  1. Fox Business – Herman Cain: “[Trump’s] message when he was campaigning is the exact agenda he’s carrying out… He has not backed down.”(Fast vid 1:06)
  2. Paul Joseph Watson: In what world is this normal? (Video 9:54)
  3. Nigel Farage: Residents of Oskarshamn in Sweden will now be accompanied by armed police officers while out jogging. How did Europe let this happen? (Video 40 seconds)
  4. ABC News: Alaska resident captures an absolutely stunning view of the Northern Lights. (Video – beautiful – fast 40 seconds)
  5. Cernovich: Mr. President, have you seen Kathy Griffin lately? All that bitterness is really not working out for her. Yikes! (Photos)
  6. Don Trump Jr.:Too funny not to share I’ve seen this one floating around and couldn’t resist.  (Photo)
  7. Michelle Malkin: Excellent #Thanksgiving advice from @MichelleMalkin! Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!!!(Video message – Excellent and fast 2:13)
  8. White House: Happy Thanksgiving! The President and First Lady wish all Americans a peaceful, happy, and healthy start to this holiday season. (Link)
  9. VP Pence: On this Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for-our family, friends & the privilege to serve our nation…
  10. Secret Service Agent on Hillary: “I found her to be the most deceptive human being, manipulative political person in a position of power I’d ever met in my entire life.” (Fox Video 58 seconds)
  11. Join us on Twitter: We only retweet top tweets in an effort to not be banned as so many others have had happen. Shame how we have to deal with leftist nonsense.   

Favorites This Week...

I love thisRespect Begets Respect – click it for quick vid that we’ll keep up for a while. It chokes me up as a soldier and a patriot who loves this country, and who realizes that President Trump came along at just the right time to help save this nation.  He is Reagan, part II but with so much more promise. As Scott Adams said, we may be on the verge of a new Golden Age. See him interviewed on 11/21 by Andrew Klavan – click here

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Roy Moore is under siege by the RINO’s that run the Republican Party .  They have teamed up with the left yet again to not only destroy President Trump, but to frame Roy Moore with fake accusations.  Help The Cause.  Click here for Roy Moore’s Page and click Contribute
Together we Conservatives will keep America free, and defeat the left

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