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March 23, 2018 –    Trump Administration Day 428   Last News Update: 8:32 pm   Need a quick laugh?  Crossfit at its finest CLICK HERE   OK, not as funny as this fast clip  “Do you think I care?”  CLICK HERE    – – –  Welcome to Whatfinger News  – –  More news is below than ANY other site! ……       Some events in history today:  Patrick Henry today in 1775 says “. . . give me liberty or give me death!”   – – –    in 1806 Lewis & Clark reach the Pacific Coast – – – The Wright Brothers receive a patent for their airplane   – – – In 1808 Napoleon makes his brother Joseph King of Spain  – – –  1865 – First black troops muster into the Confederate Army, c. 200 men at Richmond  – – – 
In 1919 Benito Mussolini founds the Fascist Party, Milan  – – – In 1915 British form the Zion Mule Corps  – – –  In 1918 Paris is shelled by German very-long range artillery  – – – Lorenzino de’ Medici, author, later murderer of his kinsman Duke Alessandro “il Moro” de’ Medici of Florence in 1537, murdered in turn by his kinsman Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici of Florence in 1548
In 1882 today – USN establishes the Office of Naval Intelligence  – –  1957 US army sells its last homing pigeons  – – – 1965 Gemini 3 launched, first US 2-man space flight (Grissom & Young)  – – – 1944 RAF Flight Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade survives a 5,500 m fall without a parachute   – – – 

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  • President Trump: House Intelligence Committee votes to release final report. FINDINGS: (1) No evidence provided of Collusion between Trump Campaign & Russia. (2) The Obama Administrations Post election response was insufficient. (3) Clapper provided inconsistent testimony on media contacts.  Twitter Account
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Top News From the Right...

  • Liberty Nation: (Listen to the news!)  YOUTUBE’S GUN CONTROL CENSORSHIP   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News:  Border Wall: GOP Makes Excuses, Pelosi Taunts Trump   CLICK HERE
  • Wayne Dupree: Omnibus Bill Allows Gun Control Ban To Be Reinstituted On Social Security Recipients!   CLICK HERE
  • Newsbusters:  NY Times Beans John Bolton With Obsessive ‘Hard-Liner’ and ‘Hawkish’ Tags   CLICK HERE
  • Canada Free Press:  By standing up to China, President Trump Protecting America Technology Against Piracy  (Also posted on right)   CLICK HERE
  • Newsmax:  Alan Dershowitz: John Bolton Is ‘Brilliant and Very Tough’   CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit:  Pennsylvania District Equips Classrooms with Buckets of Rocks to Stone Mass Shooters   CLICK HERE
  • Twitchy: ‘Zip that f*ckin’ LIP!’ WATCHING Roseanne RIP into Jimmy Kimmel over Trump is must-see TV   CLICK HERE
  • PJ Media:  Friday HOT MIC: Trump: “I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill.”   CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times:  Trump trade guru Peter Navarro pledges no trade war: ‘We come in peace’   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Caller: NOT WELCOME: US Cardinal: Democratic Party ‘Now Slams The Door’ On Catholics.   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire:  NBC Poll: Does Gun Ownership Increase Or Decrease Safety? Anti-Gun Activists Won’t Like The Results.   CLICK HERE
  • Legal Insurrection:  Facebook Changes Are Starving Conservative Media   CLICK HERE

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Left Wing Sites…(these LW sites updated only once per day)
  • Politico: Rand Paul, king of Senate drama, is at it again   CLICK HERE
  • NBC: Trump brings a Bush-era hawk back into the foreign policy fray   CLICK HERE
  • Vox:  How Facebook made it impossible to delete Facebook   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Kos:  Open thread for night owls. 3 weeks ago, NBC said McMaster would be fired. Trump said: ‘fake news’   CLICK HERE

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  • Today in History March 23,  at  CLICK HERE
  • 1775 Patrick Henry voices American opposition to British policy  CLICK HERE
  • 1862 Jackson is defeated at Kernstown  CLICK HERE
  • 1983 Reagan calls for new antimissile technology CLICK HERE
  • 1919 Mussolini founds the Fascist party  CLICK HERE
  • 2011 Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79 CLICK HERE
  • 1918 Paris hit by shells from new German gun   CLICK HERE
  • 1806 Lewis and Clark depart Fort Clatsop  CLICK HERE


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Fake News Quarantine Section

The following outlets are often called ‘Fake News’ by President Trump, Newsbusters and/or conservative groups all over the U.S. 
  • NY Times (Paywall) Trump’s Lawyer for Russia Inquiry Quits as Advice Is Ignored   CLICK HERE
  • Washington Post: (PAYWALL) China threatens to raise tariffs on about $3 billion of U.S. imports   CLICK HERE
  • CNN: McDougal says she was intimate with Trump ‘many dozens’ of times   CLICK HERE
  • NBC: Trump legal team shake-up clears path for possible Mueller interview   CLICK HERE
***These outlets above often use ‘unconfirmed’, anonymous, or ‘nameless officials’ as their sources. They are very often shown to be fake and/or made up sources. Be aware as these sites have had major accuracy issues.  See Newsbusters for additional info and research click here  


Must See...

  • Judicial Watch: Tom Fitton’s Video Weekly Update – March 23, 2018   CLICK HERE
    WOW – Mueller probe is just one huge scam, now fully exposed, Obama and Clinton and Comey will be going down for this! Hillary can now be arrested, all we need is an AG now that makes a few moves…


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  • Today’s Press Briefing with President Trump   CLICK HERE   

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  • 9:28 pm Washington Examiner: President Trump said ‘f— that’ to aides who warned him about backlash if he vetoed spending bill   CLICK HERE
  • 9:21 pm Washington Examiner: John Bolton reportedly set to fire dozens of White House officials amid leaking problem   CLICK HERE
  • 9:18 pm The Hill: Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military   CLICK HERE
  • 7:32 pm Washington Examiner: Andrew McCabe calls Trump’s celebratory tweet about his firing ‘unhinged’   CLICK HERE
  • 7:08 pm The Hill: McCabe defends himself against firing in Washington Post op-ed   CLICK HERE
  • 7:02 pm The Hill: Rush Limbaugh: Watching Trump sign spending bill was like seeing him ‘go back up’ the escalator   CLICK HERE
  • 5:25 pm Washington Examiner: Justice Department unveils proposal to outlaw bump stocks   CLICK HERE


Top News Found On Aggregates: Liberty Daily & Drudge

  • Independent: Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time ever for Air India flight bound for Tel Aviv   CLICK HERE
  • Law & Crime: Trump Dossier Author Christopher Steele to Testify in London   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: GOP and Democrats Fully Fund a Border Wall – In Jordan   CLICK HERE
  • Politico (Left Wing): Man arrested for threatening to murder Virginia congressman   CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit: FLASHBACK=> WATCH Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Lie About Funding the Trump Border Wall  CLICK HERE
  • New York Post: FDNY firefighter dies battling massive blaze at Harlem movie shoot for Bruce Willis movie  CLICK HERE


Top News Found On Aggregates Free Republic & Citizen Free Press

  • The Hill: Trump orders DOJ to issue rule banning bump stocks   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Beast (Left Wing): Michigan Kindergartener Was Sodomized and Photographed Nude by Classmates: Lawsuit  CLICK HERE
  • Page Six: Kathy Griffin to attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner   CLICK HERE
  • SeattleTimes: Ex-Seahawk Michael Bennett has warrant for his arrest after Texas grand jury indicts him on felony charge   CLICK HERE
  • CBS San Francisco: Travis Air Force Base Gate Crash Investigated As Terror Attack; Driver Killed   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Caller: EXCLUSIVE: Outgoing National Security Advisor McMaster Worked For Foreign Think Tank Funded By China, Russia   CLICK HERE
  • American Spectator: John Brennan, Obama’s Head of the Innuendo Community   CLICK HERE

Top News: Fox News - Washington Times - Breitbart News ...

  • Fox News:  Family of four vanishes while on vacation, found dead in tourist complex condo   CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times: Dealmaker Trump couldn’t drain the swamp on massive spending bill   CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: VIDEO –Pete Hegseth on why veterans aren’t pleased with budget deal   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Citibank Requiring Gun Store Customers to Quit Selling ‘High Capacity’ Magazines   CLICK HERE
  • Fox News: Trump’s pick of Bolton for NSA chief brings a bulldog to the White House   CLICK HERE
  • Washington Times: Hawks see Bolton having Trump’s back for hard line against North Korea   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: $1.3 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill Almost 1,000 Pages Longer than Gutenberg Bible   CLICK HERE


World News - All Sources (More below on left)

  • SCMP (CHINESE): Hong Kong vows to hit back against any ‘discriminatory’ US trade actions   CLICK HERE
  • DW (GERMAN): Deadly ‘Islamic State’ hostage situation in France   CLICK HERE
  • France 24 (FRENCH): LIVE: Hostage-taker in southern France killed by security forces   CLICK HERE
  • The Asahi Shimbun (JAPANESE): Zama serial killer suspect says, ‘I wanted to be a gigolo’   CLICK HERE
  • RT News (RUSSIAN): ‘Terrorist’ hostage taker shot dead in France after killing & injuring several (VIDEO)   CLICK HERE
  • BBC World News (BRITISH): Syria war: First rebels leave defeated Eastern Ghouta town   CLICK HERE


Business & Money

  • Reuters News: Fed may need to adjust policy framework to respond to financial shocks -Rosengren   CLICK HERE
  • BBC WORld News: The week Facebook’s value plunged $58bn    CLICK HERE
  • CNBC: Here’s how much the stock market is still up since Donald Trump took office   CLICK HERE
  • ZeroHedge: 2.8 Million Hong-Kongers Got A HK$4,000 Cash Handout Today   CLICK HERE
  • Investors Business Daily: 3 Reasons Trump Should Veto The $1.3 Trillion Spending Monstrosity  CLICK HERE
  • Investors Business Daily: Market Trends: CLICK HERE
  • Stock Market Data – CNBC: CLICK HERE

Top Headlines: Politics News USA And General News

  • Washington Times: Deal-maker Trump couldn’t drain the swamp on massive spending bill . After 14 months of fighting the swamp in Washington, President Trump said Friday the swamp forced him to sign a $1.3 trillion spending bill.   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: The Patriots Flew Parkland Students to D.C. Ahead of ‘March for Our Lives’ on Team Plane.  Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left Florida on Thursday, for the “March For Our Lives” against gun violence in Washington, DC, this weekend.   CLICK HERE
  • CNBC:  Trump touted his colossal spending bill as a blessing for the military. Here’s what the Pentagon is getting.  Stocks fell sharply on Friday, adding to their steep weekly losses, as investors assess the possibility of a trade war brewing between the U.S. and China. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 425 points, with DowDuPont as the worst-performing stock. The 30-stock index also closed in correction, down 11.6 percent from its 52-week high.   CLICK HERE
  • The Federalist:  Cardi B To Uncle Sam: What Are You Doing With My Money?  Hours before President Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill to fund the government through October, rapper Cardi B demanded to see receipts from the government for how it spends her heard-earned money. “Uncle Sam, I want to see receipts!” the 25-year-old “Bodak Yellow” rapper said in an expletive-filled rant she posted to Instagram on Thursday.   CLICK HERE
  • One News Now:  Baby disposal service, clinics to be brought to justice? South Carolina officials may soon decide whether an abortion clinic violated the law by disposing of the remains of aborted babies.Whistleblowers have filmed an abortion clinic worker in Greenville, South Carolina, transporting aborted baby remains…  CLICK HERE 
  • Red State – Hillary Clinton’s 42 Reasons She LOST.  Forget the TOP TEN list you usually get from the media. We have dug deep here at Red State and courtesy of our friends across the pond at Daily Mail we now have the 42 REASONS HILLARY LOST.Now I know what you are thinking, just…  CLICK HERE
  • Washington Examiner:  Lindsey Graham names the two biggest losers from John Bolton’s appointment: Iran and Russia.   Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., predicted Friday that John Bolton’s appointment as President Trump’s new national security adviser is bad news for Iran and Russia, and would also help Trump deal with North Korea.  CLICK HERE
  • Infowars:  ALL-WOMEN’S COLLEGE ASKS PROFS NOT TO CALL STUDENTS ‘WOMEN’.  ‘When discussing the student body, say ‘Mount Holyoke students’ rather than ‘Mount Holyoke women”   CLICK HERE

  • Daily Wire – Ben Shapiro: Cardi B Just Made The Best Argument For Fiscal Conservatism Of The Modern Era.  On Friday, star rapper Cardi B dropped a track worth listening to . . . on tax reform. Cardi B isn’t famous for her economic analysis — her employment strategies are questionable, if the lyrics to “Bodak Yellow” are any indicator (“I’m a boss, you a worker bitch, I make bloody moves”), although she does ensure that she is paid…   CLICK HERE
  • Reuters News:  Trump signs budget deal after raising government shutdown threat.  WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump signed Congress’ newly passed $1.3 trillion spending bill on Friday, ending several hours of confusion spurred by a tweeted veto threat that raised the specter of a government shutdown.   CLICK HERE
  • The HillFacebook has a problem with transparency, but it’s not yet time for regulators act.  Toward the end of the film “There Will Be Blood,” Daniel Day-Lewis, playing a ruthless oil baron who started out a lone prospector, explains slant drilling technology to a rival. By angling his drill horizontally, he can tap the petroleum reserves …   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Biden: Parkland Students Are ‘Going to Win,’ ‘We Can Beat the NRA’. Friday while in Washington D.C. for the “March for Our Lives,” former Vice President Joe Biden spoke with MSNBC after meeting with parents and family members of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL.   CLICK HERE
  • Hot Air: Karen McDougal To Melania Trump: I’m Really Sorry.  One way to show your regret, it occurs to me, would be to not dredge this up and force Mrs. Trump to have to stomach details about the affair as they ripple through national media.   CLICK HERE
  • UPI News: U.S. Postal Service unveils commemorative Mr. Rogers stamp.   CLICK HERE
  • Fox News:  Ex-CIA chief John Brennan’s ‘unhinged,’ partisan attacks on Trump raise eyebrows.  Former CIA director John Brennan raised eyebrows this week when he went on national television and suggested the Russians “may have something” on President Trump.Brennan, who led the CIA during the Obama administration, later conceded to The New York Times that he actually had no knowledge to back the claim.To critics, this was yet another example of increasingly hostile and partisan behavior toward Trump from the former leader of an agency that considers itself above partisanship.   CLICK HERE

  • The New American – Leaked Audio: Anti-gun Giffords Foundation Behind “Student-led” March for Our Lives. While the liberal mainstream media continue to sell the line that this weekend’s “March for Our Lives” is a student-led, student-organized rally for “common-sense gun control,” the reality is that it is led and organized by the “usual suspects” in the anti-gun crowd….   CLICK HERE
  • Deadline: Ex-Playboy Playmate’s Donald Trump Tell-All Gooses Anderson Cooper Ratings. The interview aired from 8:15-9:30 PM ET.  In that block of time, Cooper clocked 668K news-demo viewers and 2.382M total viewers. It’s a big boost compared to CNN’s prior four week average of 379K news-demo viewers and 1.137M total viewers in the block of time.   CLICK HERE
  • Fox Entertainment:  Marine Corps adopts new puppy mascot: ‘He’s a great puppy and new recruit’.  The Department of Defense announced with pride that the Marine Corps has a new canine mascot, fittingly sharing the news with a video on National Puppy Day.The Marine Corps introduced 10-week-old English bulldog Chesty XV to the world Friday, with a now-viral clip on Facebook…..   CLICK HERE
  • SF Gate (Left Wing) : DC’s ‘mayor who hates guns’ champions March for Our Lives, steps into national spotlight.  WASHINGTON – As Mayor Muriel Bowser, D, prepares to host hundreds of thousands rallying for gun control, she has emerged as one of the biggest cheerleaders for Saturday’s march and has positioned herself as a national figure in the movement.   CLICK HERE
  • American Mirror:  BLOOD MONEY? Organizers hawk shirts, bandanas, trucker hats for anti-gun march.  Who is profiting from students being killed at a Parkland, Florida school? Anti-gun activists like to say the NRA, but in reality, its whomever has the merchandising contract for the “March For Our Lives.”   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart: ‘Congress Is Broken,’ Say Pro-Life Leaders on GOP Broken Promises in Omnibus.  The omnibus spending bill is drawing the ire of national pro-life leaders and members of Congress who say many Republicans have broken their promises to the base of the party by funding Planned Parenthood and rejecting an amendment that would provide conscience protections…   CLICK HERE
  • Mediaite (Left Wing): Lawyer Claims Roy Moore Supporters Offered Him $10,000 To Drop Moore Accuser as Client And Smear Her.  Months after former judge Roy Moore narrowly lost his Senate election bid in ruby-red Alabama in the wake of numerous allegations that he had sexual contact with…    CLICK HERE
  • The Geller Report: Terror attack at Travis Air Force Base.  An incident this week at a U.S. Air Force base in Northern California — in which a vehicle burst into flames after crashing through the main gate — is being treated as “an act of terrorism,” according to a report. FBI spokeswoman Gina Swankie …   (Also posted above)  CLICK HERE
  • The Sparta Report: Dowd’s Firing May Be A Sign That Trump Is About To Go To War With Mueller.   CLICK HERE

  • The Guardian: Spanish court remands Catalan presidential candidate in custody.  Judge says 13 Catalan leaders, including Jordi Turull and Carles Puigdemont, will be charged with rebellion.  A Spanish supreme court judge has charged Jordi Turull, Catalonia’s presidential candidate, with rebellion and ordered him to remain in custody less than 24 hours before he was due to attend an investiture debate. On Friday morning, Judge Pablo Llarena announced that 13 senior Catalan leaders – including Turull and the deposed…   CLICK HERE
  • BBC World News:  US sanctions Iranian hackers for ‘stealing university data’.  The United States has imposed sanctions on an Iranian company and 10 individuals for alleged cyber attacks, including on hundreds of universities.The Mabna Institute is accused of stealing 31 terabytes of “valuable intellectual property and data”.   CLICK HERE
  • RT News:  ‘Islamic terrorism’: 3 killed, 16 injured, gunman dead in France after shooting & hostage situation.  Three people were killed and 16 others injured in an attack by a lone gunman in southern France, French President Emmanuel Macron has said, calling the act ‘Islamic terrorism.’   CLICK HERE
  • Reuters News: Italy’s Berlusconi accuses League ally of betrayal over Senate job.  ROME (Reuters) – Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (Go Italy!) party on Friday accused the far-right League of breaking ranks with its conservative ally during a vote to select the speaker of the Senate.   CLICK HERE
  • Jerusalem Post: AMB. HALEY SLAMS ‘FOOLISH’ UNHRC AFTER IT PASSES 5 ANTI-ISRAEL RESOLUTIONS.  Haley also warned that the US is still weighing whether it plans to remain on the council, adding that Friday’s resolutions was another blow to the institution’s “credibility.”   CLICK HERE
  • BBC World News: Poland abortion: Protests against bill imposing new limits.  Thousands of people have taken to streets across Poland against plans to further tighten the abortion laws, already among Europe’s strictest. A bill in parliament seeks to ban abortions in cases of foetal abnormality – one of the few exceptions allowed under the current law.  CLICK HERE
  • France 24: Peru’s new president sworn in after impeachment drama. Martin Vizcarra has been sworn in as Peru’s new president Friday, after the vice president was catapulted to the post when Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned to avoid impeachment.   CLICK HERE
  • DW: Time running out to save the Earth’s plants and animals.  Five new reports unveiled at a UN biodiversity summit in Colombia are sounding the alarm over the rapidly deteriorating state of biodiversity on our planet. But they also provide the tools to fight back.  CLICK HERE
    Note: Pure propaganda based on fake and altered data – keep that in mind. 

  • Daily Mail: How Facebook and its ‘vampire apps’ can still track you AFTER you remove your account: Here’s how to stop them.  Thousands of third-party apps that plug in to Facebook (left) have been siphoning off user data at the same time as the firm, based in Menlo Park, California, has been tracking people online. CEO Mark Zuckerberg (top right) has admitted…   CLICK HERE
  • Express:  ‘Farage delivers this BRILLIANT quip after caller claims ‘EU will crumble within 30 years’. NIGEL FARAGE delivered a swift response after a passionate radio caller claimed the European Union would crumble and break up within the next 30 years.   CLICK HERE
  • Express: Wife tied up and given 100 lashes by her own HUSBAND before mob sexually assaulted her.  THIS is the shocking moment a woman was tied to a tree and brutally flogged 100 times by her own husband for committing adultery, before collapsing in front of a baying crowd of men who allegedly sexually assaulted her.   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail:  ‘Former water park executive turns himself in on manslaughter charge related to 10-year-old boy’s 2016 death by decapitation on ‘the world’s largest’ water slide in Kansas City . The former operations director for a water park in Kansas where a 10-year-old boy died on a ride was charged with a crime related to his death on Friday. Tyler Austin Miles, 28, turned himself in on a charge of involuntary manslaughter, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office told   CLICK HERE
  • The Sun:  AMAZON CRIME? Delivery driver caught on camera opening Amazon parcels, rifling through them and then taping them back up. The courier spent more than five minutes in broad daylight gutting boxes and slicing bags, while on his rounds in Hackney, East London…   CLICK HERE
  • Independent:  Car bomb near Afghan stadium kills 12 people.  A car bomb attack outside a sports stadium in Helmand province, Afghanistan, has killed at least 13 people and injured 40 others.The attacker targeted crowds leaving a wrestling match at the Ghazi Muhammad Ayub Khan stadium in the region’s capital Lashkar Gha.  CLICK HERE
  • Daily Star: ‘Married teacher, 27, arrested for ‘romping’ with schoolboy,13, on campus.   A TEACHER has been accused of having sex with a student on campus just three years after getting married to her childhood sweetheart.   CLICK HERE

Nita's News Nest: All links sent in by members daily

  • Bare Naked Islam: PAT CONDELL on ‘Human Rights for Muslim Rapists’   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: Sadiq Khan Slips Cash to Somali Mosque In £1.4m Knife Crime Campaign   CLICK HERE
  • Information Liberation: “Beware Of Whores Who Say They Don’t Want Money. The Hell They Don’t…”   CLICK HERE
  • Frontpage Mag: Trump’s Choice of Bolton Reflects American Greatness   CLICK HERE
  • Frontpage Mag: Hating for the ‘Sake of Allah’   CLICK HERE
  • Canada Free Press: McMaster out, John Bolton in as National Security Adviser . . . and here’s what he says about Obama   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Wire: Shapiro At ‘Sacramento Bee’: California Is Hiding The Cost Of Illegal Immigration   CLICK HERE
  • Daily Mail: Adult Afghan asylum seeker who lied he was a child refugee before raping and murdering EU official’s daughter is jailed for life in Germany   CLICK HERE
  • Gateway Pundit: House Freedom Caucus Will Oppose Paul Ryan’s $1.3 Trillion Double-Crossing Omnibus Bill   CLICK HERE

Liberty Nation  – American Thinker  – National Review
  • American Thinker:  Is California Governor Jerry Brown Mentally Ill? Leftists are relentlessly selling their bogus narrative that Trump is insane.  Here are samples of leftists’ headlines: “Lawmakers Met With Psychiatrist About Trump’s Mental Health,” “President Trump’s Mental State An ‘Enormous Present Danger,'” “The Awkward Debate Around Trump’s Mental Fitness,” “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists Assess.”   CLICK HERE
  • National Review:  John Bolton Isn’t Dangerous. The World Is. It’s time to give a hawk a chance. Donald Trump has moved to replace H. R. McMaster with John Bolton, and the verdict is in. Americans should be “terrified.” Or perhaps “horrified.” The New York Times editorial board declares, in no uncertain terms, “Yes, John Bolton really is that dangerous.”   CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation::  CONCESSIONS NOW, GUN CONTROL LATER?  There’s much talk about the various ingredients lawmakers and the executive are using to make the sausage called the budget, reportedly to be delivered and voted on late Friday.  Expect it to be a disappointment, and you won’t be disappointed.   Politico reports that gun control provisions will be part of it, but those reports are lean on specifics.  One item in the mix is Republicans offering to ditch the Dickey Amendment.  Doing so could help significantly restrict gun rights in America.   CLICK HERE
  • American Thinker:  Hilarious: Venezuela to eliminate 3 zeroes from currency to combat ‘economic persecution’.  Venezuela’s hyperinflation is driving the government loony-tunes.  That’s the only explanation I can think of for why the government of Nicolás Maduro has decided to lop off three zeroes from its currency, the bolivar, to fight, he says, “economic persecution” from Columbia.   CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: (Listen to or read)  SURVEY SAYS: STATES CAN’T SHIRK FEDERAL LAW.  Americans, drama-fatigued by the left’s unending exploitation of illegal immigrants, are sending a clear message to the candidates battling it out in Midterm races: Stop thumbing your nose at the law of the land.In a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 54% of respondents say states do not have the right to supersede federal mandates, while only 24% believe they should – and public opinion is trending strongly against sanctuary cities.   CLICK HERE
  • National Review: Sessions Bans Bump Stocks.  The Department of Justice announced Friday they will expand the definition of “machine gun” to include bump stocks, effectively banning the devices, which increase a semi-automatic weapon’s rate-of-fire. Sessions, who announced plans to ban bump stocks last month, called the proposed rule change a “critical step in our effort to reduce the threat of gun violence,” in a Friday statement.   CLICK HERE

Townhall  – Powerline – PJ Media
  • Powerline:  YOU CAN VOTE FOR CONSERVATISM, BUT YOU CAN’T GET IT. I first made that observation–you can vote for conservatism, but you can’t get it–quite a few years ago. Sadly, it remains true, as exemplified by the $1.3 trillion spending monstrosity that President Trump signed today. How bad is the bill? Rand Paul tweeted in real time as he read the bill–or as much of it as he could read through in the hours available. He produced a number of tweets…   CLICK HERE
  • Townhall: Prominent US Cardinal: Democratic Party ‘Now Slams the Door’ On Catholics.  New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Thursday with the title “The Democrats Abandon Catholics.” The archbishop of New York made the case that due to the Democratic party’s position on issues like abortion and education for low-income communities, “the party that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us.”  CLICK HERE
  • Powerline:  UNIVERSITY SUICIDE WATCH (2): CAMPUS BLUES IN THE BLUEGRASS STATE.  We reported here last week about how the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point is closing several liberal arts departments and laying off tenured professors (gasp! the horror!). Now this news from Kentucky: University faculty alarmed by Kentucky budget language that guts tenure protections By Linda Blackford University faculty around the state are raising red flags over proposed legislative language that appears to let administrators ignore …   CLICK HERE
  • PJ Media:  Arresting People for Joking About Fascism Is Fascism.  Nazis are bad. Most of us can agree on that one. Those evil scumbags murdered millions of people, they believed in absolutely insane nonsense, and they ruined the toothbrush mustache forever. Nazis stink. Down with Nazis. I don’t like Nazis one bit.But should you go to jail for making jokes about them?Earlier this week in Scotland, a fellow named Mark Meechan,   (Also posted on top)  CLICK HERE
  • Townhall:   Former Obama State Dept. Spox: Gee, I’m Offended That People Think The Left Hates Christians.  So, does the Left hate Christianity?  There have been a more than a few disconcerting moments from the news media and others, where they’ve attacked people’s faiths. You had The View’s Joy Behar mocking Vice President Mike Pence’s faith, saying he was mentally ill in February. Behar apologized to Pence personally, which we only found out through an ABC shareholders meeting earlier this month. Pence accepted the apology, but wanted a public one as well. On March 13, Behar publicly apologized (via WaPo):   CLICK HERE
  • Powerline:  REAL TRADE WAR OR ART OF THE DEAL?  A trade war with China? As it happens, I spent some time early in the week with Steve Moore of the Heritage Foundation, who has been close to Trump and who, along with Trump’s new senior economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, helped fashion the tax reform bill recently enacted. He has shared with me a couple of times in recent months his private conversations with Trump on…  (Also posted above)  CLICK HERE
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Today's Featured Article

Sanctuary State Leading Charge to Civil War

Written by Tess Lynne of for Whatfinger

California’s sanctuary status is a deep well of turmoil dividing the nation and the state itself. Immigration control is a touchy subject, but so much more so now that the Golden State has decided to defy the U.S. government and strike out on its own. Declaring itself essentially exempt from federal law, California has managed to pit itself against other states and the nation as a whole and has inspired frenzied debates and frustrations with local lawmakers.

Did Gov. Jerry Brown know what he was getting himself and his state into when he signed SB 54 into law? Sanctuary status went in to effect January 1 of this year and has caused nothing but controversy ever since. The legislation prohibits law enforcement from aiding federal officials with immigration control. It also stipulates that prisons will release illegal immigrants after time served without informing ICE, which means these criminals are released back into the community, free to roam about the state and inflict more damage to the community and its citizens

Government vs. California

While there are many sanctuary cities, California is the first to declare sanctuary status for the entire state. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the state’s capital earlier this month and spoke to members of the California Peace Officers Association, letting everyone know the federal government had filed a lawsuit against the Golden State.

The suit isn’t so much against the sanctuary status but instead references pieces of the legislation that blocks and hinders illegal immigration control.

“These provisions are preempted by federal law and impermissibly discriminate against the United States, and therefore violate the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution,” Sessions said during the televised meeting.”

Supporters of the sanctuary status suggest the government is making it personal, attacking California to impose supreme rule. Gov. Brown went so far as to say Session’s visit was “initiating a reign of terror” against immigrants in California.

“This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy. It’s not wise, it’s not right and it will not stand,” Brown said.  “At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Jeff Sessions has come to California to further divide and polarize America. Jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work here. SAD!!!”

However, as Sessions said: “There is no nullification. There is no secession. Federal law is the supreme law of the land.”

Conflict Within the State

Sessions’ visit to California came just days after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf decided to forewarn illegal felons of an upcoming ICE raid. “I believe it is my duty and moral obligation as mayor to give those families fair warning when that threat appears imminent,” Schaff said.

She gave fair warning alright. In fact, because of her, more than 800 illegals that were on ICE’s radar for the raid that weekend escaped arrest. Three of those felons have been caught, and their rap sheets are impressive:

  • Robbery
  • Gun Crimes
  • Spouse Battery
  • DUI
  • Drug Possession
  • Hit and Run
  • Narcotic Equipment Possession
  • False Imprisonment

Thank you, Schaaf, for giving your constituents the shaft. Thanks to her, these criminals – not to mention hundreds more illegal felons who escaped justice – were able to avoid capture and continue to play their trade.

“So here’s my message for Mayor Schaaf,” Sessions said during the California Peace Officers Association meeting. “How dare you. How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda.”

Schaaf is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice to see if any legal charges can be brought against her.

On the flip side, cities are starting to fight against the state’s forced sanctuary status. The little town of Los Alamitos in Southern California, with a population of just about 12,000, has become the little rebel of the state after its city council decided to opt out of sanctuary status. With a 4-1 vote, the council said the decision was not about immigration, but about upholding the U.S. Constitution and the governing laws.

Councilmember Shelley Hasselbrink said:

 “It’s not really about immigration. It’s never been about immigration. It’s always been, to me, about illegal immigration. And we need to not support illegal anything in our city and this was the only recourse we had.”

This was just the spark other cities needed. Days after Los Alamitos signed the opt-out ordinance; other cities declared an interest in doing the same.

“Tiny Los Alamitos has kicked open the door,” state Assemblyman Travis Allen told the Orange County Register, according to Fox News, “and now other cities across California are looking to get on board and stand up against the illegal sanctuary state.” 

Officials in Aliso Viejo and Buena Park as well as in Orange County are considering doing the same. “I thank the City of Los Alamitos for standing up for its citizens and rejecting the so-called ‘sanctuary’ legislation passed in Sacramento, and I urge the County of Orange and all of our cities to do the same,” said Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel.

So now, not only is the state battling a lawsuit from the federal government, its own cities and counties are rebelling against it.

The Extraordinary Cost of Illegal Aliens in California

California has one of the nation’s highest illegal immigrant populations, and a whopping 55% of welfare recipients are immigrants. State and local governments spent $958 billion from 1992 to 2015 in welfare benefits. But that’s only one area that is costing the state; education, healthcare, and crime are a few others that contribute to California’s financial woes.

Education costs $15.63 billion per year. Undocumented students make up about 18% of the student population. The state’s budget allocated $51.6 billion to its K-12 students with the rest of the $88.3 budget funding provided by local and federal initiatives. Illegal immigrant students eat up $15.63 billion from the total budget.

Healthcare costs $4.02 billion per year. Undocumented immigrants could cost the state as much as $2.28 billion from Medicaid and roughly $1.3 billion in emergency services.

Crime costs the state approximately $4.4 billion per year. This includes an additional $1.85 billion for policing, $1.12 billion for court services, and $1.54 billion for prisons. As Liberty Nation reported, this isn’t just costing Golden State residents their tax dollars either:

“75% of federal drug possession sentences were given to illegal immigrants, and 40% of all federal crimes were committed in jurisdictions neighboring the Mexican border – meaning they were likely due to gang and drug trafficking committed by illegal immigrants.”

Here’s another statistic: “Illegal immigrants commit 38% of all murders in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York.”

And remember, California’s sanctuary state law means these alien felons are released back into society without notifying immigration officials. In fact, border control officials are reluctant to turn undocumented criminals over to the state for fear they will end up being released without notice.

Jerry Brown may have just landed his state in the middle of a battle in which he and his supporters are face attacks from all sides. The federal government is suing them. Other states have spoken against their sanctuary status. Now their own cities and counties are rebelling. Perhaps Brown will be known as the governor who spiraled California into civil war.