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It’s back – Based Monitored was freed up by the leftist gatekeepers at Twitter!   Watch this now before its taken down again.  I love thisRespect Begets Respect – click it for quick vid that I’m going to keep up for a while. It chokes me up as a soldier and a patriot who loves this country, and who realizes that President Trump came along at just the right time to help save this nation.  He is Reagan, part II but with so much more promise. 
 We kept this link above up while the take down of Based Monitored was protested. Remember folks these leftists at Twitter have considered taking out Trump’s own account so the rest of the right is nothing to attack to them. If we all stand up, write letters , make phone calls, we truly can move mountains. Whether that is by action or collection inaction, such as not watching the NFL or ESPN as many here have pledged. Together, we conservatives can move mountains.  Help us spread the word and tell everyone about Whatfinger News.  We’re just soldiers with little resources of our own and up against the big-boys. You all know who. Example: Facebook actually will not let you tell others about us. Sounds funny, but true. If you share a link on your FB account a max of 5 of your friends will see it if it links to this site. Try it, you’ll see. Insidious how the left controls the message. You think your friends are your friends but Facebook thinks not and will not allow you to tell others of Whatfinger News.
The left is scared folks. They only know censorship and destruction. Can you image how bad our nation would be now if Clinton managed to steal the election? We’d be near revolution right now. We are still here and will keep fighting. You, be ever vigilant and never stop standing up for America or our president. Together we will and are winning, and the left will be crushed. It’s only a matter of time.  
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We will only retweet other top tweets as an experiment to not be banned by Twitter as /pol accounts get banned constantly if you are right wing and love America, and are not ‘politically correct’.

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